HTC Wildfire Review and Problems: Consumer

We are calling out to all HTC Wildfire users for your personal reviews and problems, we already know that this is a budget smartphone but with a great design.

What we know so far is that the HTC Wildfire has HSDPA and Wi-Fi and a powerful Android operating system and the ability to sync pictures with Flickr and Facebook, and with the added benefits of multi-touch support and Flash Lite plus the app-sharing feature makes it a reasonable smartphone.

Some have already said that the low-resolution screen is not that good when searching the Web because it is hard to read sites and sometimes slow on responding to touch taps.

We would love for you the consumer to come forward and send us your personal reviews and any problems you are having with the HTC Wildfire, please scroll down below and post all reviews and opinions in the comments area provided.


431 thoughts on “HTC Wildfire Review and Problems: Consumer”

  1. stacey says:

    I have just acquired the Wildfire and so far I'm impressed with it. I find the touch screen easy to use and internet browsing simple. I really like the 'pinch' sense on websites that load tiny on the screen, allowing to zoom in. Although the camera is only 5 mega pixels, the images are clear. The only problems I seem to be having with it is playback from downloaded videos, they either play with no picture or play with a picture but no sound, and setting a MP3 song as an alarm/message tone (which I'm not sure can be done as I have searched numerous websites, all of which don't really mention anything about the message tones). Downloading the Apps from the market place was easy and they were easily found on the main menu. Using the text messages was also easy, as is sending and receiving E-Mails. This is my first touch screen phone but I'm sure it won't be my last. All in all, in my opinion, it's a good quality phone with PLENTY to offer. I can't seem to out it down and I'm constantly playing about with it to figure out the entire features that this phone has. Well done HTC! 🙂

    1. denis says:

      stacey im using the wildfire and just to let you know you can use mp3 as alarms, but i downloaded a different app for my alarm clock

      ive had the wildfire for 2 months now on a tmobile contract, the only problem iv had wit it is the signal keeps disappearing on me and wont reconnect to the network, cant find any internet solutions for it, but whenever i take it back to the shop it reconnects for 2/3 minutres then goes off again :/ any ideas?

  2. matt says:

    I'm having some problems with facebook. The phone isn't alerting me to any notifications and I seem to have to manually refresh facebook to find them. Also it's not notifying me when I recieve e-mails from my hotmail account.

  3. Geoff says:

    My phone is one day old, i'm putting loads of pictures and songs onto it and everything is still running smooth. I think the wildfire is going to be a fave for a while!

    1. TreeHugger says:

      Hiya! I would get yirself a memory card, fill it with yir music or plug it inti yir pc and use it as a hard drive ti transfer yir tunes over? As fir setting yir tones, go inti the tune yi want as a ringtone and press yir menu and that should do? As fir message tones, I hivni figured that one oot yet myself?

      1. htc user says:

        you need to connect the phone to the pc and then move any music into the media file in the phone to allow you to select a ringtone as a message tone – volume is poor on the phones though

  4. Asha says:

    I have a HTC wildfire for 2 weeks now and i had endless problems with it.
    1. I would receive a ring, when i tried to answer i could not….it keeps ringing forever until i remove battery
    2. Call gets deopped in the middle of the call for no reason
    3. I would receive a text message but i cant view it unless i remove battery and reboot the phone….
    4. wifi is excellent, when it works.
    I think htc sense and vodafone's customization have ruined it completely. I believe most of the problems will be solved once you root the phone. I certainly would not recommend because tehre are good apps. end of hte day it is called a MOBILE PHONE….the main basic purpose is to be able to make and receive calls which this lacks.

    1. kiran says:

      hi.. i am using it for a month now. But from yesterday i don't hear the callers voice unless i on loudspeaker while calling. Did you find the solution for ur problem?

    2. suhail says:

      man i am facing the same problems with mine. i attend a call and then cant disconnect it as the screen remains completely blank, tapping the screen of trying to unlock it using the on/off button doesn't help. Battery needs to be re-seated to resolve the issue, I use dell blue tooth headset with this phone which works fine but again on trying to turn blue tooth off the phone hangs….. Friend share has not worded since day one and setting up email account is a nightmare. The phone gave me a hard time and i had to walk in to an HTC service center within first 6 days of purchase… It is with them for last 4 days now, don't know what is happening….

    3. Kyle says:

      I've had my phone for about 2 months and just a day or two ago when i get a call or place a call it only works with the speakerphone activated. I fall into the Alltel AT&T conversion/switch and am 1000 miles away from home…I'd be ok with going down to the local AT&T and letting them give me an iPhone for my trouble…

    4. Rajbir says:

      Got exactly the same problems described by you. Just got status from the repair centre of faulty mothere board. They are going to change it. Let us see if the problem is solved.

      Pros for the phone: Great looks although still can improve on resolution
      Wifi and Mobile internet, browsing very good.
      Facebook client could be better.
      Touch interface quite good.

  5. Jordan says:

    HTC Wildfire is the worst phone EVER, constant issues since day one; 3 Mobile claimed it was a better as they couldn't fix my HTC Hero, I'm paying 25.00 GBP for something which is awful. Apps Crash, Most Apps arn't in the Market, UI Lags, poor signal yet sim works in another phone with 2 – 3 bars.

    Wi-Fi drops out, Messaging and Calls is unreliable.

      1. tartan says:

        Wildfire sucks. Its the worst phone i've ever had,wish I'd kept my LG Renoir, at least that could keep up when I try and text,unlike the piece of crud thats the HTC Wildfire!!!!! I mean if it struggles with texting, you cant hold out for much else. 🙁

  6. CMC says:

    Problems receiving facebook notifications – got to refresh FB to get them. Not receiving SMS alerts from FB mobile either. Otherwise, the phone is great. Only real complaint is screen resolution.

  7. Lee says:

    The HTC Wildfire is an amazing phone, build quality is superb, its not just a phone its smart phone and all the features work. Ok the screen res is not the best but good enough compared to a desire or legend but look at the price difference! The Wildfire is a great size phone, smooth scrolling, responsive and very well built, I am with t-mobile and I receive excellent signal reaching above 3g to H and also pick up my wireless router great, I fully recommend this phone! yeah its got a few issues but overall would recommend this user friendly smart mobile.

  8. Elisabeth says:

    I've had the Wildfire now for about a month. It's my first smart phone/ touch screen phone, and if i'm honest, I'm still getting used to it!! I love the phone, it's perfect for what I need so no complaints there. Have had a few issues that I think must be down to the phone lagging- twice now i have tried to write a text message and had nothing happen- i just press down on the keys and the box stays blank! Had to turn the phone off and on again.. Also the inbox sometimes tells me I still have a new message even when I don't.
    Other main problem for me is the battery life… my old phone used to get me 4 days if not more! Only getting about 1 days worth on this… don't know if that's something I've just got to live with or if there's anything I can do.
    Oh, and screen resolution doesn't bother me one bit!

    1. Laura says:

      I went into the shop I got the Wildfire from to complain about battery life as I am having a similar problem and the man downloaded 'App Killer' from the market. This stops apps running in the background when you arent using them and he said it would improve battery life a lot. It hasn't worked for me, but I am having other problems with the phone, but may help you!

    2. Mike says:

      your problem may be the Wi-fi, this is notoriously battery draining on all phones, simply turn it off when your not using it and you may have better battery life

  9. Kristi says:

    I've had mine for about a month and immediately noticed very poor reception even though my other phone on same network has good reception in the same area. Also experienced same problems as Asha:

    1. I would receive a ring, when i tried to answer i could not….it keeps ringing forever until i remove battery
    2. Call gets dropped in the middle of the call for no reason


    3. Phone would freeze or go blank until I removed battery
    4. Internet connection constantly disconnnects and hangs.
    5. Some of the cool Widgets are faulty and freeze. Like the Weather one (Says it can't find local area Croydon, but if I manually add Croydon it has the weather info. Unfortunately it's stuck on the 2nd pg of the widget). There's a nice widget on one of the themes that toggles features like wifi, bluetooth but it constantly goes blank.

    Quite disappointed especially with the reception and connectivity. Almost pointless having it.

  10. john morris says:

    i love this phone but its not perfect. has frozen up a few times and sometimes the apps crash for no reason. biggest problem is htc synch 3.0 have downloaded it to both my laptops and it wont work on either. the phone cannot find the software on the lap top when you hook it up. Or the software wont recognise the phone.Am tearing my hair out with it. very very frustrating because i want to put some music on there. other than that its a great cheap alternative to an iphone.

    1. Marc says:

      My computer won't find my wildfire either so won't synch but you can just link as a mass storage device and click and drag your files. Works fine for me.

    2. KAMAL SACHDEV says:




  11. Ashish Gurung says:

    Been almost a month since I bought this phone. Already, have a lot of issues with it. Apps crash, even the phone crashes while playing videos, try to force close the apps but the phone won’t function normally after it and same apps wouldn’t open after it have to remove the battery and restart the phone, otherwise the power button simply wouldn’t work. I would like my phone to have a decent battery life but the wildfire’s battery totally sucks, have to charge the phone around twice a day, sometimes, even thrice just with normal use over the phone. Several times, my phone is turned off when I wake up, even though, I used to have average battery levels before I went to bed. It’s been frustrating, really, especially I’m a student and I put a lot of money buying it but I’m seriously, thinking about selling the phone if I get a good price. It’s just too frustrating for me to charge the phone over and over again and following the same process in removing the battery and restarting the phone over again.

  12. phvos says:

    great phone, but htc sync is not working at all. the software doesn't find the phone and vice versa.
    usb debugging enabled, etc. somebody who knows a solution?

  13. Aivar says:

    I've had for a couple of weeks. Great phone, but several bugs. Bought Jabra BT-3030. It seems to conflict with phone after a while. Screen goes blank until I remove battery. For syncing there is an alternative called doubleTwist. I managed to get the HTC Sync work when activated the Settings>Applications>Development>USB Debugging. After that it synced. Battery lifetime very short.

  14. Jessica says:

    hi guys im need ing help for my memory card.. i formatted it and everything gone cos i wanted to start afresh and now im not sure what folders should be on it, any help is muchly appriciated x

    1. Stefan says:

      You can format it using the option format memory card in settings, after you unmount it. I did that few weeks ago and there was no need to making any folders. Everything you want to put on SD card can be done with HTC Sync!
      Other folders which were on SD card before formatting will appear again if they are necessary for the phone software.

  15. Stefan says:

    I have this phone for about a month and it's working great! It's very smooth, messages and wifi are doing well, there are plenty of apps on market, I used many of them and all worked with no problems!
    HTC sync is very easy for using, took me 30min to put everything i wanted on phone.

    Just, there is one issue that I need help with. I have a problem playing the videos. Phone can play all videos that are recorded with its camera, but when i play videos (youtube, google videos or copied from computer), phone crashes, it shows every 5th second of it!
    Is there anyone who have the same problem? Any solutions?

  16. Kevin says:

    To begin I wanted to have the desire, however I didnt have the desire money.

    I have has this phone for about a month and i love what this phone potentially could do. However i'm unimpressed by the applications that sometimes freeze. There is no way to kill these applications from a button on the phone so I have to remove the cover to reboot the phone.

    The battery on mine seems to be faulty as i charged it last night made no calls and yet this morning it appears to be low. so i'm taking it back to the store to see if i can get this resolved.

    I was disappointed if i needed to close the default browser to make a phone call, it would be nice if it had a little 'x' at the top similar to windows to close the application.

    The camera is brilliant during the daytime, at night you needed to find good lighting. The video camera on it is superb and I like the way you can zoom on the video camera.

    I went on holiday and i was really useful having the wifi which was easy to set up.

    I'm impressed with the sharing facility and the ease to upload images to facebook or email via gmail without breaking into a sweat.

    Small screen is a pain for a man to use as the qwerty keypad is small and my fingers are too fat. But i do recognise that I could have got more if I paid the extra £200.

    screen resolution is not that of the big brother desire but once again i knew that before buying.

    Tonnes of apps make this phone very useful, not sure how i coped without a phone like this before. Overall i like the phone, but there are teething problems which i hope i covered so that anyone getting the phone would consider.

  17. Anthony says:

    HTC Sync will not work with Windows 7 Ultimate. The Wildfire says that it cannot find the application on the PC. Numerous reinstalls restarts have not resolved the problem. I have given up!!!

  18. Katie says:

    Had my phone for about 2 weeks. Mostly everythings pretty good. The only problem i have had is the battery life, used to get near enough a week or so on my old phone (LG Cookie) but on this i get probably about a day on it. I've tried leaving it on charge over night so it gets fully charged but even then i get abotu a day on it. Today i had about half a day and I hadnt used any apps and teh battery was nearly full at the start of the day!!! I just dont understand why it's like this. Help??

    1. Iris says:

      Hey, I'm having this problem too! Last night my htc was fully charged and when I woke up it was totally empty! And this moring I have the same problem!

      1. Dave says:

        Find "Aps Killer" in the market, when you turn your phone on everything starts up in the back ground, Aps Killer lets you "Kill" unwanted programs from running in the background. Brilliant App.

    2. Rebecca says:

      I had this problem when I first got mine. I got told to download the app killer which was fantastic. Make sure you turn your wi-fi, bluetooth and mobile (internet) off when they are not needed.
      Anything thing I was told to do was let my battery run out completely a few times, recharge it full and do it again. I have never had a problem with the battery life after doing all these things. Lasts for 2 days.. (Unless of course I play a lot of games or make a lot of phone calls). Good luck!

  19. Chaz Myster says:

    This really isn't the panacea that it has been claimed to be. I have had serious problems with the phone just turning itself off. No warning so you don't know when it turned off it's just off when you go to check for messages. Only way to get it to restart is open the back up remove the battery then reassemble it when it then starts fine, having unfortunately wiped all the photos and videos that were on the phone. This would have been annoying once or even twice. Try 5-6 times every day… Battery life is pure madness for a 2010 phone – even a 1500mAh bettery gets eaten in less than a day and the standard one manages approx 9 hours. Not good enough. FB updates and Friendstream seem like a good idea but don't synch. If it had been less than 2 months I would have just rejected the phone under UK law as being not of merchantable quality. As it is I am stuck with it for another 22 months. A prospect which hardly fills me with joy. if you have one and it works enjoy it, if it starts not working shout good and loud good and early or you could end up stuck with a duff phone!

    1. Karen says:

      If it is a vodaphone you can get a contract swop out with companies like CMC if you transfer the contract to them after 12 months. Well worth doing if you hate the phone that much.
      Me, I deleted a few apps that didn't do it for me and cleared individual caches in settings. Not ideal but at least it speeded things up. Basically the phone does not have enough memory and spends battery juggling what it has I think.

  20. Laura says:

    Hi everyone,
    I am having similar problems to people on here- freezing screen during texting and calls just cut out randomly. Also battery life is very poor- has anyone taken it back to the shop and had theirs replaced? My cousin got a Samsung and it had very poor battery, was told to take it back & get it replaced no bother, but I have been to the same place to take my HTC back but they are very dismissive!

    Another problem I've had is with texting- sometimes if I make a mistake (which is easy as the letters are so small!) and press the back space it will not delete anything, even if you press it 10 times nothing happens, it only works if you hold down the back space for 5 seconds & then deletes the whole word or even more of the text!

    Also found it hard to add people as contacts. If someone texts me and I havent already had their number saved there seems to be no option to save their number unless they phone you?!

