iPhone 4 And Its Slimming Stainless Steel Frame

Well the latest device from the Apple stable, the iPhone 4 has now been reveals and this new handset has come in fairly slimmer than the previous version, so other than turning it into a Tardis (bigger on the inside than on the out) how has Apple reduced the thickness?

Well as Will Park of Intomobile reports, it’s all to do with the iPhone 4 stainless steel frame. Apparently Apple techs decided to give the GSM/3G, GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi antennas the boot and incorporate such tech into that stainless steel frame, so said frame acts at the antennas.

Kind of a neat thing to accomplish and shaves the thickness of the iPhone 4 down to a sexy 9.3 millimetres, and this also means that in future we could possibly see even thinner smartphones hitting the mobile space.

Word is the iPhone 4 will also have “superior receptions beings that essentially the antennas are now on the outside of the handset rather than on the inside, which means anyone on borderline iPhone reception should see it improved if they buy the iPhone 4.

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