O2 UK iPhone 4 Update: Bumpers and Case Program

We promised to keep you updated about O2’s response to the Apple Press Conference and so we will, on July 23 O2 updated its site and today we will mention about the Bumpers and Case Program.

O2 thanks its customers for bearing with them and now reports that Apple has announced its iPhone 4 Case Program, basically this is an app you can download via iTunes and it lets you know how you can get your hands on the free Bumper or case from Apple.

You can get a refund via Apple even if you purchased the genuine iPhone 4 Bumper from O2, you can return your bumper or case to O2 if you feel you have too and just to let you know that they work on the usual 14 day return policy.

The Apple iPhone 4 Case Program app can be installed via the App Store, all you need to do is launch the application on your iPhone 4 and sign in using your iTunes Store account, then all you need to do is apply for your bumper or case.

If you have anything to say about the above or indeed your Apple iPhone 4 please do so below in the comments area provided below. Thanks

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