HTC EVO 4G Gets Qik Fix

The HTC EVO 4G smartphone is a popular device which delivers two-way video chat vie the Qik application, in fact the HTC EVO 4G was so popular a device that Qik’s servers overloaded by 20 times its usual load which resulted in problems with the HTC EVO 4G Qik video chat such as dropped connections, poor video quality and spotty service.

However all that is now a thing of the past as according to an article over on Softpedia by Cosmin Vasile, Qik has now fixed all the issues and is now able to deliver to the HTC EVO 4G a smooth video chat experience.

With version 3.54 of the Qik app for the HTC EVO 4G connectivity problems have been resolved, SMS verification is no longer necessary, video chat are not auto-archived for playback, and better performance in low network conditions.

As for video chat auto-archive for playback, Qik say they will be adding additional user controls for this “much requested” feature in future releases.

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