    I went into a shop yesterday to complain about battery life for the 2nd time and the man downloaded an app killer from the market which he said would save battery as it stops apps running in the background when you arent using them and it would stop texts freezing but so far ive seen no improvement at all.

    Very poor phone for calling and texting!

    1. tina hall says:

      hi you need to kil apps everytime you use phone its a pain but worth it my phone had it 3 months now dead lights on bottom coming up and charge light but nothing else working got to take in somewhere for repa

    2. Karen says:

      I know just how you feel. First Wildfire on 23 Oct, and backspace is intermittently unresponsive, as well as the 'mouse'. Went in for repair twice before they replaced it. Couldn't believe it when the replacement had exactly the same fault. Wildfire is not fit for purpose!

  21. Jay says:

    Had this phone for 2 months now and on balance I'd give it back and get something else if I could.

    It's ok as long as you don't want to use it as a phone, if you do it need to be clamped perfectly still and you have to be over deliberate with your actions, ie tap the screen and pull your finger back an inch or you will get double taps. I have called/hung up or ended calls and called back so many people now because the phone UI is so poor, answering a call is hit and miss, I'm lucky if I manage to answer 25% of the calls because of UI lockups or poor response. When you do answer it if will continue to vibrate for a ring or so passing this noise down the line to the caller.

    The contact manager is so bad I don't know where to start, the phone will import every conceivable contact it can find and dump it into one big mush list and leave you to sift and sort it manually – for some people it created 9 different entries which I had to manually merge/delete – I did turn off most of the contact sources too (facebook/gmail etc)

    Text messaging is bad too, messages can go anywhere and any number of times, some of this is the contact manager again and also poor UI design.

    Battery life is poor. 36 hours from full charge to dead with light use, if you use the supplied hands free headset it kills the external ringer which is fine if you have headphones in all of the time.

    HTC customer support has been poor, my phone was missing the tethering software – I asked HTC to supply & they responded with "we'll post it on our site soon" – still waiting 2 months on.

    If you need a phone to make calls or send txts then I wouldn't buy this, it definitely can't cut it as a business phone – some providers are touting it as this. Having looked at the HTC Desire too, this seems to have exactly the same problems.

  22. patricia says:

    i have my htc wildfire for 2 months im having problem i cant hear incoming calls and its not clear how to add a tune of my own liking can any one help me

    1. Carey says:

      Got to your market app & download Myxer, then you can download ringtones, they have plenty of free ones & also some that you have to pay for, but I downloaded several of my faves & have had no problems.

  23. Neil says:

    I've had this phone for 4 days. At first I was quite happy with it, but the signal problems started. Whenever I'm at home, the signal is ok, but as soon as I start moving around the city, the signal drops in and out like a yo-yo. I wait for signal to call someone and as soon as I press dial the signal is lost and so the process goes on. I took my phone back and they wouldn't accept there was a fault with it. The battery is also a disgrace, as a previous comment stated. This is my first and last HTC phone.

  24. Bhavs says:

    I think the HTC Wildefire is a very nice phone. It's Fones4U (5 Eastgates Leiester) They are terrible. You go to them with a problem. They don't want to know! I didn't get that service a week before when I wanted to buy a new phone. They got me on a seat straight away and started talking numbers.

    The HTC Wildfire is great at everything (That's if the High reserlution does not bother you when looking around on the web.) & if you have a company to back you up if things do go wrong it's even better because lets face it. If you don't the case just gets worst & you just put the blame on why did I ever buy the HTC Wildefire.

    P.S. I read on one of the above comments that some one was having problems texing. You can download an app where you can tex by sliding your finger from letter to letter. Which makes texing so much fun.

  25. Ana S says:


    Yes – battery is not so good how they stated before I choose the phone.

    The biggest problem for me is alarm clock. It doesn't want to work! I ignored it from the Killer Task List and still wake up late every morning! Any suggestions? Pls. help! Thank u!

    1. kevin says:

      first of all be sure it doesn't get killed every time with your task manager (got the same problem in the beginning :p)
      then have you selected days unther the clock .. for on which days it needs to go off?
      and last but not least, be sure your turned on (the green thing next to the clock )
      in the beginning i got problems with it too, but it went better when I adjusted every thing once again

  26. jack says:

    i bought this phone about a week ago now and as far as i can see it is pretty damn good there were a few flaws similar to the other things people seem to be talking about however after charging it overnight and listening to a fair bot of music and making calls and texts its still one "bar" above half way, i took it off charge roaghly 8 hours ago and as i said i was using it as an mp3 layer for two 45 min bus journeys and a good half an hour or so in college.
    second problem was the touch scren is a little un responsive but so far this is very rare and will hopefully stay that way.
    final problem was earlier today when i was listenign to music after i chose a playlist and put it in my pocket it would only play 3 seconds and jump to the next songg or even jump about different parts of the song however this may just be to do with the fact i downloaded the album from my computer
    it would be good to know because i really enjoy music and i'll have to make alot of noise to get anythign from htc by the soudn of it and it would obviously be better to get things sorted while the phone is brand new

    Finally i really think its a mixed batch sort of phone there is an INCREDIBLY mixed respons here and it may just be people are writing good reviews after having it for a day or so so ive just got my fingers crossed really

    1. Edd says:

      I've had just the same problem with the MP3 player but I can't seem to find anyone else reporting it. Mainly seems to be when I plug it into the lead for my car stereo and it starts to jump all over the place. Any solutions I'd be happy to hear.

  27. sng says:

    Unable to send v card MMS texts. They arrive at the recipient either blank or unable to open. HTC helpline worse than a chocolate T pot, said it is a problem but completely unable to advise what to dos. Atrocious!

    1. NOMAD says:

      Connect the Phone to the PC
      Select the USB connected Notification and mount the SD card
      Open the SD card on the PC.
      Create a folder on the SD card called notifications.
      Note: The folder name is Case sensitive, so must be lower case and have an s at the end.
      In this folder, you can place any MP3 or OGG files that you wish to use as notifications.
      Once the files have been copied, disconnect from the computer and go to Settings > Sounds and Display > Notification ringtone
      The files you have copied to that folder now appear in this last as available notification tones for SMS, emails, programs etc.

  28. patricia says:

    im at my wits end after some time i got my own music on htc wildfire but dont know how to add the song for my in coming messages,can any one help me as i cant hear tone when i get a message.can any one help me.

  29. klh says:

    Had mine 4 days. My first Smartphone. So far – so good! On the whole – very pleased. Had 3 freezes though – where I've had to remove the battery to get it going again. 1st time was looking for available Wi-Fi. 2nd time- playing a video from the SD card (recorded on old phone). Same video played fine on reboot. 3rd – mid typing an email. Battery was very low on this last occasion.
    You Tube? – smooth. FB? quick. Touchscreen? responsive. Screen Res?-Compared to my last phone – I think it's great. No problem with viewing internet pages. All looks sharp enough. Phone reception? same as old phone (Nokia 6300) depends where I am. Battery life? Mmmmm. Lasts longer if I turn off Wifi and Mobile Networking but still have had to charge every day (all 4 of them) but this could be due to my excessive discovery fiddling. I like the look and feel. Have had no problem with answering calls or calls being dropped (so far). With T Mobile. The on screen keyboard is pretty good even though the keys are small. The intelligent word recognition allows for quite fast typing (in messaging. It doesn't seem to do this for searching so you need to be a bit careful). I'm still finding my way around but as said – so far – so good. Cheers

  30. Dale says:

    I have had the wildfire for 3 months. I like it ok, but it started having a problem about a month ago… it would not trun off! I gone an update and it seemed to act fine then, but now it is starting the same problem. I can turn it off, but it comes right back on again. I can Power off but it won't stay off… comes back on automatically.
    I guess some others are having the same problem… I wonder if there is a solution?

  31. Jeff says:

    I have had the Wildfire for thee weeks now and I am having problems with answering calls. It wont let me answer an incoming calls now and again, I try dragging the screen down but it’s frozen, it doesn’t matter what button I push or touch it just keeps ringing until the person terminates the call or I remove the battery. There’s slight lag on the touch screen sometimes and the battery life is very poor. Sound quality from the ear peice is poor compared to other phones I have had but acceptable. The screen resolution is not a problem I find it perfectly fine. Build quality is excellent and the customisation of the phone is brilliant. The touch screen is up there with the best just a tad behind the iPhone. The phone is really nice, feels solid and well made but the battery life is a major concern it just don’t last a full day and I am not a heavy user, it’s a shame because this could have been a superb phone.

  32. ids says:

    got my WF for about 3wks now. so far so good. voice connection, computer sync, etc are fine. fast processor, no lags. Batt last for 2.5days in normal use and 1.5days in HEAVY USE of voice calls.

    But one problem that I notice is that the screen hangs if I will answer a call or a incoming SMS. This is when I will pull out my unit from my pocket, when the screen is dragged or I had put a pressure on the touch screen . Otherwise if it function normally. Thus some one had the same experience of mine?? any suggestion how to avoid it. Because the hanging will stop once the notification call is already finished.

  33. Aled says:

    I was happy with the phone until today when i realise that calls to it are directed straight to voicemail in about 50% of cases. It's great to have all the mod cons on a phone, but if it cant do the basics like receive calls, it seems a bit pointless!

  34. Abdel says:

    My problems within 1.5 weeks:

    LED notification doesn't stay on.Shuts off after 5 minutes or so.I've to check manually for notifications.
    Email doesn't get checked according schedule.Again,need to check manually.
    Shakes sometimes when picked up for no reason.
    Although the settings say the simcard won't show up in contacts,you guessed it right,it just show up.

    I'm sending it back.Great size and portability but too many software malfunctions.

    1. kevin says:

      led notification time can be set in manually how long you want it to light up
      email checked automatic.. needs to be sure you wifi is on during the whole day,
      and in contacts, you can say which contacts you want to show in your list (facebook, sim, or contacts on your phone)
      mine has no problem with none of things items

  35. Lauren says:

    I’ve had my HTC wildfire for just over a month, i really really like it but, i recently downloaded a vignette demo for my camera on the phone, it was working all day when i first downloaded it, and now the very next day my camera won’t even come on, if anyone can help that’d be great because i don’t know what to do!

    Also it gets very annoying when your talking to someone on the phone, as i always seem to press end call with my ear.

  36. guest says:

    Had phone for 3 weeks now. I think it's outstanding value for money so far.
    I have however, had issues with the atrocious battery life, PC connections with HTC sync, and the camera seems to take at least a second to capture the image, which ends up being blurred and different to the one on the viewfinder. It also freezes from time to time.
    Still very pleased.

  37. vule-serbia-telenor says:

    i have this phone for a week now and this what i noticed first of all u cannot install or move apps to sd so the memory gets full quickly, it restarts on it self when using bluetooth, poor batery life, poor signal compered with my old phone (nokia), poor wifi signal, text messaging not so good, speaker in-call volume is at max and yet it is not loud as it should be, when it powers off due to battery gots emty it freezes and need to remove battery to start the phone, and so on
    In large nice looking gadget if you plan on using mostly for that not line phone and if you will use it indoor get it otherwise buy a real phone

  38. Demi says:

    I need help. i need to choose between the htc wildfire and sony ericsson vivaz pro. i have a tight budget but i want a good quality fone with a long battery life. I hear the wildfires screen res isn't that gr8 and that it freezes the whole time. I want to be able to watch movies on the phone. Which one would be better for that? Or what other phone could u reccomend that is also as good?

  39. Hollie says:

    I have had mine for a couple of weeks now and i love it!, i totally get what folks are saying about the battery life it sucks but i charge it while i sleep so it dont bother me too much. When i first got it i had a few problems with the market ..nothing was downloading. Got that figured i had to reboot the phone and use a gmail account instead of google mail. The big problem i have is that my received message notification sound has stopped working and i have tried everything to get it back on. So now if i dont hear or feel the vibrations then i miss the message for ages. can anyone tell me how to sort it please.

    1. kevin says:

      i had the same problem with my previous htc (a touch 3g) .. i went to my phone dealer, and they didn't know the problem but sent it back to htc (everything was on, vibration, sound, but nothing worked ) .. and the next week i received a new one (new software , hardware and newer cpu) and everything worked agains as supposed to .. think you maybe need to go back to your dealer again and tell you this problem .. (its a good service, i live in belgium, my phone was shipped over and back again to england en received a new one, all togheter in 5days ! )

  40. Kevin says:

    i have my wildfire now for 2month, but many of those problems here said i didn't have (yet, and hope it will stay like that). battery life of mine is up to 96hours (about half of it when wifi is on all the time) and even with contacts and incoming calls i don't have problems with. only problem i have is somethimes when i come out of an application, the phone can't find immediately the home screen again and needs a long loadtime to show all the homescreens again ..

  41. Amber says:

    Does not work as a mobile phone successfully. I don't wnat to go backwards in the features my phone offers me.
    I am going back to some of my oldest mobiles now. The Nokia 7373 is a better feel than my 6600 and both work better as phones than the Wild fire.
    You can't have your own text tone, the contacts feature is a mess of duplicates if you swop phones (for battery life) and have to keep contacts in your SIM.
    It defaults to 'mobile' for all contacts that call if you don't have their number even if they are a landline and offers to text all landlines from the contacts.
    Mine is going back after two days.

    I did not play with other features (apart from failing to setup email with vodafone) greatly as I wanted the basics to be correct and they're not.

  42. I have had my htc wildfire for about two weeks. I like the size and the screen touch is good – most of the time.

    Screen freeze: For some reason the screen chooses to freeze just as a call is coming in and I can't answer it! It freezes at odd other times too, but if I just switch the screen off and on it sorts out quickly. The one time when I can't afford for it to freeze is when a client call is coming in! I have to keep phoning everybody back who phones me! A few times it suddenly worked when I (in panic mode!) pushed the screen upwards to try and get something to work, which, of course, rejects the call!

    Gets hot: The phone gets very hot and you have to use it quite far from your ear. In any case if you hold it against your head your ear starts doing it's own thing on the sensitive touch screen. HAS to be used with a hands free – which is not a bad thing at all and perhaps forces me to use one when I am too lazy.

    Otherwise, I think I can get used to it. It definitely isn't as user friendly as the iphone BUT I get excellent signal on it. I had to change from an iphone because it constantly cut out and dropped signal. I still love the iphone though – if it got perfect signal I would stick with it.

  43. Kooky Kim says:

    I've had the Wildfire for a month now… it's working great for me. Only complain is that the built in alarm doesn't work. Doesn't ring. No idea why. Other than that. Pretty good. I get about 2 days of battery life with average usage of calls, smses, wifi, email, chatting. Pretty decent i would think. Well, no phone is perfect and the more sophisticated a phone becomes, the more bugs it will have. Honestly, if you want something that always works, get those low end cheap tough-as-a-brick Nokia phones. I have one of those and it's so basic it can't possibly crash! Use it for rough use when i go on outdoor trips. But love the Wildfire, it's cute and works well enough for the things I want to do. 🙂 Happy with it as much as can be.

  44. Den says:

    Thought the Wildfire was superb until the touch screen failed on letters Y, U, H and B in portrait at six weeks old. Okay in landscape but then return key available.

    HTC web support have offered help but to no affect. The supplier doesn't want to know and is only offering a repair which is unacceptable for the timescale.

  45. Ada says:

    I'm a Vodafone Wildfire user and having terrible problems in the last few weeks with it having "limited" service, ie nothing works at all, for no reason. I never had this problem on my ugly little Nokia.
    The other week I went to Devon and was without reception for a whole week. Pah!

