White iPhone 4, Why It’s Delayed

While many await the arrival of the iPhone 4 white version at least now they have the official word from Steve Jobs that the white iPhone 4 will begin shipping by the end of this month, but other than Apple saying the delay is due to a manufacturing difficulty, why is there a delay with the white iPhone 4?

Well according to an article by Richard Lai over on Engadget the delay in the launch of the white iPhone 4 stems from Chinese factory Lens Technology, states an article in Chinese newspaper 21st Century Business Herald; Lens Technology is responsible for transforming fine raw glass into most of the iPhone glass panels.

So what’s the big issue with the white iPhone 4? Well apparently a worker at Lens Technology’s quality control dept has admitted that the firm’s screen printing workshop has been having some difficulty with white iPhone 4 covers.

Basically Lens Technology is still working on getting a perfect combo of paint thickness and opacity, paint thickness to make sure the sub-contractor has enough clearance for the digitazer overlay and opacity to deliver absolute whiteness.

Apparently the problem is even when they get it right, Lens Technology production capacity meets roughly half of the demand from Apple. So when that white iPhone 4 does surface looks like you’ll have to be quick to snap it up or face yet further delays in getting yours.

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