Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Beta Developer Tool Review

Microsoft recently released the new Windows Phone 7 developer tool, which is at beta stage. This is great news considering WP7 devices is due to release later this year.

The new beta version of developer tools will enable software devs to build games and applications for Windows Phone 7 devices, so far to date two high school students aka Beastware from Poland submitted a new game called Droid Assault for WP7, this game won the Windows Phone Rockstar contest.

Matt Hamblen via Computerworld mentions that a preview version of the developer tools was released back in March and that now the Windows Phone 7 API is getting close to completion.

The new beta is a big step forward allowing devs to build apps where they can ship it and then make adjustments later when the tools are final.

We will keep you posted on the new Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Developer Tool, we are calling out to all developers who has tried out the beta version of this release to come forward and let us know how it is all going, we would like your personal reviews. Thanks

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