    I do have a worse problem now, though. My HTC got stolen, so now I have a replacement. It came today, and I can't get the thing started at all. It will not connect to the Vodafone network and says the SIM isn't valid. Meeting a friend tomorrow with a view to having a bash at it and then having it out with the Vodafone man.
    Anyone any ideas?

  46. Shaun says:

    This phone is complete crap,when making or answering calls is sounds like you are talking underwater and cant understand one word,and vodafone does not know whats wrong with it,totally disgusted at it.

  47. Rick says:

    I wonder if anyone can help me, I have just purchased a HTC Wildfire and so far been very pleased with the phone. However I work away a lot and want to use the phone as a modem (tethering) using its internet connection for my laptop to connect to the internet. I can connect to laptop to the phone via the USB lead, but when I connect it says in the little connection icon local only? I have followed the instructions in the manual setting the phone to mobile network sharing. I have tried it with Norton antivirus turned off but still no joy. I Hope somebody can help. Thanks Rick.

  48. nickmozza says:

    had my phone only 3 weeks from vodafone and already they are sending my 3rd one out tomorrow – when i put phone in my car screen cradle i cannot answer any calls

  49. Des says:

    I have numerous complaints and moaning about the Wildfire poor reception is one I’m not to sure but I think its nothing to do with the phone but your carrier I’m currently living on the Rockie mountains and I have a unlocked Wildfire and I use T mobile US as my carrier I get full bars no call dropping and I use the phone to tether and believe it or not fast internet.

  50. Vodafone hater says:

    Can I ask anyone, whats the network branding like on the wildfire.
    Ive seen that vodafone have put their little red icons on which I hate. Can these icons be removed and installed with the normal icons without having to flash the ROM?
    Also have the 3 network done anything similar or is it just a boot up screen for example.

  51. Vijay says:

    Hey I have an HTC wiidfire for few weeks now, can't figure our how to delete the trim ring tone form the SD card, as I wish to set a new tone… browsed the complete phone.. couldn't get the option for the same.

  52. Amy says:

    I can't believe there is so much hate for this phone. I love mine. You can personalize it with your own message tones, if you do some googling, you simply add folders to the SD card and then the sms tones show up when you try to change the tone.

    Mine isn't laggy at all, hasn't gotten hot and while I charge it once a day it's only just starting to use up battery power, despite me spending rather a lot of time doing things on it.

    I've only had it freeze once and that was because I added a game to it that was simply not meant for the wildfire. All it took to reboot was hitting the off button at the top and restarting it.

    I do have to wonder, a few of you have mentioned vodafone as being where you got the phone from, just how many of the people who hate this phone have vodafone branded phones. Vodafone are notorious for bloating up their phones with apps and their own software, not to mention famous for their crummy reception.

    All this being said, I did have issues with HTC Sync but a bit of googling and downloading some new drivers soon fixed the problem and I haven't had an issue connecting it since.

  53. Wild says:

    I have HTC wildfire for a month, the only problem i'm facing is the caller couldn't hear my voice as loud as i hear. i dont know whether its a common issue or not!!!!..

  54. megan:) says:

    I've had the HTC wildfire for two days now, since I've had it I haven't been able to receive calls. Everytime I pick up the phone it just cuts the call. I have tried changing the call barring on all incoming calls but it won't work for some reason. Anyone have any idea how to fix this?
    Other than that it's brilliant, I love it. The battery life runs out fast if you have the internet on all the time or if you're using it all the time, like me 🙂

  55. chris says:

    Well I’ve had mine for a week now and its great am using WiFi to type this screen res is. Bit poor but other than that its worked flawlessly battery life could be better but it lasts a day

    But it doesn’t work ad a phone ! With five bars of signal it will just. Freak out and not send or receive calls or text locks up for a while then goes back to normal I am going to the Vodafone shop today to get a replacemt and vent my frustrations!

  56. Mysty says:

    Possibly the worst phone ever! About to be returned for second time in a month as it's stopped vibrating. It's slow unreliable and frustrating, can't even manage the basics let alone all the hi-tech extras. Stuck in a contract with T-mobile and they are no use

  57. Rob UK :-( says:

    HTC Wildfire on the 3 network – Poor poor model from the normally reliable HTC. Avoid this mobile if you want a reliable, no stuttering, bug free mobile with anything like a decent battery life.

    Faults so far :-

    Battery life less than 15 hours – re-charge each & every day.

    Stuttering screens (probably down to the totally inadequate CPU & memory)

    Awful on screen keyboard – the screen is simply too small to accomodate the full keypad with any kind of accuracy.

    Lagging when composing a text/email message (up to a word behind on the screen depending on how quick you try to type) again probably down to the crap processor.

    Internet connections – Will work fine for a short while but if you close the browser then re open it, it simply refuses to connect to the web unless you re-boot the god damn thing.

    Unable to send text messages – Grrrrrr this error comes up daily several times – now I would say this is down to the crappy reception you get with this phone & no this is not a network error this is a HTC Wildfire error.

    To be continued on next comment :-

  58. Rob UK :-( says:

    Camera flash – this is real poor – totally washes out the subject if you are within 2-3 foot when trying to take a picture – waste of time completely – switch the flash off & the subject is out of focus & under exposed – switch the flash on & move back a bit & you get the same results – useless.

    Apps – many many apps in the market place simply will not work on this under powered Android device for reasons I have mentioned CPU plus screen resolution.

    Screen – By todays standards poor poor poor .

    HTC customer care service – If you've had any dealing with them you will know just how poor this so called "care service" is – need I say more !! They have your money they don't want to know.

    HTC sync – Flawed software that sometimes works sometimes doesn't.

    Good points

    Well made.

    Tiny footprint.

    Camera good in bright daylight.

    Continued on next comment :-

  59. Rob UK :-( says:

    This will be my last HTC product & I have had a few – I really think they have lost the plot with the price point they have tried to fit this mobile into – it is a very very flawed product with many many annoying bugs that are just too much to live with RIP HTC Wildfire – its been crap 🙁

  60. Rob UK :-( says:

    Just discovered a new bug today message thread deletion – it just wont do it 🙁 I have been trying to delete my message threads for 35 minutes now & this awful mobile just sits there with the busy icon spinning & doing nothing else – yet another re-boot

    Anyone want to buy a slightly used HTC Wildfire – only had one hammer blow to the screen 🙁

  61. Anyone else not receiving text messages? I think my problem is hardware/software related as opposed to a network problem (I am with T-Mobile) as I have now fixed the problem twice by performing a factory data reset.

    This is not a continually viable solution for me to keep factory resetting my phone every other month!

    If anyone else have this problem and would like to share their apps list with me then we can try and narrow down what is breaking our phones!

    If all else fails, I think T-Mobile will have to replace my phone that is not fit for use under the sales of goods act and they will have to replace with a working HTC model (Desire?)?

  62. Sarah says:

    My videos keep disappearing!

    I film my new baby girl, save & rename them, watch them back but the next day they aren’t there.

    Am getting rather annoyed. Anyone else experienced this?

  63. CPW says:

    Ive been having really terrible reception on this phone too, especially when your expecting calls it become a problem. I found somewhere else that the phone is pre-set to switch between something called gsm and wcdma something to do with networks, ive changed mine to just GSM and i have full signal with in seconds which i havent had since i got the phone!!

  64. Jona says:

    I've had my Wildfire for about 3 months I think. There are a few issues, not any major ones like above however. Sometimes the phone lags a little. And when texting in landscape mode the keyboard is really bugged (like mentioned above, freezes and not possible to erase text). And at the moment there is a disorder in my message threads so replies from my friends appears above my message and not under.

    I have the phone in my pocket every day and after 3 months it feels like the hole where you connect the charger have been pushed in, making the charger disconnect sometimes when I'm playing around with the charger connected.

    Now to the good stuff!

    The battery last for 2 days, sometimes 3 (but dies around noon). Just normal use..
    Alot of functions and apps. It's my first smartphone so I don't know what apps I'm missing.
    The camera is and the reception are fine. I live in the north swedish forrest so now you've got something to compare with 🙂

    Now I'm just waiting for the updated android OS to be released to the WF hoping for a great boost in performance as promised.

  65. Ross Williamson says:

    Don't ever answer your HTC wildfire in the rain, it leaks and HTC will not cover it.
    I have had phones like anyone else for years and within just a month of owning the phone it had water damage. This phone is poorly put together and I wouldn't waste your money on a poorly assembled phone.

  66. Steve Lufbra says:

    I bought the Wildfire phone a few months back and initially loved it but as others have commented upon already – it often just drops calls completely after only a few mins and you have to re-phone the person so I am not very impressed and am going to go back to Vodafone tomorrow. The problems are often at home yet I have a good signal and all my other previous phones over the years have operated fine at home so it's definitely this phone.

  67. clayton says:

    I just bought the wild fire and it has frozen multiple times. I'm right now looking for a solution to unfreeze my phone. I would suggest buying the iphone 4 looks like a blast

  68. Divyadeep Goel says:

    I have just bought the wildfire. Just cannot attend incoming calls when the phone is locked as it hangs most of the times when i slide the lock screen to attend the call. The phone keeps on ringing and i am helpless.

    Plz help….. Big issue….

  69. Karen says:

    My son got the phone Thursday, took it back Sunday as he had to take the battery out in order to unlock it. Next day replacement was taken back and within one hour of getting the 3rd HTC the phone wouldnt unlock again. My brother-in-law has the same phone and it has been back to HTC four times for various faults. Its a real shame as the phone could be a very good one if the niggling problems were sorted. We will now have to go back to the shop for the fouth time to exhange the phone but it definitely wont be for a Wildfire.

  70. lynne davies says:

    We bought one as a birthday present for my daughter. Didn't try the earphones until the phone was a few weeks old and discovered the music didn't play through them. Tesco gave us a new phone and that worked for two weeks and we have the same problem again. Very frustrating, although my daughter likes the phone. There is obviously a problem with the speakers so will have to take back to store again.

  71. Lianne says:

    I bought the HTC wildfire a while ago. I liked it for the first few days, then it began to play up! Firstly by randomly crashing and not letting me press any bottoms leading to me having to take battery out to reboot it. Then apps started to freeze and i'd have to keep pressing 'force close' then the messages started messing up, I wouldnt recieve texts untill a while later and get a hole bunch at a time. I've bought it back twice. and both times been told to ring a number to talk me through it. They told me to reset everything. I then lost all my stuff on the phone due to that. I then got told to ring again, which I did and got told I couldnt exchange it as it had run out of the carenty! I DO NOT recommend it to anyone! I'm paying 30 a month for a pile of rubbish

  72. Stuart says:

    Mine kept crashing etc at first but after a little reasearch its running smoothly 🙂 For the poor battery life and crashing, I found was because of the Facebook for HTC Sense. Where it constantly keeps in contact with FB, especially when your contacts in the phonebook are linked to Facebook it eats the RAM and data usage. So if you try and do anything else like use Youtube or make calls without closing the apps first it will crash and reboot several times.
    I cleared all the Sense rubbish off so no sync with FB, turn the "always on" data off so it only uses data when you want it to and use minimal amount of widgets that use the net like Friend Stream and "Facebook for Sense".
    Also, use the Power Control widget to turn off the GPS, Wifi and Sync when not in use. Helps a great deal.

  73. Ian says:

    anyone else had issues answering incoming phone calls? If the screen has gone off (power save mode), it comes up with the usual "drag down to receive call" but the screen is locked! Happens 2 or 3 times a day!

  74. eilidh says:

    i have had my wildfire for about 6 months now and am having endless problems, my advice would be to just not get it.
    a low space sign constantly pops up even if i have nothing more i can delete, and it has now got so severe i cant even look at my photos or music BECAUSE theres 'no disk space'
    so i cant delete things to make room!

    i also go through periods of not being able to recieve texts
    and recently i have had pop ups telling me to force close like non stop

    OH and sometimes the only letter the touchpad can type is Q

    this phone is a nightmare and i wish i never got it :/

  75. Megan says:

    can anyone help…. i bought this phone for my boyfriend and it doesn't let him receive calls or texts but he can ring me. we have tried every setting to try n make it work. sometimes it rings but most of the time it doesn't. also the Internet is super slow n downloading is incredibly slow. its not his sim he has a o2 contract and works well on other phones I'm just puzzled. really like the phone n it has some really good reviews am i just unlucky and got a dodgy one? anyone that has any ideas on how they can help i would be really grateful 🙂 i want it to workkkkkkkk :'(

  76. Millicent says:

    Sounds like there is a common set of problems here. For me, the worst is the reception: roaming internet access is useless because the reception so often drops to one bar or nil that I'm constantly being disconnected. I thought it was a problem with my provider until I thought to carry around my old phone to compare them. Both on same network: my 5-year old, no frills, supermarket-bought basic phone will get 4-5 bars reception while the Wildfire gets 0-2. I have the same battery problems as other people have listed too: terrible battery life even after I disable wildfire and location finder, and sometimes the phone just goes completely dead until I take out the battery slot it back in, when it will start working again. V poor response time to screen taps sometimes, making it very difficult to call or hang up. Overall, a waste of money. I am hoping I can get out of the remaining contract: will be worth paying a fee to get away from this rip-off failure of a handset.

  77. Sarah says:

    It wont let me delete a certain persons text messages? Its gradually building up to 4000 and its making my phone go slow, and continuously crashing. When i try and delete it just comes up with 'force close' The only way i could imagine how to sort it out would be to entirely reset the phone. But i have already done than once in the month that i have had a phone and it wont sync my contacts so i had to re-add them one by one. Other than that a good phone.. can anyone help?

  78. Abhishek says:

    I have HTC Wildfire since 6 months, nowadays the problem with the phone has increased a lot. I have done factory reset, even then it has not solved any problem. For example:-
    1. Many times the phone will not ring or vibrate when I get a call, although I have kept high volume for
    ringtone and notifications and loud ringtone too.
    2. 1-2 times the phone alarm will not work, without any obvious reason.
    3. There is no voice record function to record calls ( infact it doesnt work during calls).
    4. Lately, when I get a call I get a message saying "snoozing for 10 minutes", what does that mean, Can anybody help on this. Will be extremely grateful

  79. nikki says:

    okay just got my Htc wf for christmas was working great but at the end of the day it keep switching itsself of and putting itsself on flight mode ,it was real good with wi fi but it still turns itsself of the apps are good to ,any help? i'd appreciate much

  80. john says:

    i have had my wildfire for a few months now and its forcing applications to close and critical ones like htc sense and sms and android its forgeting the time and date apparently its a common fault but it started off as the best phone ever

  81. Nadz0511 says:

    I've had this phone for a day. I thought it was brilliant at first- however, overnight I seem to have had problems.

    I woke up to a reboot screen, and had to take the battery out for it to load up normally (used to get a similar problem on my old tocco ultra)

    I was in the middle of a phone call and it cut off, but the display said I was still in the call, it was completely frozen. After frantically pressing a few buttons it eventually got me to the home screen, but then when I tried to make calls I was pressing the call button and nothing was happening. The screen then went black so I had to remove the battery.

