White iPhone 4 Availability, Will it be slow?

Earlier today I posted on the white iPhone 4 and the reasons it has been delayed, you can read that article (here) however something has now been reported that may give reason to presume the white iPhone 4 availability roll out by Apple could be slow.

The reason for this comes from an article over on Apple Insider where according to an industry sources, the company that is manufacturing the glass panels for the iPhone 4; their machines can only cut three iPhone 4 glass panels an hour.

Apparently at this rate the company can only meet half of the demand for the iPhone 4 which leads one to believe that numerous people who are waiting to get their hands on the white iPhone 4 are going to be disappointed.

3 covers per hour isn’t a great deal and although I don’t know the number of people waiting for the white iPhone 4 I’m fairly sure Apple isn’t going to be able to satisfy everyone when the white version becomes available later this month, so act quick so you aren’t disappointed.


4 thoughts on “White iPhone 4 Availability, Will it be slow?”

  1. Peter says:

    Three an hour is not right. Even at 24 hours a day, for an entire year they would only have a little over 26,000 made. There's over a MILLION iPhones, and even if only 10% were white, that's still a tiny percentage of what is required. I'm sure that's more like 3 a minute.

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