iPhone 4 Bumper Case Drop Test Video

As you are probably aware, Apple is pushing their $30 Bumper Case and a good way of protecting your iPhone 4 as well as solving the device’s antenna problem, but just how much protection does the iPhone 4 Bumper case offer?

Well that question has been put to the test by the guys over at iFixyouri in the form of the iPhone 4 Bumper case Drop Test video, and said video comes our way courtesy of Arnold Kim over at Macrumors.

The video which can be viewed below and lasts almost a minute and a half, shows how little protection is offered by using a bumper case on your iPhone 4. They guys dropped the iPhone 4 with bumper case attached from a “natural standing height” onto concrete.

They dropped the device three times; the same number of drops recently performed on an unprotected iPhone 4 and the results of those drops can be viewed by hitting up the video below.

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