  82. Hari says:

    Hi, I have had the HTC wildfire for a 2 weeks now. I developed a problem with the screen, therefore a blak line developed 1cm from the bottom of the screen which does not go away. I suspect the LCD screen is gone. Hoping to get it fixed under warranty, the phone and OS is otherwise fine and I had great results after upgrading to Android 2.2

  83. bob brush says:

    you guys who have real problems with your phones, take them back to the shop! otherwise go buy an iPhone if that is what you are comparing against. HTC wildfire is cheap as chips and works for me., slowish, poor resolution, lack of software updates. I expected nothing more as I read the specs before I bought. at this price I can buyout of contract and upgrade at anytime….

  84. Charlotte says:

    I have had similar crap battery life problems – ie needs charging at least once a day, even though i don't use wi-fi at all and have turned off automatic sync on applications. i don't use my phone a lot for voice calls but i would imagine that if you did it would be even worse. the main problem i have though is that for some reason i have biiiig issues accessing my media files- video or sound won't play, alarm doesn't ring, mp3 player won't work because the phone 'cannot read this type of file' – and this seems to happen at random, initially sound files may work then soon after the sound goes. hardware or software issue? whatever, you don't expect this off a new gen phone. a friend has an iphone and she never has problems – cost = quality. sadly like a lot of people am tied into a 2 year contract…you live and learn 😉

  85. drew says:

    i love my wildfire carnt put it down allways find something new to play with batterys gret got 2 and half days on it constnt playing with it with bluetooth on. my only gripe is the keyboard is to small r maybe i got big fingers im allways hitting wrong keys.
    geat phone would recomend it to anyone to buy

  86. connie says:

    had my wildfire two weeks HATE it called customer service three time been to retail store where I got it they said I don't understand the battery life of this phone, like other comments use phone very little and battery goes dead. Store changed battery same issues. BATTERY LIFE SUCKS BIG TIME.

  87. annie says:

    I have my htc wildfire for a few months now. when the phone is on ppl try calling and it goes straight to voicemail. i contantly loose network connection and when i change phones everything is fine. this is a crap phone.

  88. Karen says:

    Only one piece of advice … DO NOT even consider a Wildfire. May look great but its not fit to do the job. Got first phone at end of October. 3 main faults; slow response when turning from portrait to landscape, always freezing when using backspace, and unresponsive 'mouse'. Phone went to Vodaphone for repair, then went to manufacturer for repair. Letter advised manufacturer found the fault and fixed it. But, guess what, faults came back within two days. Phone was then replaced for a new phone which, guess what, freezes when using backspace and the 'mouse' fails. Two Wildfires with exactly the same faults! If you don't want to get locked into a 24-mths contract with a phone which drives you insane with frustration then get an iPhone. HTC is rubbish!!!

  89. thenaughtynun82 says:

    Had my HTC Wildfire for about 5months. Not had any major problems other than the common, force close message when apps are running and even in my own settings menu?! It has frozen a few times and friends stream for facebook has stopped running a couple of times too. Other than that it has been a great phone. … until …
    I got the latest update and all of a sudden I couldn't connect to PC. Catch 22 is that I needed to get online to reinstall the software! doh!! My boyfriends phone did the same thing and then it stopped working completely. Couldn't drag down to even get into the phone, the touch screen had gone completely – still in the repair shop!!
    If anyone can help me with my latest problem … I have lost all sound on my phone. I have gone into settings and volumes are set on full and the ringtones are set too. It would ring but now its lost the ringtone I put on the phone but my alarm clock doesn't ring and neither does the text tone. It is doing my head in .. if anyone else has had a similar problem please and fixed it, please advise!

  90. Tamsin says:

    I loved my wildfire initially, however about 3 months into my contract with 3 and I am on my 2nd one!!!! The first one, as many people on here, had a disgusting battery life and would cut out for no reason. The 2nd one has been great…for about a month anyway, now it has started to cut calls short for no reason, and the touch screen has packed up, so I cant even use it?! I am heading back to 3 today to see if I can get out of the contract or get a replacement phone. Grrrrrr!!

  91. Steve bailey says:

    Downloading music and it does'nt recognise artist, it knows the song and the album but refuses to show artist, just says unknown artist. Tried wifes netbook to install and no joy…totally flummoxed…anyone had same problem or know how to fix?

  92. Steve says:

    Overall am pleased with my HTC Wildfire. It is the first smartphone i have used and probably won’t be the last. The only drawbacks are A) the battery life and B) the signal where i live. The battery only lasts about 48hrs if i’m v.lucky. I only use Facebook and Texting and sometimes surf the net. This phone is on 3 and i my old phone was on O2. The signal on 3 is not that great.

  93. NTS says:

    I have this phone since 3 months now and i keep having problems with it! it is very slow in its use. when i typ a sentence it takes amost a minut when the sentence is actually there on the screen, it is slow with whats app, slow with facebook, it keeps showing me that a error occured, my camera isnt how it should be and my music sometimes just stops playing while the time is still running. the contact are loaded slowly. furthermore when i am calling it just stops calling. WORST PHONE EVER!

  94. claudio says:

    I have an HTC wildfire for three months, the problem Im facing is that, when I send a txt to someone, the phone sends it as pic text and the company is charging me for every txt that comes out with a pic, which in reality I have not sent any at all!
    Is anyone facing similar problem?!

  95. Marc says:

    had this phone for a week
    nice looking phone however
    a)—-very poor telephone conversation quality
    b)—–battery life shockinly bad
    c)—–complicated to use
    d)—–imports ALL you googlemail contacts without asking you
    e)—– buttons on touchscreen way too small no good for people with larger fingers like myself
    f)——most games from android market dont work on it as it freezes
    having said that, it does cost half the price of a htc desire or iphone, so its probably good value for your buck!!

  96. Lisa Stevenson says:

    I love my phone but I am having trouble connecting to other phones via bluetooth. I can get paired with them but not connected.
    Also, I cannot send videos by text message either, no matter how short the video is – sometimes only 20 seconds it says message size limit reached.
    This is very annoying!!!

  97. NE718 says:

    I started with the HTC Hero, that phone didnt work properly so the store gave me a wildfire, after about a month, the volume on the phone sounded like a speaker had blown…very distorted. So, they sent the phone back and sent me a new phone. – Im at one month with the replacement phone and this phone is doing the same thing.
    Sound quality is very poor, the speakers sound like they have blown again. Very frustrating

  98. jerry says:

    i got this mobile 1 month before…evrythn was fine goin unless i changed its operating system to 2.2..i made a big mistake after dat oly i got this screen freeze and so on….its better to throw this mobile in a soak pit and can use nokia 3300..it works good dan this damn mobile…its not a user friendly mobile its users enemy fone..

  99. Len Leaper says:

    Maybe I am lucky but this phone is pretty decent to say the least..I have only had one freeze..battery taken restored everything.. no photos lost..and a couple of glitches which prompted a forced close..This is over a couple of months moderate to heavy use..

    The call quality is good..the signal does not drop where I live..O2 network..and the apps work fine..

    Androids are hungry on batteries..if you cut the usage to phone/texts only and toggle connections when you need them.. then the battery life will double or better..The device is primarily a phone!

    The earlier iphones were never noted for long battery life …the iphone 4 addressed that issue of course..

    I have 2.2 update installed…if I have any regrets it is not buying the Desire HD..

    This phone might get bad press here .. but there are many very satisfied owners…

  100. Lori says:

    I agree with Jerry I had few problems with my wildfire until I updated to 2.2 – now have lots of really annoying niggles and the battery life has suddenly reduced to about 1 days use from 3-4 days for no reason (I don't keep wifi on all the time) – about ready to buy a cheap pay as you go that will function as a phone correctly and switch the sim card over as I committed to a contract.

  101. Duncan says:

    Got my HTC Wildfire a couple of weeks ago. Main problem is the signal strength. A lot of the times there are no bars and it shows emergency calls only. I called in at a Vodafone shop, they were helpful and after seeing I had an old (10 years) SIM card they replaced it and this looked as if it would fix the problem. However when I got home the signal was back to emergency status. My previous phone with Vodafone had no signal problems at all. Any ideas what the solution is?

    I also have lost connection when speaking to people and then it re-appears.

  102. Si G says:

    Theres good things and bad things about this phone, so i both love it and hate it at the same time!

    there are things to save the battery life, mine now lasts 3 days rather than one, in the app market theres an app called taskpanelx or something like that, you can set it to kill all the background tasks etc. the other is in the widgets menu and is called power control. You can use this to turn the screen brightness down, saving battery and turn mobile networks, bluetooth etc etc off, saving your battery again!

    i love how easy this phone is to use most of the time, most of the time not being all the time!!

    the biggest and most annoying problem i have is that when i lose signal, the phone freezes and procedes to resend old text messages to my contacts again. i spoke to the place where i got my phone from and they will be sending it off ot be fixed!

  103. AnnaS says:

    I’ve had this phone for a few months now, and it’s starting to get really annoying!

    Up till now the signal has been fine, but recently it’s started being a problem. When I’m not using the phone the signal seems to be fine, but as soon as i pick it up to try and send a text message or use the internet, the signal goes.

    I’ll send the message, and the phone will say “unsuccessful after mutiple attempts to resend” or something like that, and then will send it when the signal’s back about a minute later. It’s getting really annoying now! Has anyone else had this problem? And if so, how did you fix it?

  104. Alex Reade says:

    I've had mine for about 2 months (If that), and I'm having BIG problems with the camera!
    When i open the camera app, my phone sometimes restarts itself – this sometimes happens after I take a picture aswell 🙁
    Fix it! Or i'm just gona get a blackberry!!

  105. James Hutchins says:

    well ive had the phone a few hours, and its still not charged, when i turned it on i found i had mail but i cant open it, and it wont stop flashing, it keeps annoying me

  106. david says:

    had my wildfire just over a week now think its brill , however i have one small gripe ,if somebody on a o2 mobile trys to send me a picture message they get this message …………(could not send permanent failer )…..so i never recieve it . this only happens from a o2 mobile very strange ,,,,,,,,,my fone surplier just says its there phone settings hahaha thats rite pass the buck !!
    anyway they gave me new settings to add to my phone but still no good ,any surgesting please thxs dave

  107. Kate says:

    Help! on the rare occasion that |I geet an incoming call, the bloody screen will not scroll down and I miss every single call. If I am lucky, the caller's number is not blocked and I can ring back. This was not a problem at first, but as I use the phone more and more, it IS. Can anyone tell me why the answering is so darned difficult or am I just a neanderthal. This is my first droid. Thanks, no sarcasm please. Sorry if I sm not clever, nor rich enough to have SOTA equipment.

    1. This is also my problem. I also keep missing calls because the screen won’t drag down. I thought I wasn’t pressing hard enough. I really like the phone though but answering is very annoying

      1. Anonymous says:

        on my second phone now thats how it started i couldnt scroll down this happened slowly over 3 months to eventually just completaly freeze which in my opinion was the screen stopping working they fixed it after 3 months then after 6 months the exact same thing happened and low and behold now it must be water damaged or physical damage which isnt covered under warrentee would love some feed back on this as im so frustrated and really wish i never bought it …i also have a htc desire and have it as long and never had one problem…

  108. karin says:

    1. Reception for calls is lousy, and the message saying you have a missed call often doesn't come through for half an hour. Drops calls too often. Far worse than SE W995
    2. The call quality using bluetooth car kit (Parrot CK3100) is so bad that you often can't have a conversation with someone, it's only good enough to get a message across. Not much better using a headset, either. With the W995 it was like chatting to someone in the car with me. Also, it won't support the voice dialling function on the Parrot, so you have to scroll through all the adress book entries to make a call – hardly safe and handsfree.
    3. Camera is useless indoors, even with flash you can't freeze any motion, and the pic is always taken considerably after you've pressed the button. W995 was a great camera, and had much more in the way of controls and features.
    4. HTC Sync finds the phone, but won't synchronise anything, so is completely pointless.
    I am contemplating taking my sim card out and going back to the W995.

  109. sam says:

    I dont care about all the fancy gadgets, I just want it to work as a phone and it really doesnt, I cant remember how many times I've been angry with it just trying to read a text

  110. Richard Cole says:

    Hi, I am on my 2nd wildfire as the first had an irritating problem of me not being able to answer incoming calls by scrolling down (it just would not). So now after 2 months useage of the second one it has developed the same problem, as well as the screen freezing halfway down when attempting to use it in general.I think that this phone was chucked together with cheap chips and a screen which rather than touch you feel like punching it to get a response. I must say that this phone should never had been available to anyone until these really annoying problems had been resolved. I would give it maybe 1 out of 10 for internet access but personaly I would love to hear that the person responsible for this (useless if used as a phone) sacked! HTC will no longer be on my wish list.. Richard tntman@ymail.com

  111. DAnijel says:

    had the phone for three days now,.
    The battery simply died on me while charging, so when I took it to the service, the guy told me that th charger was
    actually draining the battery instead of charging it. W.T.F.?
    If you have some extra cash, I stroingly reccomend iphone 3g instead, HTC phone is a piece a s..t!

  112. jocool says:

    Sorry if I'm repeating what anyone else has said – don't have time to read them all! My main problem is that my phone insists on downloading gmail messages as soon as they arrive. I use gmail for work, and set it up on the phone thinking that it would be useful to be able to check work email messages when I wanted / needed to. No, they arrive whenever they like. On top of this, I discovered this morning that the alarm does not switch on the phone, like my battered old Nokia did. Had I left the phone on, I would have been woken up by an email that someone from work sent after 11.30 pm. How could they possibly think that it would be a good idea to make the alarm function less useful than a very old, basic phone? I'm astonished. And someone, please tell me how to get Gmail OFF this phone – I don't care if I can't check emails any more, I just want it off – and haven't yet found a way.
    Should have stuck to something simpler. Who designs these things?

  113. Stewart says:

    Had the phone for about 4 weeks and was happy with it until the screen failed. The phone would ring but all there was was a black screen. Put it in to get repaired and until now all is fine. My wife got her's a few weeks after me and lo and behold a couple of weeks after mine was repaired her's has develpoed the exact same fault. Seems as though the screen only last a certain amount of time.

  114. Peter says:

    As with many people, I'm really regretting my purchase of this phone a couple of months ago. Worst problem is that the screen frequently refuses to recognise my touch, and particularly refuses to let me answer the phone when it rings. A pretty basic problem! Numerous other glitches make me wish I'd shelled out for an iPhone after all!

  115. Niko says:

    Hi! I'm experiencing problem regarding the contact numbers on my wildfire. I used to live in Cyprus and have recorded contacts without the country codes. Afterwards, when I have moved abroad, I have changed contacts and added the country codes to the Cypriot numbers. The problem appears when I send an sms. When I send the first one, sms goes to the correct contact with country code in front. But when I reply on the sms from Cyprus, the phone deducts country code and sends sms without it, accordingly it delivers massage on the wrong number. For example, if the number I send is +357 ******** , phone sends it on ******** . If somebody can assist me and provide solution, I will appreciate!

  116. robert marsh says:

    I have had my HTC Widfire since November and had a lot of problems similar to the guys above but just recently I went on holiday to Thailand. The hotel had free internet and I did not want to be bothered by calls so I turned the phone off and locked it in the room safe. After a couple of days I noticed when I turned it on that I was sent an sms from 3 telling me my usage on the internet. Within a matter of days my usage had grown to £43 pound. Well it cost me an arm and a leg to call the 3 network from Thailand and they disabled the phone from going on the Internet and I should call them when I got home.
    This I have done and I have since checked my previous 5 bills. I know my fault for not keeping a check on them. Anyway this months bill jumped up to £129.99 and I noticed all my previous bills where high.
    It seems that this android phone even when turned off searches apparently for a signal to get onto the Internet whether you want it to or not.. Some one from India or where ever they are based is getting back in touch this week I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue with this phone.
    My contract should be £20 a month and it is nothing like that. What is even better when I try to get on the Internet it tells me there is no connection. Can see me having some problems with my3 network.
    Would love to hear from anyone else.

