iPhone 4 Antenna Problems Holding It Wrong Video

Everyone and their aunt, if they haven’t just left the planet, knows about the much talked about and highly complained about antenna problems with the iPhone 4, and most if not everyone has heard that Apple chief Steve Jobs has said “we are holding it wrong.”

Well what about the man himself, does he hold the iPhone 4 correctly? How about all the videos shown during the iPhone 4 keynote, do they hold the device properly and keep flesh from that antenna?

What we have for your viewing consumption today courtesy of Daily Mobile. Because of the reception problems Rory Sinclair sent an email to Jobs outlining the issues and asked “Is it possible this is a design flaw?” To which Jobs answered “You’re holding it wrong!”

Well check out the video below and see just how Jobs holds the iPhone 4 during the keynote, and the video promos for the iPhone 4 FaceTime and such, and then say to yourself…”Just how the hell are we supposed to hold this thing?” Perhaps we should all be using iGloves.

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