Vodafone Has Best World Cup 2010 Roaming Charges

Apparently consumer watchdog Consumer Focus have compiled some figures on what mobile phone toting people may be charged for using their device whilst attending the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

According to a Mobile Today article, the consumer watchdog has highlighted operator price discrepancies for people using their mobile phone to call and use mobile internet while outside the European Union, with mobile internet being an area where customers could suffer the most with pricing ranging from £1.25 up to £8 a MB and at the top end of the scale it could mean a user could possible be charged £80 for uploading just 10 images to a social networking site such as Facebook.

However, apparently Vodafone offers the best deals for the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa via the Vodafone “Passport” which they have extended to cover South Africa between June and July and the pricing is the usual UK rate with an additional 75p for connection.

For sending texts from South Africa, Vodafone also comes out tops with 11p per text while Virgin Mobile charges 25p for pay monthly customers. 3UK has also made a price cut for the World Cup whereby customers can use dongles and mobile internet costing £1.25 a MB which is more than a 50 percent cut in price and 3UK has also cut voice roaming charges by 30 percent.

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