iPhone 4 Quick Specifications: A4 Chip, Front-Facing Camera and More

The new Apple iPhone 4 is the name and now we will give you the quick specifications just to get you started.

Obviously we will give you the full specs, release dates etc as soon as we get information but for now here is a little insight to the official main features this smartphone will offer.

Apple has announced that the iPhone 4 will feature retina display, gyroscope, 5-megapixel camera, 720p video and LED flash, loving the fact it will be powered by the A4 chip as well.

Other main features include: Front facing camera, MicroSIM, Dual mics for noise cancelation, 5-megapixel 1.75 micron camera with LED flash, 720p video at 30fps, scratch-resistant glass, Stainless steel rings and gaps (The steel band is the antenna), now 24 percent thinner than the 3GS, Retina display featuring 960×640 at 3.5″ for 326dpi/800:1 contrast ratio. IPS for wide-angle viewing, up to 32GB storage and 802.11n Wi-Fi.

It will be powered by the A4 chipset as said above and will offer you 7 hours talk time using 3G, 10 hours video time, 10 hours Wi-Fi browsing, 6 hours 3G browsing and a cool 300 hours standby time. Please let us know if you would buy the new iPhone 4 by voting here.

Source — TiPB — image via GDGT

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