    1. kenzoT says:

      Robert, don't know how its possible for your phone to communicate with the network if it was actually turned off. U sure it was powered off completely?

      I've read most of the reviews here and i would suggest that if you are a bit of a technophobe then stay away from Android, get an iphone instead.
      It seems daft but Android is still pretty un-user friendly. If you are handy at surfing forums and like fiddling about with your phone then go for Android but for something that works well straight out of the box then Apple have it all sewn up.

      I myself has owned and used a Wildfire since Oct 2010 and overall i do like the phone and what its capable of. Because its a cheaper model than the Desire it is obviously not as powerful and you do have to put up with occasional screen lag and the odd bug, but there hasn't been anything that has stopped my phone from functioning normally. Maybe i'm one of the lucky ones and got a working phone. Mine was bought sim free with no network branding. Mobile networks should really not touch phones, they know nothing about making phones tbh so why are they messing with the operating systems?

      Fair enough the battery life could be better but remember this phone does a lot more than your old school Nokia so if you get 24 hours use out of it then thats not bad. If you get a lot less then get onto the Android forums. Plus if you have a task killer, get rid of it, Android doesn't work like Windows, it will kill tasks automatically when it needs more memory, task killers just drain battery.

      Just my 2p worth. 🙂

  117. Tanya says:

    I've had my HTC Wildfire since around August 2010 and I can definately say that it's caused me a lot of hassle! After a few months of owning it I found that it's performance dropped dramatically and now the touch screen and buttons refuse to respond 90% of the time. Whilst texting it starts bringing up the search box then flicking back and forth between screens exiting texts on it's own accord.

    I'm fed up with this phone but unfortunately I'm stuck with it as I am on an 18 month contract.

    Some people are lucky with this phone, others aren't.

  118. simon says:

    Had the Wildfire for two days now and the screen keeps going off even though i can hear stuff running in the background. The accelerometer is slow to change to landscape or does not change at all, i have an HTC Tattoo and that changes fine even though it is an older operating system.I think this phone is going back!!

  119. ken easton says:

    htc wildfire had it for 5 days and had it swopped due to not being able to answer incoming calls all you can hear is an echo ? this is heard buy the person you are riniging 3 mobile dont appear to know the fix
    any ideas as i have a two year contract

  120. Tommycom says:

    Hi, iv had my wildfire for about 3 weeks now and I love it the only issue is that it won't ring for notifications it works really well when I get called but if I get an email or a text it doesn't ring at all im using one of the tones that came on the phone and my settings are all set so the ringtone and the media are turned up all the way and it still will just vibrate when I get a message even when I send myself a message from another phone it will vibrate and light up but make no noise PLEASE HELP thank you 🙂

  121. JaneLesley says:

    I have had this phone for one week and I HATE IT. I find this phone completely unusable – answering calls is hit or miss as when it is in screen-lock mode pulling down the screen doesn't always work; three times now I have been unable to end a call; several phone calls that I have made have not been connected; when I receive calls while I am already on the phone, my existing call is cut off and finally the phone has frozen at least 6 times and I have had to turn it on and off to reboot . There are also myriad other usability problems with texting, retrieving emails etc. I find it hard to believe that HTC even carried out on usability trial on this phone – it is that bad. As I was given this phone by work, I am now investigating getting a micro sim and buying an iPhone – if this isn't possible I would rather pay a monthly contract for a iPhone that stick with this one. Awful design.

  122. parul says:

    HTC wildfire is not a good phone . I bought it & the next day I started having problems with its speaker.
    My voice always gets impossible to hear for the person i'm talking to . The person on other side always says that ur voice is not audible . I gave my phone for replacement & the replacements had again same problem.
    now, i'm going to replace this phone with some other company's phone like nokia or motorola with loss of some money.

  123. Nicola says:

    i have just bought a HTC wildfire and everything was working fine in the shop, i got it home and the charger is not working! whats the best thing to do as the shop don't claim reliability??

  124. bigal20 says:

    I have had my HTC Wildfire for just under a month and the data transfere stops for 5 or 6 hours at a time then my phone just will not connect with a call this is starting to happen more and more is this somthing that is happening to other people?
    other wise the wildfire is a good phone.

  125. Sam says:

    This is a novel of complaints about this 'smart phone'. So long that I have had to split up my moans into separate messages:

    Can I ask if any other users are experiencing issues with the keyboard, whilst in Facebook for example? The issue is that I may be attempting to, for example, comment on someone's post and the keyboard will allow me to add just a one line sentence before covering up any further text I wish to add. This then creates a guessing game to see how much text I can type, and how accurately I can type it! Whilst I appreciate that you can then hide the keyboard using the back button (& 1 other method, which escapes me) to reveal the text you have written, you then need to read through the gibberish you've attempted to write as accurately as possible and correct the errors……..

  126. Sam says:

    …. Which leads to a further issue – either using the tracker ball or by trying your very best to click on the screen to reach the parts of the text you wish to alter (much harder than you might imagine – the frustration of trying to accurately locate the text you wish to change and the cursor ending up somewhere else), the keyboard pops up again but you've lost the message you're typing – this leads to use of your personal memory skills, trying to remember exactly which text needed correcting and where you need to stop to prevent repeating yourself. This may sound like a relatively minor issue but it is absolutely infurating. Why haven't HTC logically added some kind of scroll bar at the top end of the screen so that you can use the phone for (one) of the features it is intended for. When I was sold the phone, it was confirmed by the 3 shop Sales Advisor that the phone was brilliant for Facebook. It isn't.

  127. Sam says:

    In addition, there are plenty of other grumbles:
    – Facebook and other internet apps (connected via either my 50mb wi-fi box or on 3G or just the straightforward slow version) will often either: take ages to register new messages, never display new messages or display new messages successfully (ah-ha!) and then break your annoyance barrier by removing them at a random time later.
    – Internet apps (at random) may or may not load (for no particular reason), or may begin to look promising by starting to load at a VERY slow speed (remember the 50mb wi-fi) and then freezing. The other issue, particularly with Facebook, is that after going through the performance of writing a message (phew!), after pressing the 'send' or 'add' buttons, nothing happens whatsoever for a minute or so, except for a lovely, unreadable error message saying something like "unable to retrieve (blah blah blah) at this time. So, you lose the message you've spent too long composing (usually very angry at this point), only for the problem to continue for however long. Don't lose heart though, it does work again – later in the day, tomorrow, the day after that – who can tell?

  128. sam says:

    – Calls sometimes (I've not had a massive problem with this, but it has happened quite a few times) just 'drop off'. It isn't signal loss, it's just the phone making a decision that you've talked quite long enough or, probably more likely, the phone is just quite poor.
    – Battery life is worryingly poor. On most 'normal' days (at work – I'm a teacher, so the phone is sat in my bag all day and removed in the evening for a couple of hours maximum of texting and calling – the phone will almost always require charging before bedtime) I can remember buying my first ever mobile phone – it was a motorola brick of a thing which had a battery life longer than the 'wildfire' (not quite sure why the wildfire name was chosen, maybe because it is wild in it's reliability and it really does need to be chucked on the fire to be destroyed.

  129. sam says:

    – Freezing of the keyboard (texting, facebook etc.). You are able to add text but not remove it. Strange, very strange.
    There are plently of other niggling issues, but I'm really bored of the sound of my own (laptop) keyboard keys (did you really think I would attempt to access the net and write a message on this excuse for a 'smart phone'?????!!!), plus I'm tired, frustrated and depressed that I may receive appalling customer service when I visit the store during the week in an attempt to return the handset.
    What are my rights? I don't have a cooling off period as I bought in-store. Can anyone advise me on this? I would really appreciate your comments/suggestions.
    Thanks for reading my groans 🙁

  130. piyush says:

    Bought htc wildfire 5 months ago. The phone's touch has started to become unresponsive. i try to select A but it selects B or nothing at all… could someone suggest what i could do … and how are the htc service centre's ????

  131. Gaz Top says:

    Hi,I have had mine for 2-3 months now and its a bloody nightmare..firstly it didn't like most of the mp3 I put on and despite taking ages to copy them across to the phone many simply end up with as empty folders..strangely a few it tries to play but says it cannot play this type of file…and even more strangely it does play and store a handfull of them..all the mp3 have been got in exactly the same the way and are exactly the same type of file..now it has taken to not allowing me to save photos to the sd card which has in effect made the camera function worthless….also everytime it gets an automatic updayes it gets slower or some other function that did work suddenly stops…I want to end the contract of get a new phone…is this possible?
    cheers Gaz

    1. i have the same problems not sure about getting a new phone other than through warranty but that sounds like it takes a while from what people have been saying. I find the phone hugely frustrating and the longer i have it or the more things i add to it the worse it gets probably the worst phone i have ever owned.

  132. mrunal says:

    i have been using htc wildfire for 5 months and suddenly my headphones stopped working. so i got new one and after using them for about 4 days they also crashed. i figured out that only the headphones with microphone are not working with my cell. its some hardware problem i suppose.

  133. Bev says:

    My htc wildfire just blocked all incoming calls to me. I can receive text, make calls but I cant receive any. people keep telling me that they get a message saying calls from their phone is blocked

  134. Commander says:

    Had my phone for 9 months now and apart from the texting-no complaints but it is now very difficult to connect to my Wi-fi. It says it is scanning…connecting…obtaining address…then disconnected ! It can take 20 mins for it to connect. Anyone any clues? Im not very tech savvy sorry.

  135. chellejane says:

    I have had a few probs with things like facebook freezing and internet and some apps force closing but the thing that bugs me most is the camcorder. If you record a video where there is music playing loud, it is very distorted and u cant make it out. Ive never had this prob with other phones as ive recorded at concerts before but this phone cant even handle the volume of a shopping centre concert or an mp3 player plugged into a speaker in a hall. Is it just my phone or is this just the quality that the htc wildfire provides????

  136. Lindsie says:

    HATE this phone, it is a piece of crap. I can't receive most phone calls, the screen freezes all the time, everything I try to do on it causes a force close. Waste of money. Now my cell contract is being purchased by another company, and guess what??? They are sending me an HTC, I cannot hide my excitement.

  137. Danny white says:

    when i got this phone i was pitching a tent if you know what i mean lol and at the moment i still love this phone but it still has the odd problems so the other i got in touch with htc for advice and they said reset it by following these instructions.
    after reseting it i noticed something, before i reset the phone you could only get into it by entering a code but after resetting it my security code was gone and i was off when i reset it.
    also all my pictures are still are there and i think this is a very big design flore if someone was to rob it and remove the sim they could keep it for them selves

  138. Anonymous says:

    Hi i bought my phone 5 months ago the power on and off buton has stopped working.the only way i can turn it on is to take out the battery and put back than the phone turns on and off after a minute
    I have taken it back to the shop they say its water damage thats crap i am all ways carefull with my phones it has neverr got wet
    not happy

  139. Anonymous says:

    I had an exam and, for the first time, I took the battery out of my phone. When I switched it on again the date was wrong (it now says 06/02/1980) and the time and when I went to change it (you have to choose a city) the “time” in London was wrong by about 10 hours eventually a friend managed to work this part out, but not the date. Also I stopped receiving emails on my phone from my Hotmail account and it stopped showing me what messages I have sent so now I’m not sure if they send. My phone has also recently decided to keep switching itself off every day even though I charge it overnight…. I’m not very “techy” but I’m confused! Is there anything I can do?

  140. Had my HTC Wildfire for 6 months and never been happy with it. Unable to get internet, constantly scanning,….. connecting ….. disconnected. Rarely have a signal despite being on Orange and never had a problem with NOKIA at home. Terrible phone, thinkin of cutting my losses and just going back to NOKIA until this 2 year contract runs out.

  141. From the very moment I got this phone I have had an issue with the phone and replying directly to text messages. This phone likes to remove the + from +61 numbers… When I modify the number in my phone to 04 it then changes the 04 to a 61 (without a plus). This phone is an incredibly stupid phone but if anyone can help me when this happens it would be appreciated. P.S. This only happens when I try to reply to a text, not when I select a contact from the contact menu.

  142. i do appreciates the efforts of HTC engineers to provide this great phone. However, i wonder why the optical sensor is used as pointer? if you do aware, when you exposed it to a certain source light, the pointer will move randomly like someone dancing his finger on your touchscreen, and this make me frustrated, especially when you are texting under fluorescent tube. i used to call it “the Ghost touch” phenomena. (notes: please try under difference light source)

  143. The battery runs down within 9 hours. I wouldn’t like to rely on this phone in an emergency.
    since downloading the FB app my internet connection is frustratingly slow. It’s become one of the worst phones I’ve owned.

  144. The battery runs down within 9 hours. I wouldn’t like to rely on this phone in an emergency.
    since downloading the FB app my internet connection is frustratingly slow. It’s become one of the worst phones I’ve owned.

  145. The battery runs down within 9 hours. I wouldn’t like to rely on this phone in an emergency.
    since downloading the FB app my internet connection is frustratingly slow. It’s become one of the worst phones I’ve owned.

  146. Anonymous says:

    Our wildfire’s touch screen has become less and less usable. Unresponsive and randomly doing things it is not asked too. HTC have been terrible at dealing with the problem (returned to them 4 times under warranty). After many phone calls and waiting in for pick ups and returns to us still have a phone that doesn’t work properly.

  147. natalie blair says:

    when I select a text message to view it always goes to another one unless I wait 5 seconds before touching the screen after going into the messages section. annoying – very slow. thought perhaps I had too many messages stored so tried to delete them but it won’t do it phone just jams and I have to shut it down. slow to respond when typing text messages. Bad signal and I wouldn’t expect there would be a bad signal in the centre of a city. bad signal = difficulty sending/recieving messages and phonecalls and internet doesn’t always work = not really fit for its purpose!

  148. Anonymous says:

    Have had the same problem with my wildfire. Went into t-mobile and they said I had to many texts on it. When I tried deleting them the phone just kept jamming. It is now freezing and lagging all the time when I try and play a downloaded game. Not impressed As I have only had it about 10 months and it has already been in for a problem with the software when we were told to upgrade. I did that and basically it screwed the phone. I wouldn’t mind but all t-mobile give you id some cheap crap while they send your phone off. Not good enough

  149. sam-j-14 says:

    mine keeps saying that the phone is low on storage space but it wont let me move everything from the internal memory to my sd card so its useless i have a smart phone with 4 apps and no pictures, music or video’s.

  150. It has been only 1 month.. nd my HTC wildfire has become so irritating!.. its nt getting connected to my laptop!.. all my necessary informations nw cant be transfered frm it !.. this is so disgusting!

  151. So bloody fed up with a constant bugging message saying : LOW STORAGE SPACE.
    when I have NOTHING stored in my cell except a few photos, and 3 applications.

