Nokia Smartphones will all have NFC from 2011

Nokia have recently announced that as from next year every Nokia Smartphone will have NFC regardless of the fact that the technology lacks a business model or any kind of demand from the market.

The article published by Bill Ray over at theregister.co.uk this information came from a speech by Nokia’s VP for markets, Anssi Vanjok, although he wouldn’t be drawn into the company’s Smartphone plans he did explain that every Smartphone which will be launch by Nokia will have an NFC component.

For those that didn’t know NFC is Near Field Communications which is low power, short range communication standard which bundles a contact less chip together with a contact less reader then puts both into a telephone for no real reason.

The idea behind this though is that its intention is to make a mobile operate as a wallet despite the fact that it would seem nobody wants it. With NFC in a handset you can do some rather interesting for some that is things with a remote control and Bluetooth pairing by tap.

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