Samsung Epix Review (SGH-i907), Software Update and Problems

We are calling out to all Samsung Epix SGH-i907 owners to send in your personal reviews and problems; we want to know what you think of this mobile phone.

Yes we know that this mobile phone has been around a while now but it seems many of our readers are searching for it on phonesreview.co.uk and this is why we would love for you to send in a review so other readers can read the outcome.

Earlier this month Samsung released a Windows Mobile 6.5 update and we would love for you to share your thoughts on the upgrade, did you install with ease? Is the software running smoothly?

Basically we want to know everything you know about the Samsung Epix SGH-i907, do you agree that the screen is large enough, is the battery life good, is it easy to use, we can reel off many question to ask but it will be so much easier just to ask for you to send in your personal review.


2 thoughts on “Samsung Epix Review (SGH-i907), Software Update and Problems”

  1. RGC says:

    I bought my Epix on Craig's List. $100 was like new. It is fantastic. I never knew a phone could be so useful. I know IPhone is the rage and Android is da bomb, but I love being able to use MS Word, Excel and sync to MS Outlook.
    I am thinking about the upgrade to 6.5 but everything works so well I am almost afraid to try.

  2. Augusto Montoya says:

    I tried to upgrade my sgh-i907 to 6.5 but each time I tried to upgrade the updater freeze
    and crashed , I'll appreciatted if some could help me to restore the os of the phone

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