iPhone 4 Vs. HTC Incredible Vs. Evo 4G Vs Nexus One: Specifications

Say hello to iPhone 4 Vs. Android, yes this is where four phones are put side-by-side for the specifications battle.

The four smartphone for this specification face-off includes the new iPhone 4 that was announced today by Steve Jobs at WWDC 2010, the HTC Incredible, HTC EVO 4G and the Google Nexus One.

TiPB basically looked at Phil Nickinson’s Android Central technical specifications sheet and then added the tech specs of the iPhone 4, they do say that the when it comes to the iPhone 4 smartphones have never been this good.

Is this new Apple device the smartphone of all smartphones to squash the Google Android saga? Check out the full spec sheet over at TiBP and see what you think, please be loyal and come back to us and let us know what is the smartphone you would choose.


10 thoughts on “iPhone 4 Vs. HTC Incredible Vs. Evo 4G Vs Nexus One: Specifications”

  1. Ryan says:

    i am an iphone person big time. i gotta tip my hat to htc droid vs the iphone 3gs. my mother is a droid person cuz she has been with verizon 12 years and wants no other carreir. i have to say that the htc droid did match up very well against apples 3gs. but me being a huge iphone fan of course i looked at all the new technology on the iphone 4 and it is unmatched. Apple by far and again reigns supreme on the phone market by accomplishing uncanty greatness yet again. people can try all they want to mathc apples iphone but will not succeed for long as apple has that technology on lock.

    1. Jon says:

      Where have you been looking? All of the "new" features Droid has been using for months before the ip4 was even released. Look at nuetral sites like cnet.com not applerules.com

  2. Kevin says:

    i have an iphone 3g, i was a huge iphone fan up until I found that not all iOS4 features aren't supported on my 3g. Jobs is now the dictator he accused Gates to be in the 80's. this is his attempted to get everyone to upgrade their devices. there is no reason why the 3g can't handle EVERY feature of the firmware, the only difference between the 3g and the 3gs is the GPS. It's crap. I've had all the features of the 4.0 firmware for moths via jailbreak but I'd rather have the iOS. Verizon is better anyway, at least here in NY.

  3. Phil K says:

    Loveing the EVO 4G! Gonna get myself one of these at the end of summer me thinks!

    What I find bizarre is how people get so excited over apple products that IMO while being shiny and neat are always missing vital features to make you buy the `next model`.

    i – phone 4 for example has a 5mp camera and can do video calls, people are jumping through hoops like apple invented this.

    I have a sony erricson in a shoe box under my bed that could do that 5 years ago.

    I will agree that the iphone looks great and the games are cool but when you come to make a call on it be sure to use the correct hand!

  4. Joshua says:

    palm pre plus could have been the phone to beat if palm did their homework right, i mean the operating system is awesome. someone has to come up with something better to take the dragon "iphone' down but so far it reigns supreme. what happened to nokia, they used to reign supreme.

  5. Lance says:

    iPhone vs Evo4g

    It’s like a Mercedes vs a pickup truck. Sure the truck may be more capable in one or two areas, but who the fuck wants to drive the ugly thing? I’ll take the status/sex symbol.

  6. Tonka says:

    I've been an iPhone user since the first one. I switched to Verizon from At&t because my signal was weak and service was poor in my area. then the new iPhone firmware update when iPhone 4 came out screwed my 3Gs all up, so i really wanted to switch. So i went to Verizon and got the Droidx. So anybody who likes PCs will love android phones anyone who likes macs will love the iPhone or Apple anything. Apples are more responsive and faster start ups. Androids are not as fast at responding or starting up, besides apple did make and perfect the first touch screen phone. It's whatever you like I'm an iPhone person so my dream came true two perfect things together iPhone 4 and Verizon.

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