Nokia N97 Weak Signal Info: Older Phones Seem Best

Recently at the Apple iPhone Conference Steve Jobs talked about the iPhone 4 and its signal issues and about the antenna, well he did show us more phones with similar problems and now we are receiving emails from readers about other mobile phones.

We had an email from one of our readers saying: Where can we get info on how well a phone actually performs in weak signal areas. I have a Nokia N97 from 3 and it’s diabolical. The 5800 used by wife and children is a little better but they all seem dire compared to older phones like our Nokia N95.

We know 3 have problems in my area and they had mast failure in May, which is supposedly sorted out now, but our ability to send and receive calls is severely limited.

I understand that the Nokia N97 is trying to find 3 masts at all times and even if forced to look for a network manually will only stay there for a minute and then goes hunting for 3 signals in preference to the orange partner network 3 are using. Once it finds a 3 signal it locks in regardless of how weak and then drops the call.

I welcome your thoughts? Are there better phones out there?

This is very interesting really because it makes me think that older phones seem to have better signal and the more advanced smartphones get the more they seem to lose signal reception, we will be bring you our take on old and new phones about signal soon, so please keep coming back.

If you have any answers to our readers email message above please do post your comments/views below. Thanks


4 thoughts on “Nokia N97 Weak Signal Info: Older Phones Seem Best”

  1. Dave ellis says:

    hi i have a nokia n97 and its on vodafone i got to say that the signal is really bad.i had a nokia n95 8gb which was brilliant but due to an upgrade i thought the n97 will be better. i have sent this phone off to vodafone twice now as just posted it off today with signal problems and charging problems. the phone charges by itself with no charger pluged into it and when you do plug the charger in it keeps saying charging then remove charger. the phone doesnt even charge. as for the signal well that just doesnt happen if and thats a big if you get signal it dissapears as fast as it find it . i have always been a nokia phone user but i have to say this is one of the worst phones for signal they have ever made and for some reason they just dont want to sort it out. my wife and kids have got cheap payg phones on vodafone and they get full signal anywhere they go while i have a great phone which is a waste of time. cmon nokia you used to be no1 in mobile tech so sort out the probs and get back up there or i will be forced like a lot of others to move to a new manufactuer

  2. Mike says:

    Hi , everyone is telling the same story about Nokia N97/mini and I was hoping there is light at the tunnel. I got this brand new N97 mini recent, loved it like never before, blinded by its features..
    After a few days started to realise about this signal indicator bar jumping up down ( more like down )
    after walking around in my regular supermarket and found the signal was zero, where I used to get a few bars at least.
    The moment I swapped the sim card back into my old faithful n73, i got top signal and it stays there.
    Then I started using 2 other sim cards on both phones and with the same results.
    I sent the N97 mini back to nokia for repair, which was returned to me 2 weeks later, and alas , with the same problem. and more… the top half of the phone is not as rigid as before !

    1. mike says:

      One buys a phone mainly to use it as a phone. There is no point having all the fancy features, if it is only half working . What a major major retrograde step for Nokia.

      I think we should all make nokia accountable and responsible , to re-design a working antenna and recall all N97 & minis to have them rectified. Its no use correcting it in the next model and leave this damage unresolved. !!

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