    Buying this phone is such a waste of money !
    wish i never bought it ! :@ 😡

  152. hayleyh5 says:

    I’ve had my Wildfire about 8 months. Really great to start with, no issues with internet or apps etc. But suddenly in the last month the battery life is non existent. I am very careful not to overcharge it, and have been using genuine HTC batteries. But after a full charge, only 6 hours. A couple of times I have been up s**t creek because my phone has died unexpectedly. Now thinking I will go back to a simple phone 🙁

  153. John Jones says:

    I`ve had my phone only for a few weeks. I find the battery drains if you have too many services running (GPS, wi-fi etc etc). Connecting to my wireless router involved me having to re-set the router to it`s original settings first. Getting the right setting to connect to my computer was also a bit tricky at first… I now set it to act as a drive by default, and I luckily avoided the dismount the SD card option. My only real gripes is my phone not waking up when new messages arrive, and the battery not lasting as long as claimed in the user book.

  154. Mine has randomly started sending the odd txt to another person in my contact list but it comes up on the phone as having gone to the intended person. First I know is when I get a reply saying ‘don’t think this one is for me’! Had the phone for a year know and overall not impressed. Would not choose again.

  155. My notification bar at the top just stopped working as i couldnt pull it down ect. it then worked once in a while but my screen keeps going all weird and doing stuff i didnt even press the screen to do, i am trying to un-install some apps but whenever ithouch the screen the notification bar just comes down…. extreamly annoying. DO NOT GET THIS PHONE.

  156. Anonymous says:

    Had mine for a month. I like all the toys, but problem is its useless as a phone. It is completely insensitve to signal and drops calls even though I am 400 metres from aerial pole. Battery lfe is rubbish , but its a good hand warmer. Its jsut going back to be repaired again but the repair company says it won’t make any difference. My Nokia E51 is nearly as ancient as me but works fine. So I will be getting on to the phione company to negotiate my way out of having this useless pile of HTC pooh and getting something else.

  157. Anonymous says:

    Had mine for a month. I like all the toys, but problem is its useless as a phone. It is completely insensitve to signal and drops calls even though I am 400 metres from aerial pole. Battery lfe is rubbish , but its a good hand warmer. Its jsut going back to be repaired again but the repair company says it won’t make any difference. My Nokia E51 is nearly as ancient as me but works fine. So I will be getting on to the phione company to negotiate my way out of having this useless pile of HTC pooh and getting something else.

  158. I have the phone for 5 months and my screen doesn’t come on as soon as the light goes off!! I have tried putting it off and then on again but only the buttons lights come on and the screen stays blank! I love the phone just don’t know why it is doing this! Any advice please!!!

  159. I have the phone for 5 months and my screen doesn’t come on as soon as the light goes off!! I have tried putting it off and then on again but only the buttons lights come on and the screen stays blank! I love the phone just don’t know why it is doing this! Any advice please!!!

  160. I have the phone for 5 months and my screen doesn’t come on as soon as the light goes off!! I have tried putting it off and then on again but only the buttons lights come on and the screen stays blank! I love the phone just don’t know why it is doing this! Any advice please!!!

  161. hey i am sumit patidar . i have a htc wildfire . i buy this phone before 2 month . in this device many problem like app related,hangging slow speed in app’s opening . so please give me some suggestion me about this many problem’s my contact no. 9993259990

  162. Reno Scerri says:

    i have an HTC wildfire s and when i am taking photographs and aftre downloading them i am endind up with two to three photos of same image but in different sizes.

    How could i remove this function since i only want to shoot and download one image?

  163. I have had the HTC wildfire S for about 3 weeks now and lately the phone doesn’t seem to be getting incoming calls at all. I’ve tried ringing from my home phone,son and daughters phone and nothing works. I’ve also tried to find the problem in the settings but I don’t seem to find it.
    Please help and thanks.

  164. ive had nothing but problems with this phone for about 2 months with the signal because it keeps going every weekend and sometimes i have no signal all day so no one can get in touch with me.
    so im gonna take this back if any more problems

  165. Everytime I charge the HTC, while charging, the phone does not accept any commands, not even unlock, then the icons go into an epileptic fit, Shakink all over the place, and dont respond to any touch. I’ve this mobile 2.5 HOURS now!

  166. Everytime I charge the HTC, while charging, the phone does not accept any commands, not even unlock, then the icons go into an epileptic fit, Shakink all over the place, and dont respond to any touch. I’ve this mobile 2.5 HOURS now!

  167. I bought HTC Wildfire S about 4 months ago. The main problem of this phone is that you can’t use it for calling other people because it has always weak signal. So it drops very often the calls, even if you are in an open space where all the other people have full strength, with the same network operator. I use my SIM card to my old phone and the signal strength is at max level so definitely it is not a SIM card problem or either a Network operator problem. The other thing that is a bit of a problem is the battery life of this phone…It needs charge every day with the minimum of use (no playing games, no calling a lot and using from time to time Wi-Fi).

  168. Anonymous says:

    I just returned my second Wildfire S for a refund. My wife has a Wildfire which receives an excellent signal indoors. The 1st ‘S’ got half the signal, the 2nd slightly less. Both were on the same network. The last straw was no signal on mine for 24 hours whilst she had 4 bars. Rebooting brought a signal back. As a toy it was brilliant, as a phone it was useless..

  169. George Nassikas says:

    I got it for 4 months now and besides the occasional freezes and restarts on his own, now it doesn’t recognize my sd card (a 8Gb SanDisk). I tried everything I could do but the card seems it is “fried” I ve lost everything I had on it…
    Originally I thought that the card was faulty but since I have read so many posts with the same problem I really think that it’s the phones fault…

  170. Its absolutely awful. I hate it, but I’m stuck with it for another 10 months. Had it over a year and it seems to enjoy completely breaking down on me for long periods of time. at present I cant recieve any texts or use any apps because, even though I’ve deleted EVERYTHING it will let me delete, the memory is full. The people on the phone were not helpful at all either. I will never buy HTC again.

  171. Anonymous says:

    As a web browser, camera and voip phone it works fine and I’d give it 8/10. But as a phone? If you can tolerate it losing/changing settings by itself, freezing frequently, barely able to answer one call in three, tapping the screen with nothing happening, dialling out when scrolling to view numbers in memory, then by all means buy it. As a phone it’s useless and I’d give it 2/10 tops. DO NOT BUY! You get what you pay for unfortunately.


    1. D CHAMP says:


    2. Jade says:

      My HTC wildfire is a year old, if I try to use the camera: the phone goes off an reboot itself. If I try to use the camcorder: the phone goes off and reboot itself. Don’t even think about using mobile web. When I try to connect to the internet with maximum connectivity, web browsing is as slow as the slowest turtle on earth on a lazy contest on it’s slowest mode. Money out of the drain. This is almost a $600.00 phone. Will I ever use an HTC again? Well, I’l let you be the judge

  172. Corbin Rempel says:

    The clock on my HTC Wildfire doesnt even work.. it seems like as soon as the screen goes off the clock stops ticking.. seriously.. what kind of phone cant keep time (or at least reliably receive the correct time from a tower).. Besides that, it has only sync’d up with my computer once and I’ve been battling w that since.. cant even get it to read as an external disk drive.. this is all with only having had it for two/three days.. am worried to find out it is as bad as with everything else phone related, as per these comments…

  173. Jason Layton says:

    Today, I had to take my HTC Wildfire to my phone company, to get it sent off. I had an audio problem. I had an earpiece icon to the top of the screen that stayed on, and my phone company said they had never seen this happen to the HTC Wildfire before.

  174. Red_special_2000 says:

    I’m typing on this on my wildfire! Just! Awful, wish I never got it. It’s slow, freezes, my applications often just close down while in use, internet crashes, typing is extremely difficult as so unresponsive, it is now unable to delete and of my text messages so they are mounting up til I find the time to restore factory settings yet again! Zooming in on internet makes the screen jump around. Click one part of screen on internet often clicks something unintended elsewhere on the page. I cant phone anyone now because they can never hear me. When i click a set of messages in my inbox it then shows me some other random set of messages…. I could go on and on. Iv sent it for repair before, and to be honest, can’t be bothered to be left without a phone (however rubbish) for over a week yet again so I’m muddling through to the end of my contract then doing what I should have done in the first place, getting an iphone!

  175. Traceywin1968 says:

    I have had the Wildfire S for about 5 months now and within a couple of weeks found it wasn’t very good so got onto Orange who replaced it for me and now I think it’s great.  Ok, the screen isn’t that big but you see that when you buy it but I find it ok for browsing the internet, checking emails, checking facebook etc.  I would recommend this to anyone. 

  176. Minichocolategirl says:

    hi i have the HTC wildfire s for a few days now. and is the face book free im on prepaid so does it just take it out of my credit of is it free. thaks if it takes it out of my credit how to you take it off.

  177. Arnemonty says:


    have two brand new wildfires s phones. No problem with one to activate it but great trouble with the other to the effect that althoug I have properly inserted the sim card, also tried by an expert, I am always getting the failure report “plese insert sim card” althoughtg it is inserte in fact.

    Afraid have to send back mobile to the purchase to require a new one.

    May be you have any adivice before I return and claim my device.

    Thanks for your kind attention to this matter.

    Kind regards
    Arne Petersen from Hamburg 

  178. Cosmicconkers says:

    My HTC wildfire phone failed to upload a few of my pictures to Facebook and says it is still uploading it, though it hasn’t madeany progress in 24hours.I tried uploading other photos and they were successful how do I get did of the photos its trying to load and remove the icon?

  179. Neetu says:

    hi.. i m using htc wildfire s frm past 4 months.. for the 1st month my cell was working absolutely fine.. later i started to face problem wit music.. if i transfer a bulk of songs via bluetooth i m facing the below probs
    1: i cant view all the songs in music gallery
    2:i m unable to play few songs(mp3 format) stored in my memory card
    Apart frm this if  i keep pics or videos in my memory card for longer days the file gets corrupted.
    1st i felt it might b coz of virus but even after installing antivirus the same prob is repeating..

    guys pls help me out how to fix this prob..



  180. LittleLucas says:

    Awful awful phone, I hate it. I’m on a 24 month contract, and, 6 months in, ready to throw it at a wall.

    – It takes forever to send a text.
    – When you click on a text conversation, it will take a very long time to load; and then it won’t be the correct conversation, but one about 5 conversations down on the list- what is that about?!
    – If someone sends you a text, you can be waiting 5 minutes to actually view it- if it even bothers to inform you that you have one. 
    – You can’t select certain texts to delete; you either have to do them one by one, or all at once. I once tried to delete a conversation overnight; started when I went to bed, and it wasn’t done when I got up the next day and needed to use it.
    – It has a habit of hanging up on people for you. When you’re trying to talk to someone officially, this is really inconvenient- and your friends aren’t always fans of it either!
    – Can’t get the Blutooth to work.
    – It freezes.
    – It closes down applications.
    – The keypad can’t keep up with your fingers.

    It’s just a rubbish phone!! Going back to basics, don’t make the same mistake as I did!

    1. Nadia says:

      Are you holding the phone when you try to answer the call, if it’s on a table or in a car cradle it won’t unlock unless you’re touching it with the other hand or holding it, it’s a safety feature.

  181. philip brogden says:

    my htc wildfire will not turn back on? the mobile was running slow so i rebooted it by turning it off and then back on… now all im getting is a start up screen in white with htc quietly brillient on it….? ? now im going to have to get new phone….thanks htc……..

  182. Kate P says:

    I had the Wildfire as a contract upgrade and I hate it. !  I want to delete all the useless app icons on the home screen but despite following instructions that I found on another website, the icons refuse to disappear.  On the “Manage Applications” settings, the “uninstall” buttons are all greyed out so I can’t use them.  It is incredibly un-user-friendly.
    The phone is awful.  I had to go online to find a user manual as the “quickstart guide” that came with it only gives the most minimal information.
    I am very seriously considering putting it on ebay  . . .  but going by a lot of reviews that I have read, no-one will want it.  I’m putting it back into its box and I’m going back to using my lovely old LG clamshell  . . . . .

  183. connor says:

    Its all well and good everyone slagging off the wildfire. we know it has problems, what we need is a forum where we can find answers to these problems. not disgruntled users bitchin’ about them

  184. Sasidharmv says:

    I am using Wildfire.  After some time the stored phone nos. are not visible.  Why it is happening i don’t understand.  Anyone can help where the phone nos. are getting stored and why they were not visible and what is the solution?

  185. C_jotley says:

    We bought this phone for our daughter a week ago, the phone keeps freezing and says internal memory full she has deleted almost every app.. It does this at least twice a day any ideal how to fix this???

  186. Lmoan31 says:

    when i uploud songs or music on my htc  and see the tracks on my phone after that i dont find the songs or the music i uplouded why??????????? any one can help plzzzzzz

  187. scalyboy says:

    guys seriously! its all well your slagging off the phone but it comes with the saying…. you get what you paid for! if you want a decent smart phone your gunna have to pay some money! 

  188. C Whitwam says:

    well not had the phone 3 months yet and car mode comes on for no reason cant get rid of it had the phone wiped and within 6hrs its back on again, it has a mind of its own!! i was recommended this phone by a well known High St phone store and im stuck with it for 2 years, what a crap phone and that is being polite!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Reneerky says:

      Same here!  But, I’ve had other issues, as well & just had to take mine back for a new one due to an issue with the earpiece, which they said was water damage.  That’s BS!  I totally agree…it’s a piece of crap!  I was also told I had to wait 2 yrs. to change phones.  But, thank God I purchased the insurance.  The deductible was $100…can’t imagine how high it would have been if I hadn’t had the insurance coverage. 

  189. guest says:

    THE BIGGEST piece of crap i’ve ever had. Constantly freezes, cannot delete text messages, cannot even get off the lock screen sometimes! Can’t even send messages at the moment, DESPITE having full signal. WOULD NOT recommend this phone to anyone, i’d have got more use burning my money.

  190. Zorgh_beast says:

    This is the best phone I have ever owned. Easy to use, reliable, good size screen, everything works as it should. I have had this phone for over a year and it has never let me down. The signal is always strong and wifi / connect-ability excellent.
    I read through the negative reviews on this page and I am surprised at some of the comments. Support from HTC is excellent and I personally cannot fault it.
    If you are looking for a reasonably priced smart phone look no further – an excellent phone!!!!

    1. Shell says:

      I’ve had my HTC for over a year and it has been wonderful. A little slow at times n not fantastic on the web, but does what I need it to do. But recently it has been turning itself off. I don’t understand why? I charge it when it gets to 5% life, I treat it gently and if anything has been treated like a baby since I’ve had it. Yet now it turns off at the west times. I don’t know why. Has anyone else experienced this problem???

  191. LionKing says:

    The worst phone I have ever owned. The microphone stopped working after only 9 months use. HTC have attempted to fix the phone on five (yes five) occasions. I would not touch an HTC phone again – the customer service is a disaster!

    1. Reneerky says:

      I have just recently experienced this problem.  I got my phone in July of this year and have had nothing but problems since I bought the phone.  It randomly locks up & you cannot do anything without taking the battery completely out of the phone & bringing it back up.  Then yesterday, the ear microphone started working & I was told it had water damage.  It has never been in or near water.  I experienced the same “wonderful” service with the customer service dept. because luckily, I had purchased insurance.  It cost me $100 to have my phone replaced…that was the deductible.  I hate the phone & will never have another HTC once this contract is up!

  192. manu says:

    hts wildfire phone is a crazy phone… while talking to people it goes on hold and dials a random number from your list of contacts. …… it is very embarrassing and of course irritating… and talking on the phone on move is impossible….. all this is after locking the screen…please help.

