Samsung Wave S8500 Problems: Infected 1GB microSD Card

The Samsung Wave S8500 Bada Smartphone seems to be experiencing problems; the problem is nothing to do with the phones itself it is the 1GB microSD memory card that ships with the handset that is the problem.

Apparently according to MobileBurn Samsung has let a malware program called slmvsrv.exe onto slip on the card, there is a Windows-based application called Win32/Heur and this is appearing on the Autorun.inf file in the root of the memory card.

This file will install by itself when is has been inserted to any Windows PC that has the autorun feature enabled, it is the autorun feature that causes a problem so we guess turn it off.

We recommend you having a very good virus program such as AVG Free because it will detect the infected file, the problem above only happens when connected to a PC. If you come across any such problems please let us know. Thanks

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  1. Elaine McDonald says:

    Hi I got my Wave two days ago and although I have not used for Internet use yet and only made a couple of calls and a few texts, I have had to charge it twice. It appears that the battery runs down very quickly indeed. I only charged my old phone three times a week. What is the problem??I love the phone with all its style I'm proud to show it to my friends just wish it didn't run down so quickly.

    1. Elkopite says:

      welcome to 2010…most phones come with screens four times bigger than older models, but even with samsungs super amoled screen the battery life is really good, i only have to charge mine every three days, samsungs amoled screen makes the image brighter, sharper an more natural and it uses less power as each pixel only lights up when its needed so the full screen isn't on permanantly…try using an iphone or the sony xperia x10 and then you won't be dissapointed with the samsung wave…

  2. ryan says:

    hi, i bought a wave about a week ago, and everything was working fine, i used volume and music etc on it, but today its volume is up full yet no sound coming out (even with headphones in)… the call is still working but i cant be alerted of texts, incoming calls or alarms, i dont know what to do?

    1. Alan says:

      Got my Wave back in September I think it's the best 'phone EVER and would you adam & eve it – Today I have exactly the same problem!! Bummer!

  3. mackyxx says:

    Not really having any probs with battery life, I’ve been smashing the internet since I’ve had mine with minimal recharge. I concurr that the iphone is massively crap on battery life although does charge quite quickly. I’ve always found having two mains chargers and an incar charger is a must no matter what phone I’ve had. However….. my googlemaps app is extremely rubbish and I had a memory full error when zooming into text. My current issue is with the 8g memory card that is now not recognised and shows error then prompts to format but this doesn’t help either. Yes it is 2010 so why the #&!? can’t anyone build a phone that is desirable but that FUNTIONS PROPERLY WITH NO GLITCHES! If anyone is reading this and doesn’t have the Sams Wave ….. my verdict – 2 out of 10! Another case of a modern technology…… looks good but talks §$!¤. mackyxx

  4. Alex says:

    I have the wave, I cann't log on to the internet or often even open a text because of the error memory full. I have a memory card in it which I bought myself and that is no where near full. I don't know how to fix the error!! Should I contact samsung themselves??

  5. peter says:

    i tried to ugrage my wave to bada 1.02 but it just freezes and my wave somtimes says too many apps runnig but i only have one app open and when i access internet it says memory full plz help.

  6. Rachel says:

    I am having the same problem with my Wave. Was working fine for 3 weeks but now unable to access internet or open texts due to lack of memory. On checking under settings the memory for texts states 0 available. Also have the problem saying too many apps open when I only have 1 running. Any suggestions?

  7. Sam says:

    I have same f**kng problm when i open msg its says(not enough memory, unable to launch application)… I have visited the serivce station from 3 fucking months since i buy this phone, they just upgrade firmware and make hard reset but it doesn't doesnt solve the problem…. Wat should i do now??? I cant wait for bada 1.2….. Do anyone know how to fix this prblm??

  8. andy says:

    my samsung wave has just started shutting down, battery is full, asks for pin wakes up, 30 seconds then shuts down, i have remved the sim and wipped it, removed the memory card, and tried still shuts down, what can i do ??

    1. Honeyb says:

      Hey Andy my wave does the same thing. 1st one could not open mms. 2nd had your problem. Changed to flight mode and switched off & on and that worked for a while. Back to Fone Zone a month later and had wave replaced. that was 2 weeks ago. You guessed it…3rd handse tis now doing it..so back to fone zone I must go…not very happy..Lost all apps/games etc…pictures..had to reenter all additional contact details such as D.O.B. addresses email addresses, spouse and kids details etc as these details do not save to sim. kies is crap too..what did you end up doing?

  9. Ripple says:

    Hey. I have had the same problem with my wave saying not enough memory. I tried to delete everything i no longer needed however this did nothing. Eventually I went into common memory and saw that the mempry bar was red! had no idea what was taking up the space. After a long time playing about with the phone I found out that even though I had deleted my emails there was still a trash section that had stored over 8000 emails, taking up my memory. So after about an hour or so once all emails were deleted I had my memory back…yay!
    To do this I go into settings–memory–memory status—common memory—email—click into email name—scroll down to trash—select all—delete.

    Hope this helps

  10. Pen says:

    Im having the same problems as what you did with the memory, i delete everything,photo, emails, texts etc.
    I did what you said Ripple and nop the phone don't want to play .
    Now just put in the number above ripple comment and see if that makes a differents, or I going to throw the dame thing out the window., Or i will shout at orange for having a crap phone!!!

    Don't do what i did reset the phone and lose all the numbers now have no contacts. SAVE contacts to phone first!!!

  11. josh says:

    i have had my samsung wave for almoat 5 months now and lately i have been havinh alot of problems with charging it myphone will say it has full batterythen all of a sudden it says it has no battery left if my phone turns of by itself then i have to put my charger in until it says its chargong to turn it back on and also sometimes without the charger being in it says it is charging i dont know what is wrong can anyone help me??

    1. salma says:

      i am having the same problems with some extras i have my phone for 9 months now it is great i live in egypt so with the huge internet cutoff some internet widgets stopped working and latly my phone started to be charging from air and connected to usb port with no connection i tried master reset the widgets are working great but the problem with the charging and the connectin still there did you solve it . plz contact me at fargo_max@yahoo.com

  12. susan says:

    my alarm randomly doesnt work, on my wave 2 i tried setting three alarms two mins apart and sometimes they all go off but this morning only one went off, its really frustrating as otherwise i love this phone

  13. susan says:

    my alarm randomly doesnt work, on my wave 2 i tried setting three alarms two mins apart and sometimes they all go off but this morning only one went off, its really frustrating as otherwise i love this phonemy alarm randomly doesnt work, on my wave 2 i tried setting three alarms two mins apart and sometimes they all go off but this morning only one went off, its really frustrating as otherwise i love this phone

  14. Jez says:

    when i press the facebook button, it starts up, but within 15 seconds it just goes back to the home page
    does anyone have any clues on this prob, thanks

  15. mark says:

    hi i also have a problem with my wave for sum reason it shuts down and restarts randomly its a bit annoying when im on a call!! but samsung and the phone provider are not intrested so im stuck with it! any suggestions what to do ? apart from smash it up!!!!!

  16. Deesdip says:

    hi my phone is going crazy.whenever i want to take a picture , it says nt enough memory and the key also hans gne crazy. fake call and volume setting keep changing ,plz help

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