Here’s What Developers Think of iPhone 4: Video

So the big reveal at WWDC 2010 is now don’t and we all get to know about the latest iPhone from Apple, but what do the developer who attended the event think of the new iPhone 4 handset?

Well Liz Gannes of Gigaom was at the Worldwide Developer Conference and after having a little personal playtime with the new iPhone 4, caught up with a few developers to find out what they thought of the new device, and captured it all on video.

Naturally we have that seven and a half minute video for your viewing pleasure and you can check it out below, but basically virtually everyone she spoke to was quite impressed with the new “Face Time” video chat and weren’t that concerned that it only worked over WiFi for now.

Anyway, enough of me, I don’t want to spoilt your viewing pleasure so I’ll button it for now, and let you head on to that video, mash play, sit back and enjoy.

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