iPhone 4 Catches Fire Due to Defective USB Port

Well here’s a first for the latest mobile tech from Apple, apparently an iPhone 4 burst into flames and burn the owner hand, after which the owner took the device to a store to se if they could help with it, although the device was beyond repair.

According to Boy Genius of the BGR, one of their AT&T sources sent them images of the burned out iPhone 4 which apparently lit up in flames while connected to a computer via the supplied Apple USB cable. The owner naturally wanted the device exchanged but apparently the Big Blue store was out of stock of the iPhone 4.

According to their source the iPhone 4 bezel was “extremely hot” and burned the owners hand, the iPhone 4 USB port was melted a little while the actual cable was severely melted.

Apparently an Apple store confirmed to the AT&T source that the cause appeared to be a defective USB port rather than some kind of user error. Anyone else experiencing heat issues with their iPhone 4 when connected to a computer?

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