iPhone 4 Camper Sets up a Week Early: Video

Yes well just how desperate are you to get a new iPhone 4? Well would you set up camp and squat outside a store just so you are the first in line to go get the iPhone 4 on release day?

Well over in the states at least one guy is that ardent a fan of the iPhone, and doesn’t want to remotely risk a chance of missing out or having to wait longer to hold the iPhone 4 in his hands.

And we have a video of this iPhone 4 camper for your viewing pleasure courtesy of Sean Hollister over at Engadget by way of the Dallas News, and lasts just over two minutes of interview with the intrepid iPhone 4 camper.

Apparently this guy has been the first in line at this store for the last two years, so he should be used to the wait, but this just goes to show to what lengths some people will go to make sure they get to own a new Apple device. Hit that play button and check him out…enjoy.


One thought on “iPhone 4 Camper Sets up a Week Early: Video”

  1. redshark says:

    I really feel sorry for these apple fans who feel they need to put their lives on hold to be the first to purchase a piece of electronic equipment, they must lead such empty lives……so sad.

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