Is Verizon iPhone CDMA Release Date Really January 2011?

The Verizon iPhone CDMA rumours are still piling in and we are wondering ourselves if the big red will actually release the new iPhone CDMA.

We wrote a little earlier about Verizon releasing the CDMA version of the iPhone somewhere around January 2011, now seeing as AT&T’s exclusivity agreement with giants Apple is ending sometime the end of this year it would make a little sense to release the smartphone with Verizon.

The question we would love for you to answer or at least comment on is if Apple and Verizon will bang heads together and announce the CDMA iPhone, according to Softsailer it could be mentioned at the Consumer Electronics Show that is being held from January 6.

We was all expecting Apple to make some sort of announcement at WWDC 2010 but that was not meant to be, apparently 3-million iPhones will be ordered by Verizon in the first quarter and then another 3-million in each quarter, so basically 12-million iPhones per year.

Bloomberg have mentioned something on the lines of the new Apple iPhone 4 being subsidized or will they build a whole new iPhone for Verizon, what we do know is that Verizon is putting together and testing its LTE 4G network, which will be launching November 15.

So please do let us know if you think Verizon and Apple will give us a release date of January 2011, what do you think ‘True or False’.

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