  193. Burkinators says:

    This phone is great at one thing, driving me crazy. I prefer to work with my staff now as the cheap phones i have given them have better reception than mine and i can use theirs.  
    On the rare occasions i hear the phone ring (the volume goes up and down all the time) i try and get it out of my pocket and i lose the call. I now have the opportunity to call everyone straight back at my cost. I also have to be very careful what i say during the day as the bloody thing rings people at random. Another feature is it increases your monthly phone bill by a minimum of 50%.
    Score out of 10 would have to be a 10!
    HTC. Thankyou 🙂

  194. Jordy Walser says:

    My HTC sync on the computer doesnt recognise my HTC Wildfire. I says “No Device Connected” when there clearly is. I have tried uninstalling and re installing HTC Sync but still no luck. I also tried turning the phone off and on when its plugged in and tried turning the computer off when its comes up with “No Device Connected”.

    Any Ideas?!?!

    1. Lucymaund says:

      have you tried when you plug it in to your computer pulling down the notification banner and taping charge only a drop down menu will appear select disk drive and then your computer will recognise it

    2. Ivan says:

      I had this problem and think I had to switch on the USB debug mode on the phone to get it to work – can’t remember where the settings are though now – sorry

    3. Jade says:

      I have had the same problem. Here is what I did: on the main screen select setting, connect to my PC, click on default connection. you need to choose how you want to connect to your PC. Normally if you choose disc drive it should work. After that go back try HTC sync.

  195. Eao8989 says:

    I have had my htc wildfire for less than a month now. I got it as an upgrade through T-Mobile. Mind you, I’ve had my fair share of problems with T-Mobile in the past, but since getting this new phone, I’ve encountered a whole new breed of issues. Mainly with the third party facebook app. The main reason I have the facebook account in the first place is so I can upload pictures straight from my phone to facebook. However, this only works about 10% of the time. Most of the time I receive a message that says “Upload Failed”…for no reason. Everything should be working properly, because the few photos that have uploaded have done so without any issues. Also, I do not enjoy the fact that ALL of my facebook contacts automatically sync to my phone book, EVEN after I uncheck the “sync contacts” option; they still remain. To most, this might not seem like an issue worth complaining about, but my reasoning is this: Why have a “sync contacts” option that allows you to uncheck it if it’s not going to work?  Also, I have over 500 friends on facebook, in addition to the people that were already in my phone book. I’m not going to talk to that many people, nor do I have any desire to. It’s obnoxious to have to scroll through this many names to find the one you’re looking for when you want to make a call. I feel as though I would have been better off sticking with my old phone…This is the first smart phone I’ve had, and so far, it’s the dumbest phone I’ve had. Pretty confident it’s the service and not the phone though…It’s just disappointing, especially because of the issues with the facebook app. If anyone has any solutions, please share! Thanks.

  196. DS says:

    The incredible feature this phone possesses is its uncanny ability to choose for ‘itself’ when it would like to browse the internet. It also likes to take a peek at the android market when the mood takes it. It is dismissive of the impact that this has on my bills and I wonder whether or not it has a separate contract with O2… The rise of the machines? or simply a terrible piece of erratically behaving technology designed to force the consumer to invest in some other piece of potential landfill. 

  197. Reneerky says:

    Is there anyone you can actually contact to complain about the faults with this phone?  The phone company I have it with locally is no help.  Just wondering!

  198. Rachel says:

    Worst phone I have ever owned. Might as well use two yoghurt pots and piece of string if you want to call me. Poor reception is my main gripe …. In the last seven days I have missed two important phone calls which have caused problems and distress .

  199. Stewiemc says:

    The phone is next to useless as a phone. The reception in our house in the city is only 2 bars when all other mobiles show full strength. Absolutely  worthless in rural areas in Australia. Very disappointing

  200. Shanef90 says:

    ive had this phone for a month now and its already junk. at first it was really fast and good but now it takes like a min to juss unlock the screen and my apps like to open themselves and my keyboards typing things without me touvhing it.ex.(press w and get eq) like wtf? it refuses to hang up from phone calls. makes me want to smash it everyday… who can help?

  201. This just happened within the last hour and I’m not sure if it will fix itself or not, but I always have service at my house, I mean every part of my house..Right now, my HTC Wildfire S does not have any reception at all in my house. It has the little X by the signal lines, it went away once, but I didn’t have any bars. Also, the memory sucks. I had to unsync my Facebook profile to my contacts because it was using up so much memory. I just got this phone at the beginning of November, and it’s already a piece of crap. Great first HTC phone. -_-

  202. This just happened within the last hour and I’m not sure if it will fix itself or not, but I always have service at my house, I mean every part of my house..Right now, my HTC Wildfire S does not have any reception at all in my house. It has the little X by the signal lines, it went away once, but I didn’t have any bars. Also, the memory sucks. I had to unsync my Facebook profile to my contacts because it was using up so much memory. I just got this phone at the beginning of November, and it’s already a piece of crap. Great first HTC phone. -_-

  203. Kelseybd says:

    My HTC Wildfire is not letting me type. When you click the bottom to text back, My keyboard isnt popping up. This has been doing this for a day and a half now. I have no clue why it’s doing this, but it is. My friends are probably getting mad at me for not texting back. I NEED help with this. I NEED to fix this problem. Please Help.

  204. Al says:

    It’s not tooo bad, but I have said some foul things to it a couple of times. I hate that I have to constantly clear data for more internal memory, and I think it’s ridiculous that I have to plug in my phone to my pc in order to be able to use my mp3’s (that are already on my phone) as a text message notification. I mean, c’mon really? The songs already there, why can’t I simply assign it?

  205. Anonymous says:

    Ok how about this. new phone 1week. you cannot send pictures. You cannot receive pictures at all. Then a voicemail that says GRN44 the you dialed is not in your area. However this voicemail is worth less cause i havent called anyone or no one has called me hmmmmmmmmmm. To small of a phone i mean really

  206. Nicki says:

    I had my htc wildfire phone for all of 30 days, it was locking up and I had very poor signal with it, then the day before Christmas it was freezing while i was trying to dial a number and the screen just went crack where my finger touched it. took back to O2 shop and I’ve been told it will cost 148 pounds to fix phone as its not covered under warranty. apparently it is classed as customer abuse. even though i had a cover on it to protect it. would never touch this phone again as i just cant afford another 150 for new phone and i think they’re crap!!

  207. Tracy says:

    every so often my phone lights up as if i have just had a message but there is no message does anyone else have this problem and if so how can i stop it

  208. Tracy says:

    every so often my phone lights up as if i have just had a message but there is no message does anyone else have this problem and if so how can i stop it

  209. Kikx says:

    ive had htc wildfire for almost a year and it started great but no the battery dont hold its charge, screen locks/freezes, it suddenly restarts itself and as if that aint enuff the 4 buttons at the bottom of the screen light up randomly its driving me crazy gggrrrrr!!! :S

      1. Kayla Weir says:

        Any one know how to get make my ringtone work it stopped working and only vibrates when receiving an incoming call, plus my loudspeaker has stopped working too. The phone also freezes i have to restart the phone in order for the touch screen to work again.

    1. GJ54 says:

      In NZ.   Likewise – screen went after 7 months – sent it back to Singapore to HTC and still haven’t got it back yet – they are the worst company to deal with. Do not buy a Wildfire :-( 

  210. Amcclfc5 says:


    1. Liz Bennett says:

      Sent my Wildfire back to HTC after it got stuck in a start up loop-they sent it back with loads of water bubbles under the screen and said I had water damaged it! WORST CUSTOMER SERVICES EVER. Will keep fighting them, thinking of contacting “Rip Off Briton” or “Watchdog”.

      1. Mcoveney says:

        my HTC is stuck in the start up loop,so im going back to vodafone on monday,and my HTC about 8 months.if i had known there was problems with this phone i would not of got it (the phone cost me £120).should of got an iphone.

  211. Akh1200s says:

    Don’t buy an HTC.  One problem after another.  And I’m on a three year plan….three months into the plan.  I’ve had several problems.  From left side of screen not working to memory issues, battery sucks, bad reception….  I feel like a sucker for buying it.

  212. al says:

    i have had to put up with this phone for a year and a half and getting a new phone today… yep eeee
    i have lost so much time and money with lost calls ( poor signal) each time a call comes in the phone will not connect  have down loaded an app for an easy answer which sorted out the problem but now when answering a call the signal dies … so annoying
    also the music player never worked 
    please don’t spend any money on a htc phone 

  213. RobinRT says:

    I have had the HTC Wildfire for a few months now and I have had nothing but problems. It freezes up constantly and I hardly use any apps at all. Then,  it just keeps switching screens all by itself and worst of all it just starts re-dialing my last calls. It is so embarrassing.  Then it freezes and I can’t turn the call off. I have taken this phone in and they take the battery out and mess with it and the problems never stop. Regret buying this phone.

  214. Narna26 says:

    I have had my HTC Wildfire for a while now and I have loved it…..Until recently.
    Every now and then when I make/Receive calls the people on the other end cannot hear me although I hear them fine ….I have been trying to figure out why for weeks now.
    Ive even reset the phone to its factory settings and its still doing it? Does anyone know what may be wrong and how to fix it? Thankyou.

    1. Np0109 says:

      my wildefire s wont let me call or receive calls (well it has sometimes, but the majority of the time it wont let me) and it has also done the same thing as yours. i couldnt hear people, but they could hear me, or the opposite.

      it has also done stuff like:
      not let me into folders.
      made the background go completely black
      wont let me switch it off

      if anyoneknows how to fix any of these problems i will be very grateful.

  215. adele18 says:

    I did a system restore on my htc wilfire s about two hours ago and the phone still isn’t turning on, i’ve tried everything. Can anyone help?

    1. Del says:

      I also did a system restore and it didn’t work so I took mine back to the  vodafone shop I got it from and had it sent away. They put the latest software on it and fixed the fault it’s behaving much better now. It was driving me mad as it was very slow, sending txts to the wrong people and the battery life was awful. The phone is guaranteed for the life of your contract or for 1 year if on pay and go. Take it back to the shop, it’s worth a try. Del 

  216. Deluded Monk says:

    HTC Wildfire has got to be the worst phone i’ve ever had.  It mis-identifies calls – will tell me one friend is calling, when in fact it some one else.  This can be very arkward at times.  My phone also has a habit of not ringing – this has nothing to do with being in silent mode or not.  This is a totally random thing and all that happens is the screen lights up.  The phone will also just turn it’s self off and on again for no reason. When it is behaving and not doing the above tricks, it is sooooooo sloooooooow – sometimes takes 5 or 6 swipes to get to another screen.

  217. Ozric Boy says:

    I’ve had my Wildfire S for about 6 months now and absolutely detest it.
    Problems I have encountered include shockingly bad battery life, a touchscreen that, at times, I have to tap quite hard to get the thing to work. I’ve had problems with low internal memory and have moved every available thing to the SD card. This memory problem still occurs even though I’ve only got about 15 photos and no music on it….I find that apps just make the problems worse so I have deleted everything I can. Internet is so slow so I don’t use it.
    Qwerty keyboard is tiny for my hands (even when used sideways) and I’m a bloke who has small hands…..
    This evening (10th Feb) was the closest I have come to smashing it up….so basically, as I’m on a contract, I’ll be speaking to my provider after the weekend to see what they can do about this as they were the ones that talked me into this when my old contract ran out….this is a pain in the arse as I’m paying £22 per month for this pile of crap…..I wish my old Nokia Express was still a going concern…..
    Hate it, hate it, hate it !!!

  218. Akire0212 says:

    Woww. I thought I’m alone with my problem :(.
    I hate this HTC wilde fire! I have it for 7 month and I’m so upset! Nothig works as it should and there is nothing to do. I’m on 3 year contract :(. I wish we all had enough power to go to court with this issue.

    1. January says:

      Same here, i have had my Wildfire for a little over a year. Athough it meets my needs most of the time, the screen constantly freezes. The batery life is low when you use it constantly. I think its more a womans phone than a mans

      1. January says:

        Oh and i forgot to mention that most of the time i cannot take calls because of the frozen screen, hence me having to ring people back. Im amazed at the amount of negative feedback

  219. Helencross280 says:

    ive had my htc wildfire s for nearly month and ive had so much problems with it i would advice people not to get one i wish i never got it now the battery life is rubbish and it keeps frezzing cutting out on calls and resetting its self 

  220. Angelafelipe64 says:

    It costs so much and after few days of using it is terrible!! I’m going to return this, much better to use a simple Nokia that works better for a year or so.

  221. Lyn says:

    I am currently using my second HTC Wildfire after having the first one replaced by my provider.  The second one has developed the same fault as the first ie, the touch screen becomes unresponsive.  For example sometimes if I make a call, once finished I am unable to disconnect.  Texting has become a nightmare.  I can text a whole sentence and it won’t appear on the screen for approximately 10 seconds.  I will not be getting this model again!!!

  222. Dasnolonger says:

    It’s a cheap phone.You get what you pay for.Bought my Wildfire for AU$180 about 6 months ago. .ok first few months but now internet goes into forced close all the time, calls freeze, battery life is crap. .Will spend more $ next update & get something better, not HTC though.

  223. Manojkumar says:

    Hi all,I have bought my HTC wildfire 5 months ago.Recently i have activated data plan for internet. Problem with my HTC wildfire is that whenever i switch on internet on my wildfire i am unable to receive any incoming calls or SMS. Whenever people try to call me service providers IVR comes about user is unavilable. I have checked with HTC Hotline,they are asking me to put other provider sim card or new sim card(i have not tried yet) and service provider is asking me SIM card is working fine check with ur handset. My sim card is 8 years old but i really feel SIM Card is not the issue,than what can be the issue? I doubt on my handset the way it is going slow and sluggish after froyo update. . If any have the same problem,Please can you help with the solution or suggestion if any. 

  224. Fedup says:

    The HTC wildfire appeared OK at first. Then, the sat nav went intermittent, the updates bundled with aps you don’t want and cant get rid of. My advice get an iphone!

  225. Mamik Passi says:


    1. Tprice says:

      Well pleased yours is ok, but these things are not fake. got my wife one and now I can’t take the moaning anymore – it just won’t boot up – screen freezes and no buttons work

    1. Jade says:

      The screen on my 8 months old HTC wildfire freezes so badly at a time I had to abandon it on the bottom draw of my desk f f or 2 weeks. I decided that I was not going to pay a dime to fix that almost $600.00 phone( I came not to believe on those extended two years ripoff contract). Magically at the end of the two weeks I picked up the phone et voila. Everything worked perfectly until the camcorder and the camera decide to reboot the phone every time I try to use them. Moral of the story: My last ever HTC.

  226. Charleyy says:

    My HTC wildfire S charger keeps playing up i have to charge it everday and yesterday i charged it through my pc then the next day it wouldnt charge that way so i tryed the plug in charger, and it worked, and today neither of them are working great phone but bad Charger

  227. Craigj says:

    After 18 months my Wildfire has finaly died, It was great to start with but started having problems with the internet freezing and i ran out of internal memory. Then it started crashing and turning itself off and back on, then just off and yesterday it turned itself off after a full charge and will not turn on. im returning it to virginmedia tomorrow and hope ill get a new phone! 

  228. Jess says:

    My HTC Wildfire has been great for ages, but then recently it started to become sluggish and have minor issues. Then the most annoying thing:- when in ‘messages’ screen you click on the name of one person, it takes ages to load up and invariably loads the messages from a different person!! Thankfully I know to check now but this really puts me off texting with this phone as it takes too long! Unfortunately I have to live with it for another 7 months yet.

