iPhone 5 Later This Year? Doubtful

With the Apple iPhone 4 press conference held on Friday, Apple chief Steve Jobs spoke on several things mainly to do with the iPhone 4 antenna issue dubbed “antennagate,” along with when we can expect the white iPhone 4 to surface.

Well according to Andrew over on Fonehome, Steve Jobs also “dropped a few hints that suggest a new iteration of the iPhone 4 may arrive in October — most likely along with a fix for the current iPhone 4’s signal problem.”

Jobs, during a questions and answers round apparently said, “We will re-examine this in September and decide whether to keep going, or maybe we will have a better idea.” Something Andrews seems to have taken as meaning a refreshed iPhone may be coming in October possibly the iPhone 5.

Personally I can’t see Apple solving the antenna issue permanently by the end of September, but then it also doesn’t mean Apple will push out a new iPhone. No doubt Apple techs will be looking hard and long at the antenna design, but I reckon by the time September is over and Apple has pushed out numerous free bumpers they will be hoping all the gripe over the antenna will be forgotten.


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  1. Briana says:

    I think they, meaning Apple, should of had a couple of iPhone testers/users before even launching the phone out! If they already did then they must have known the problems that could have been faced ahead of time, probably hoping that the public wouldn’t notice so basically it’ll be like “highway robbery”. Very cruel indeed. So far I have the OS3, and remain keeping it until a new one with about 90% satisfactory comes out!

    To be honest, there are plenty of things that should be in consideration and established soon such as:

    -Support flash drive (Many websites are using flash; so, businessmen as well as students may not be able to accomplish mush unless it is accessible)

    -less dependable on iTunes. (The iPhone is 21st century technology, home of 3D, HD,…etc. It should be at it’s most high…)

    – better camera and video

    – removeable camera data (ie. Sun Disk) so that pictures and videos are accessible to video games such as Wii, Photo shops/stores, to other camera/recorders)

    – televison accessible *maybe even a cord* (so that it is easier to access movies, videos, Internet, and music without having to buy that dreadfully expensive “Apple Box”

    – new design

    – avdanced voice control (such as having the ability to send texts through voice or even find places to shop.)

    -better home screen

    -& other minor regular advancements Apple does with each generation

    Now with the iPad

    I must admit that they did really well… But it’s missy a lot. I wish it was more so like a laptop just as the same modern slim design.

    -Windows/ Microsoft support

    -2 USB connections

    -DVD&DVD Rom

    -variety (size, shape, color, design, memory,…etc)

    -automatic Internet connection (just a suggestion that would be nice)

    -plenty of memory & spend (ie… 3GB/250GB Ram)

    – affordable not too expensive like the other 1000 dollar apple laptops. It makes customers feel as if they are buy the name brand rather than a great computer itself. To be honest I’m in much favor of hp. Anyway a laptop that’s reasonble between $300-$900)

    It would be nice to see apple accesible

    in more places rather than Best Buy, and Apple Stores.

    Would be really nice to see Apple on QVC, HSN, Shop NBC…etc. I believe that if it’s on these home shopping networks they would most definitely sell out! 🙂

    That’s all for now!

    1. Andy says:


      – Better camera – video
      What the hell do you expect it is a phone? And it smoothly suits 720p video with clear 720p photo's

      – Television access?
      Now i don't know if you mean HDMI hear but you can buy an av lead for the iPod and iPhone and now iPad too I guess so what's the problem?

      – iTunes and the iPhone
      Correct me if im wrong but I believe you can watch HD videos on the iPhone? And i often inport HD films into iTunes or download the "digital copy" what's difficult about that? And as for 3D don't get me started on that useless gimmick but if you want 3D how much do you expect this dream phone of yours to cost?


      – Windows Support?
      So the iPad uses IOS so basically you want symbian, android, win on on your iPhone? no? yes? If no why would you want it on the iPad that uses the same software.

      – Disc Drive
      I hear what you're saying and although it would be nice, have you any idea how you would fir a disc drive in there?

      It is already at that price range?

      – Shopping Channels?
      Don't even go there.

      I'm not an Apple Fan Boy by no mean's I own and prefer using a windows pc and the only apple product i own is the iPod touch. The products they make are by no means flawless but you sir chat bulls**t

      p.s – What's up with IOS4?

    2. GoodAdvice says:

      go back to school Brianna, a "flash drive" and "flash" are not the same thing, you should look up what "dependable" means and i didn't even bother to read on.

  2. John Smith says:

    Why would anyone want to put iphone pictures on a wii, technology wise they are at oposite ends. e.g. iphone 4 has video recording, it can actually play some decent games that arn't just sold on the back of a ps2 motion camera in a small black box. Iphone… a better home screen… what wrong with the one its got…. its a long shot better than some I've seen… cough…. windows mobile 7 looks rubbish. The weather and stuff would be useful on the lockscreen, but apple like simplicity far too much. If it wasn't for the antenna problem the iphone 4 would be brilliant.

    Not sure about iTV. I think Steve jobs is a bit obssesed with A4 processor, a tv player, using the same mediocre processor as found in a phone, in 2010 over £200 not with full HD… only an idiot would buy it. Whats next; maybe a mac book, with no keyboards, a touch screen, an A4 processor, with only one useful button, that can't really do much more than an ipod… maybe also running ios4… oh wait that sounds a bit like an ipad….lol 😀 Maybe you will get what you want and they will stop making macs and replace them with the a new range of ipad; the ipad, the ipad mini, the ipad pro, iTV etc.

  3. I don't think we'll see the iPhone 5 this year, more likely Jun/Jul 2011. By releasing the iPhone 5 this year Apple will be admitting defeat and in the process will upset far too many people, which is not good for business (but then neither is a poorly operating antenna!).

  4. sunny says:

    I think apple should full test the New Iphone 5 in extreme measures make it the best phone in history of mobile phones and make the apple contracts cheaper with more extra's fro free

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