iOS 4 Only Brings iPhone in line with BlackBerry

Apple’s new iPhone operating system, iOS 4 has now hit the public arena and with iOS 4 comes numerous new features to the iPhone and new iPhone 4, however apparently iOS 4 only brings things in line with what has been offered by BlackBerry.

According to Isaac Kendall of Crackberry, “he says Apple has now reached into the 1990’s paybook and are trying to lay claim to features that have existed in the smartphone world for a decade.”

To back up his statement, Kendall delivers the “7 Tent Poles of iOS 4,” so here we go…first up is Multitasking in iOS4, this is nothing new to BlackBerry as they have had multitasking right from the start. Next is Folders, again new in iOS 4, but apparently BlackBerry has allowed the use of folders for years.

That 3rd Tent Pole is Enhanced Email with iOS 4 bringing multiple exchange account support to their device, and he says that for BlackBerry he runs Exchange via BES and Google Apps including the enhanced Gmail plug-in.

Next comes iBooks, which he says in an Apple win as reading in iBooks is very nice whilst purchasing via iTunes is easy, although he believes Kindle is the one to go for as he can read on the Kindle, BlackBerry and PC.

Then we have Enterprise, Apple has made some good improvements but we all know when it comes to Enterprise BlackBerry Enterprise Server solution commands and makes anything else look “like a high school science club experiment.”

The 6th Tent Pole is Game Centre, he says with games such as Farmville and Mafia Wars over on social networking site Facebook it stands to reason iOS 4 is stepping into the gaming arean, although not much mention on BlackBerry gaming with this one.

Last but not least is iAd, something he says “is the most useless of the tent poles,” as he is a user not a developer, and doesn’t really want ads to “chew up his data bucket.”

In surmising he says that iOS 4 is an important move for Apple but it needs to be stated that the features have been with BlackBerry for years. So there it is an iOS 4 slap-down by the BlackBerry, so what do you think, true or not?


2 thoughts on “iOS 4 Only Brings iPhone in line with BlackBerry”

  1. iPhoneisbetter says:

    iOS4 has many more features then what you had described (http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/articles/comments/instant-expert-secrets-features-of-ios-4/).
    Yes i agree that its been a long time coming on the "tent poles" you described, that they have just released in iOS4 mainly to support the new iPhone4, with some additions for the 3GS and 3G owners as well, but if you were a smart person, you'd also know there's more then 200,000+ iPhone apps. Comparing that to the measly 5000 apps available on the blackberry is huge. Each application offered, gives more functionality to your phone making it worth more. last I checked, you can't take a wackberry, and turn it into a wireless router, having wireless devices connect to you, to use the unlimited 3G data service. It's just not as cool as the iPhone, good try though!

  2. movieman1942 says:

    If I wanted a football in my pocket, I would buy a football. A friend of mine has a BB and was in A store tring to see his display and was not getting a signal. I handed hime my iPhone and said try this!!!

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