Nokia Releases Official Statement over Murtazin and N8

Yesterday I posted an article concerning the Nokia N8 and Eldar Murtazin and that Nokia had sent in the Russian police to retrieve the Nokia N8 prototype, you can read that particular article (here) well Nokia has now released an official statement on the matter.

The guys over at Daily Mobile have the full official Nokia statement by way of Nokia Conversations, which is quite long and I won’t copy and paste it here but here are a few of the highlights of their official statement…

Apparently a few weeks ago Nokia formally asked Murtazin to return “all unauthorised Nokia property” and apparently Eldar Murtazin “declined to respond,” thus Nokia contacted the Russian authorities to assist in the return of their gear.

As for said Nokia legal action being taken due to Murtazin’s criticisms of Nokia, they say they take “all matters relating to the security of its products, confidential and proprietary information and intellectual property very seriously.”

Nokia confirms they have no issue with anyone voicing their opinions on Nokia and its products, but take the protection of their intellectual property very seriously.

Nokia also confirms that this is in no way an attack on bloggers or anyone who gives critical reviews of their devices. As for the reports of Nokia asking for Mobile-review to be such down, which is not the case and have now left it with the “Russian authorities to determine the appropriate course of action.”


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  1. Bob Bell says:

    Nokia supply a program Nokia Suite which synchronises the phone with the laptop, however after doing the sync with my laptop I lost my phone (which was my fault) and thought ok I'll retrieve all my contacts from my computer back up. Not so, another Nokia compatible device must be connected to allow transfer of data from laptop to phone which has resulted in me refusing to buy another Nokia product. I suppose it's just me being annoyed yet why supply all that detail only to find the data isn't available to download to another type of phone.

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