Google Search Staying on iPhone and iPad Confirms Jobs: Video

You are probably aware that iPhone Guru Steve Jobs attended the D8 Conference where Mr Jobs had quite a bit to say on such subjects of Adobe Flash, Microsoft, the Foxconn suicides, AT&T’s network, and Google’s move into Apple territory when it comes to smartphones.

According to an article over on the Wall Street Journal, Jobs reiterated his stance on Adobe Flash believing that HTML 5 is the better technology. As for the Foxconn tragedies, Jobs says that Foxconn isn’t a “sweatshop” and that Apple is troubled over the situation and that they are “over there trying to understand what’s happening, and more importantly trying to understand how to help.”

As for the Apple, Google relationship, Jobs says that the relationship changed when Google “decided to compete with us” particularly in the mobile phones arena. Jobs also stated that Apple has no intention of entering the “search business” and that it’s “not something we know about” or “care deeply” about, and Apple has no plans of removing Google Search from the iPhone and iPad.

We have the video interview with Steve Jobs on Apple’s relationship with Google for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of All Things D, and there are other numerous video interviews with Mr Jobs over on their website if you wish to view them. So without further ado check out what Steve Jobs had to say and drop us a comment on your thoughts below…enjoy.

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