iPhone 4 Gyroscope Gaming Feature: What is it?

Apple announced its new iPhone 4 with many new features but we want to explain a little more about the gyroscope feature, yes it will bring stunning six-axis motion sensing to this smartphone.

Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2010) has been really exciting today and many of you were probably on the edge of your seats as soon as the news started to come in, well GameSpot explains a little about the gyroscope feature.

The gyroscope feature will allow the iPhone 4 to detect roll, yaw and pitch, it works side-by-side with the accelerometer to give you a better gaming experience amongst other this, it also uses CoreMotion programming tools for better precision.

Steve Jobs demoed the new technology by showing us the game Jenga, Jobs tilted the phone to show you the movements, this will bring a whole new level to gaming and many other applications.

Developers should take this on board and get prepared for building better games for this new feature, the way forward has just got better. Surely the Apple iPhone 4 smartphone will be the best gaming handset on the market, what could touch it?

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4 thoughts on “iPhone 4 Gyroscope Gaming Feature: What is it?”

  1. Waste of time says:

    This isn't impressive. Anyone with a digital compass and an accelerometer that's used google skymap knows this is old tech. Honestly, all it means is steve jobs has taken what other people did a while ago, called it a "Gyroscope" (which it's not because that would involve a spinning mass at RPMs which would render the battery useless. The gyros in my airplane spin at 19,000 RPM and that's a cheap gauge) and all of a suddenn all these fanboys are drooling like it's brand new. You guys should change the report heading to "iPhone once again plays catch up. People lob out gobs of money for old tech that's been renamed." This is why I left Apple. Next thing you know they'll add an FM radio and call it "iRadio" and drones will throw their money away. Too bad HTC already has that out.

    I'm glad the iPhone is finally thinking about catching up to the rest of the smartphone community, but how's about doing some real journalism and calling it for what it is? All you're doing is reprinting what they've already said. This feature is NOT unique. In fact, it's actually been around for quite some time. Accelerometers for pitch and roll (even my Storm 9530 had that) and a digital compass for yaw.

    1. simon says:

      your not very intelligent are you? What your talking about is accelerometers. They have been in the iphone 1st gen since day one and in all MacBooks and macbook pro's for quiet some time. Apple was the first company to introduce that tech many years ago. And guess what they are doing it again, with a Gyroscope its a lot more clever than i expect you to understand so i wont even try and explain but maybe you should do some research before you comment next time.

    2. Wow, you're dumb! says:

      Holy cow, you're ignorant! Yes, the iPhone 4 uses actual gyroscopes…things that sense rotatory acceleration. This *is* new for the iPhone. Previous iPhones only had linear accelerometers.

      Just 'cause you sort of know the design of one kind of gyro (the spinning mass kind like you mention), doesn't mean that all gyros work that way. Fortunately, engineers are much, much better educated than you and a good deal more creative. Try looking up other gyro designs that DO NOT require spinning a mass a high RPM. Here are just a couple clues: ring laser and MEMS vibrating mass.

      Geez! Gotta love how freely the stupid pop off.

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