Trillian for Android App On Its Way

There are quite a few instant messaging applications for the Android platform, and most users have their own preference, but a new one is heading Android way in the form of Trillian for Android which apparently is due in a “couple of weeks.”

According to an article by Kellex over on Droid-life, by way of the Trillian Blogs, Trillian for Android will feature such things as…the ability to connect to Facebook Chat, Google Talk, Windows Live, MySpaceIM, Yahoo!, ICQ, AIM and Jabber/XMPP.

Other features include the ability to sync avatars, contacts, accounts and status, receive notification via Android notification system integration, the ability to set avatar, status and display name quickly in a single screen, contact list sorting, metacontacts support,, grouping, and privacy settings.

Trillian for Android includes support for Android handset from 1.6 and above so will work from the T-Mobile G1 right up to the HTC EVO 4G, as well as featuring tabbed chat windows with bubble view, buzz and emoticon support, and photo transfer.