  229. Maccyq says:

    My phone has been fine for just over a year. However, I have recently started experiencing some issues with its memory – I’m forever being told that the phone is out of memory! I switch off and on (which takes an eternity) and it’s fine again. The battery life is pathetic and does not last me a day – even with no web usage. Finally, my biggest issue is when messaging people. In the “Messages” screen, I tap on my contact’s message and I am presented (after a lengthy load up) with the message from a completely different contact! So irritating!!

  230. Inkdrop says:

    I’ve had the HTC Wildfire S for about five months now. I loved it at first, but a couple months after I bought it I’ve encountered problem after problem. I’ve had it restarted on me a few times now, the screen goes black, the button on the top to turn the phone on and access the phone itself doesn’t always work, so I have to push it multiple times to even get the unlock screen to come up. Almost every day I get at least five SMS errors. It has the worst battery life I’ve ever had in a phone, have to charge it two or three times a day. The memory is pathetic, every couple weeks I have to clean out my phone of almost any extra data to receive messages. Lately, it has had this glitch where I won’t receive messages from people for hours after they send them. They’ll receive my texts fine, but I can’t get theirs. Screen goes black daily, apps are slow, some never even come up after 20 minutes of loading. Unresponsive screen, I have to lock my phone and unlock it to get out of the phone page after placing or receiving a call, when i text the text itself does not always show up and I have to go back to the homepage and start over, when I’m texting it will sometimes scroll all the way to the top of a conversation, it has umped itself to the delete page and I have to spend a minute backing out of the multiple screens it automatically loaded because the home shortcut icon won’t work, it has changed the numbers to my contacts in my address book, it drops calls left and right… My old phone did not give me nearly this much trouble, and here I thought a $150 phone would be considered an upgrade.

  231. Dd says:

    I had problems with my wildfire about 8 months into my 2 year contract.  It froze and then on re-start it got stuck in a loop.  It went back to 3 to remedy, and 2 weeks later the phone worked again.  But then shortly after the phone started switching itself off randomly and continues to do so, even when the battery is nearly full.  So…back to 3 it goes to fix I guess. Reading the rest of the comments on here i feel lucky I’ve only had these few problems so far!  Disappointing because i like the phone when it works.

  232. wildfire owner says:

    I bought my wildfire to replace the desire that I had on contract but thanks to my crappy insurance couldn’t be replaced when it was damaged. So I bought the wildfire as it was fairly cheap and looked ok. To start with I absolutely HATED it, as it was completely unresponsive touch screen wise and nothing worked. However, after a few months an update was installed and so it worked!!! it finally worked!!! Woo. But that joy was shortlived because it’s a fairly crappy phone. I mean for the price I guess it’s ok, but I dislike it. I dislike it because the screen just goes black sometimes, the battery isn’t flat and it would be working fine a few minutes before but then you take it out of your pocket and it doesn’t “wake-up”, it has to be switched off and on again. Also, it has the worst reception of any phone I have ever owned, I lose signal all the time with this, even when everyone else on the same network has signal. If you have a budget and you want a phone that does all the good stuff then it’s a good option, but if you have more money to spend or you are on a contract and they’re offering other phones, I would take a good look at your other options

  233. Clewis33 says:

    We have had no end of problems as the phone does random acts. Without touching anything, it goes to web, phonebook, calls people etc.  Right nighmare and very annoying.  Would not recommend

  234. Marytuck says:

    HTC wildfire is terrible…Short battery life….cannot always connect to facebook, keeps shutting off when I am on a call even though I am not pressing any buttons, makes calls on it’s own when I am talking to someone, slow to change pages, have to tap very hard on the screen to get to where you want. and many, many more problems…..I have to pay 15+ per month for this piece of shit….I’m on to T Mobile tomorrow who persuaded me to go in to a budget contract with them…

    1. lynnette says:

      That is exactly what mine is doing right now,I thought it may be the problem of too many messages stored or too many apps stored. apparently not, ive cleaned out the whole phone. still got the problems :/

  235. proudy says:

    tomorrow the 8th of may will be the 2nd time my not so smart phone will be going back to fix the same problem,(wont connect to internet). the reason for this i was told was the fact that i haven’t updated when requested. my wife by the way who has the same phone and hasn’t updated her apps. her phone is running very well. so when i get it back again or not, it might be replacement. we shall see. i will post an up date when i get some sort of result.

  236. Gualsa says:

    My first HTC Wildfire lasted a week as it developed software problems. The option from locked screen disappeared so it would not reject a call, only answer it and snooze option at alarm clock also gone so they changed it to an HTC Wildfire S. This phone has lasted 3 months and now has exactly the same problem plus as others mentioned the screen sometimes goes black and wont turn back on again. Other times the screen comes on when its not been touched which is spooky. I am taking it in to the shop but am not hopeful…

  237. Lgpittard says:

    As nearly every comment I’ve read so far battery the life is  useless as is mine .  
    I have purchased a higher capasity battery that has eliminated that problem to a livable degree.
    Now the rotten thing will not hold reception , It keeps dropping in & out.    I give up

  238. Elananicolson says:

    My HTC Wildfire keeps cutting off my calls. 
    I have sent my phone in 4 times already, to fix the same problem.  This last time they supposedly did a rebuild of the whole phone.  I got the phone back and the first call that I received it cut off.  Problem not fixed, where do i go from here?  I have been negotiating with them for months now, and I have not even had my phone a year.  They are not sorting out the problem and refuse to give me a new phone.

  239. Your Virtual Organiser says:

    What a relief- I thought it was me and that my smart phone was just cleverer than I am. Having upgraded from my steady, reliable Nokia 6110 Navigator to an HTC Widlfre at my daughter’s persuading – I wish I’d never bothered or had taken the plunge and gone for an I-Phone. It is unpredicatable, unreliable, frustrating and has a mind of it’s own (not an especially smart one either) whenever it feels like it. I echo ALL the problems listed below and will be taking it back to the shop tomorrow. I may even be downggrading!

  240. darkkrim says:

    I bought my HTC In March and I did notice minor bugs like it wont continue to ring, black screen, and a few others but not I’m experiencing that I’m not getting any data connection at all. When clearly I have a full signal. I’m going to get a new phone asap.

  241. Thewaznots says:

    I have had a Wildfire S for 4 months.  The ringtone volumes are too quiet, it changes personalisation of its own accord and now freezes up regularly.  It is often slow responding and when it opens the programme the screen is black. Poor battery life, drops out even though I have a good signal. When I get any problems it loses programmes I have downloaded.

  242. Achilles2950 says:

    I lose signal when on a call and can’t answer my call waiting…. I want to get a new phone but am still paying for it..

  243. Brwneyesweetie says:

    My husband and I have just gotten our HTC Wildfire S and we have only had them 15 days, The first day i got it mine restarted by itself and it said system crash, my third line on our plan also the same phone has done it non stop. Then yesterday all three phones at the same time restarted. I called them and they said they would replace it just bring it back to the store. Well They want me to have the box it came in and everything with it. There aint nothing wrong with the box its the phone and so we cant replace them because we dont have the boxes they came in. The person on the phone tried to tell us that since we have low memory that is why our phones keep restarting. thats just bull crap i think because it should not say system crash if something wasnt wrong with the phones.

  244. WORSE PHONE EVER says:

    Everything about this phone just plain out sucks! This phone does not get my emails. It is my second phone in 2 months. It crashed just after 30 days. It has no memory. It calls back people all the time then you cant hang up. I would never recommend this phone to anyone ever. It is truly the worst phone made.

  245. bobi says:

    i got my wildfire s last sept, and just recently it has started saying insufficient storage, i have uninstalled so much that i only have facebook running and i still get the message!! it deleted my 200 photos and i thought that may help, i know only have 20 photos on there and it still says the same!! may look for cheap 2nd hand phone to put sim card in for the rest of my contract!

  246. Boobahs says:

    Utter crap,i have had nothing but problems with this phone and the customer service from HTC.
     I have sent it back twice,the first time was a catalogue of errors leaving me very frustrated but hopeful the phone would work,i ended up sending it back again and ended up with a a new emei number but still the phone didn’t work so i emailed them again last week.
    I told them i was sending it back and wanted a new phone because they couldn’t fix it,the staff clearly don’t read emails properly and have ended up wrangling with an operative and have eventually asked to be passed to someone superior.
     They are now claiming to have no record of my previous repairs so basically accusing me of trying to pull a fast one!
    I find it very convenient they now have no record of me…i guess they’ll keep fobbing me off in the hopes of getting rid of me-so take my advice NEVER buy a HTC phone,they are crap (i have spoken to many who have different models too and they have faults) and so is their customer service!

    1. Cvivier says:

      I have had exactly tha same problems with htc wildfire s. Currently arranging 3rd repair. Customer service poor. I am having to contain myself from throwing the phone out the window!!

  247. Vlthorp says:

    I used to be able to press and hold on a picture on FB and it gave me options to save to my photo gallery. Whats happened and how do i get it back?

  248. J Williams says:

    This is the absolute worst phone I’ve ever bought. A couple days after I got the phone, error messages have been coming up saying I have low memory. At the time I only had 3 apps and a few pics. Now I have no apps, pics, and little text messages because I had to delete them for more space. I can’t even move anything to my SD card because that option isn’t highlighted for me to do so. I can’t even go on the Web because of the memory. DO NOT GET THIS PHONE!!!

  249. Schalkgeel8 says:

    my batery of my htc after charging it overnight last about 1.5 hours then it is flat again this really is making me upset i cant take it any where any more this phone is 4 months old please can someone advise me 

  250. Guest says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT GET THIS PHONE. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. I’ll list the problems I have with it:

    1- When opening a conversation, an entirely different conversation will open.
    2- The battery lasts for a few hours when doing ANYTHING for any length of time. If you’re planning on texting someone on a long journey, don’t back on having any battery left for the return journey.
    3- Deleting conversations, or even individual texts for that matter, takes an age. When deleting conversations with anything more than 5 texts in will result in the phone crashing.
    4- When the phone crashes, it’s very prone to not gathering the date/time (so it’s 00:00 on 06/01/1980), won’t let you text (but will let you call), won’t update your Twitter/Facebook feeds (but will gather the weather info).
    5- The basic Facebook app is slow as hell, don’t expect to update your status for at least 2 minutes after you’ve opened the app. And, the Facebook for Android app is a big file so slows the phone down even more.
    6- In the gallery, opening My Videos for instance, might end up with you checking out your downloaded photos.
    7- It is woefully slow to load after being turned on.
    8- It is sometimes woefully slow following your typing because     y   o   u     w   i   l   l    b   e   t   y   p  i   n   g    b   u   t    n   o   t   h   i   n   g    w   i   l   l    s   h   o   w    andtheneverythingwillshowupatoncewithnumerousmistakesinitwhichthephonesautocorrectfailtopickup.
    9- For a 5mgp camera, it’s poor. it takes an age to take the photo and movement of anything more and 0.0000000000000128492 metres will result in a blurry photo.
    10- ANY movement on during filming will result in a blurry video.
    11- Anything over a whisper furing filming results in distortion.
    12- The signal bars will often be full, but you won’t have signal.
    13- Once you actually send a message, it takes forever to actually go through.

    I’m sure there are more but I can’t think of them.
    I say again, please don’t make the same mistake I did. When you’re looking at that HTC wondering whether to get it or not, pick up the one next to it even if it;s a brick from the 90’s.
    This doesn’t just apply to this model, my brother has the Sensation and he finds that as infuriating as I find mine.

    Good luck

  251. J Horne says:

    I have had this phone for nearlly 2 years now and the main problem is the battery, it would go upto 100% and within 10 minutes the phone would nearlly be dead, also it does not charge all of the time when connected to the charger. It does not always play movies for apps like ‘YouTube’ or the internet, is anyone else having these problems?

  252. anon says:

    I don’t find the phone all that bad, I had a similar HTC only slightly bigger but unfortunately put it in the washing machine so I replaced it with the wildfire. I am slightly disappointed, I’ve had it for around 6 months. It does some weird things like not allowing me to turn off the alarm in the mornings, I had to restart it this morn to get it to shut up. Also it puts itself on airplane mode randomly. Sadly the speaker has also screwed up so the sound when playing music is crackley. It functions fine as a phone though, I am in no hurry to change it but then I remember phones back in the day when you used them to call and text that is all. I guess if you want to browse the web get a computer, if you want to listen to music buy a stereo. I don’t believe you can have one device that does it all well. Jack of all trades, master of none!

  253. stclair4 says:

    my phone just stopped working all together! The screen shows only the white background with HTC highlited in green. Then after an hour or so of that my wallpaper appears but screen won’t budge?? WTH?? phone is only 4 months and kept in an otter box the entire time?? Very over this P.O.S service and phone!!

  254. rocketboy says:

    my wildfire s worked fine a few monts but now the memory keeps getting full and the button to turn the volume down doesn’t work anymore

  255. sid says:

    It’s been a little over an year since i bought my Wildfire S and suddenly the touch just freezes. So i end up with a full touch phone with no touch. Or if it doesn’t freeze completely when texting the backspace or the back button or space or a row of characters freezes so that u have to wait till the next time it feels like working to finish ur msg.

  256. hinna aziz says:

    iv had this phone for a week and its already messed up. my 6500 lasted longer. my text swap, its sooooooooo slow and the reception is really bad. so no i wouldnt recomend this phone to anybody!

  257. Stevies58 says:

    Suddenly stopped getting network access. Everything else seems to be working ok including internet access. It doesn’t appear to be the SIM as I’ve tried it in another mobile and it works fine including network access. Any ideas?

  258. My htc wildfire is the worst phone I have ever had.It constantly runs out of memory. I cannot add any apps due to the memory shortage.It freezes and the battery life is aweful.I will never buy another htc again.It’s just pathetic !!!

  259. Nicky says:

    Mine randomnly calls numbers from contacts when I am not even near the phone. Keypad doesn’t show up often. websites I’m on will stop and be replaced by the google search bar. Deleted messages will show up in messages. Phone continually hangs up when I’m on calls. Contacts dissapear. Calls go dead you are still connexted but cant hear anything. The worst phone ive had since mobiles came came into existence.

  260. Dashi says:

    I hate this phone. It is driving me crazy! The ring pull lock is awful. I miss so many calls. Battery life is terrible. Hard to end calls at the moment too. V frustrating phone! Avoid at all costs

  261. blaine says:

    this phone sucks so bad ._. i hate it so much ugh
    it takes like 10 mins to turn on…takes ages to select a message, installs random spam apps onto my phone WTF UGH

  262. scotty 26 says:

    my htc wildfire has a mind of its own most of the time it wont unlock on the screen and when it does it phones random people then it wont end call it phones people while im already on the phone its like a ghost is using it while its in my hand.cant connect to pc iv tried everything that others have reccomended this phone will be in bits soon and im only 3 wks into a 2 yr contract

  263. pradep says:

    I am using wildfire from 3 years,but i am facing big problems with the battery. Phone doesnt get charged to 100%. Max it will charge to 50% and it doesnt long for much time. within hours it will be fully drained to 1% or 2%.Please suggest what i can do with this problem,??? how much will be the cost of battery if i want to change it??

  264. Rajveer Shekhawat says:

    I have HTC wildfire with problem with its on/off switch which does not help to activate the phone easily while I wish to use the phone. Also its earphone/mic socket has become faulty as the jack does not sit properly. Any help? is it the frequent problem with it.

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