iPhone iOS 4 Jailbreak: FaceTime was Problem

Many of you have been wondering what is taking so long for the Apple iPhone iOS 4 Jailbreak, there have been a lot of predictions and it seems that FaceTime was the problem with the delay.

ElectricPig put together a poll asking its readers what they thought the delay was and 65-percent voted that it was simply trickier than first thought, they went on to say that Comex mentioned that the iPhone 4 jailbreak solution could arrive very soon and that some issues with the key apps including the likes of FaceTime was the reason for slowing things up.

Well now the jailbreak is done but it is not ready just yet because it does not work properly, iPhone Dev Team spokes-pineapple, MuscleNerd (Twitter) says that the new JB+unlock will not be out because there are issues with important apps like FaceTime that need to be figured out.

We have mentioned a few times about jailbreaking, for example the iOS 4 and iPhone Jailbreak unlock Goldra1n is Fake, then we reported that the iOS 4.1 update will stop iPhone 4 jailbreak and that Apple will not lie down and allow it to happen.

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