iPhone 4 White? Not On Launch Day

It looks like there will be quite a few iPhone 4 hopefuls being disappointed come launch day the 24th of June as those who are wanting to grab hold of the new iPhone 4 in white rather than black will find they still have a bit of a wait ahead.

The reason being according to an article by Chris Ziegler over on Engadget, by way of Modmyi, AT&T will only offer the black iPhone 4 as of launch and the white iPhone 4 will follow at “later this summer.”

Now we have been running a poll on whether our readership would opt for the black or white iPhone 4 and currently the white iPhone 4 is more popular than its black counterpart, you can check out the figure on that poll by hitting up (here).

Unfortunately is isn’t known if the black only available on launch day extends beyond the Big Blue so it is possible that 3rd party retailers just may offer the white iPhone 4 as of launch day, but if the exclusive carrier in the States isn’t going to offer the white iPhone 4 on June 24th, it doesn’t look good for anywhere else does it.


4 thoughts on “iPhone 4 White? Not On Launch Day”

  1. Annette says:

    Bummer! I was really looking forward to a white iPhone 4. I've had a black one since I bought the original one three years ago, but I was looking for something different this time around. Oh well 🙁

  2. 43north89west says:

    The white 3G/3GS' look cheap and plasticky, but these white iPhone 4s with white glass are the sex. And I assume will look less trashy than white plastic with a little wear. Here's hoping they aren't delayed too long. My 1st gen is really starting to show its age…

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