iPhone 4 Antenna Problem Solver Case for Free

The obvious problem with the iPhone 4 and its external antenna still continues with Apple still not solving the problem and still not offering a free bumper case as compensation to iPhone 4 users until they get their fingers out and solve the issue.

However, according to Jesus Diaz of Gizmodo, although Apple won’t step up to the mark and give iPhone 4 owners a free case even though it’s their problem in the first place, someone else is willing to offer iPhone 4 users who are experiencing the antenna problem a free case.

The company stepping up to the mark to help out iPhone 4 customers is cases.com, who apparently will supply a silicone case for your iPhone 4 in colour choices of black, white, purple, blue, rose, and the LifeGrip silicone based case can be yours for just the shipping price.

Apparently you can pre-order your case which is due to begin shipping tomorrow the 8th of July and will be available worldwide. Naturally like us, Gizmodo is just passing on the info and do not endorse the product or have any relationship with cases.com. So if you go this route and get a free case for your iPhone 4 feel free to let us know how you get on by dropping us a comment.

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