Samsung Epic 4G Preview Video: Can It Beat iPhone 4?

The new upcoming Sprint Samsung Epic 4G is the Galaxy slider smartphone that looks like it can go up against the iPhone 4.

Many smartphone owners are always asking if there is any other mobile device out there that can compete with the iPhone 4 and to tell you the truth the new Sprint Samsung Epic 4G could be the one.

Ok we know that Sprint does not have the iPhone 4 but there could be the possibility of iPhone 4 customers ditching this smartphone for the Epic 4G, yes we are only merely thinking out aloud but still something to think about.

This Android 2.1 powered device with decent specifications and features is really up there with the iPhone 4, check out the full Epic 4G spec sheet here, below you can watch the preview video as well to give you an idea of what the smartphone is like.

Please let us know if you think the Samsung Epic 4G is better than the Apple iPhone 4, cannot wait to read what you write.

Video and Image via InfoSync


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