iPhone 4 Supply to Dealers Staggered by O2 UK

If you are going through an O2 UK dealer or indirect channel partner of O2 for your shiny new, almost working iPhone 4, you may still have a little wait on your hands as apparently O2 UK is staggering supplies of the iPhone 4 to dealers.

According to an article over on Mobile Today, this iPhone 4 staggering by O2 may mean some will not get access to the latest Apple device until later in the month. O2 UK head of partners Maggie Kennedy apparently had a web conference with dealers on the 21st of June informing them how iPhone 4 stock will be allocated.

Apparently priority access to the iPhone 4 has been given to firms involved in O2’s Centre of Excellence program, which means other partners are still awaiting stock.

A spokesperson for O2 UK has stated “O2 recently held online briefings for its partners to share our new approach to data pricing and the thinking behind it. We outlined our intention to build compelling tariffs that would give a great experience for all our customers. Across all channels we have made the very popular iPhone 4 available to existing customers first, as we believe this is the fairest approach. In the same way, we gave priority to our existing Centre of Excellence partners as they have the majority of existing iPhone customers.”

Apparently a source has commented that O2 said stock was going to be tight but it’s not just O2, other networks also have to be careful with their iPhone 4 stock.


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  1. jon says:

    seems folk in shropshire think 350 plus too expensive for boxed new i phone 4 32gb frankly what really tight folk shropshire unblocked sim free 375 come on in box 1 yr warranty headphones 2 batteries please please are you tight or what

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