iPhone 4G Turns Up In White Casing Again

It’s not too long now until WWDC 2010 and hopefully we’ll all get the low down on the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 4G straight from the horses mouth so to speak, but until then it does appear Apple can’t seem to keep a lid on iPhone 4G leakage until previous iPhone handsets.

Nilay Patel over at Engadget has posted a new leaked image of the white version of the iPhone 4G casing, and there are quite a few more iPhone 4G images which can be found at their source article over on PowerBookMedic.

The photos of the iPhone 4G parts are of the back cover, midboard and glass digitizer, although they do say the image quality isn’t that good as they were sent to them and they do not have any of the iPhone 4G parts themselves.

Other than that there isn’t a great deal to be gleaned from these iPhone 4G images and we’ve seen some already. So if a white version of the iPhone 4G does indeed surface will you opt for the white over the black when you purchase your brand new iPhone 4G?

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