Fring for iPhone 4 Update delivers Video Calling Over 3G

As you know using video calling via FaceTime on your iPhone 4 is currently restricted to WiFi as well as only allowing video calling from one iPhone 4 to another, so what if you have friends who use another device other than the iPhone 4?

Well according to an article by Chris Ziegler of Engadget, what you do is download the new Fring for iPhone 4 update which apparently now enabled video calling on your iPhone over 3G.

Yes folks Fring has now pushed out a new version of their iPhone application that will lift the WiFi restriction and enable you to video chat over a 3G connection, and according to Fring, the iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 restriction will no longer apply as well.

Apparently the new Fring for iPhone 4 app allows the user to face to face video call with Droid handsets such as the HTC EVO 4G, other iPhones and Nokia Symbian S60 devices…Fring face to face video for your enjoyment below…sweet!

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