Sprint Nextel: All Devices like EVO 4G to Support NextMail

Apparently Sprint has now made available their NextMail application to all Sprint handsets and included the first 4G enabled device, the HTC EVO 4G, to enable faster and easier communication between mobile workers.

According to an article over on The Latest News Online, the Sprint NextMail app enables the user to quickly and simply share, record, and document data for office workers and avoids the need to “thumb-type on tiny keypads,” and the need to take handwritten notes.

With Sprint NextMail the user can a “listen to” notification, send a recorded voice message to 50 different email addresses instantaneously, and send the voice message using a text message to 50 other users.

Location info and pictures can also be included in a NextMail message due to NextMail Professional which was previously known as NextMail Locator. Sprint NextMail Professional commands a price tag of $19.99 a month per user, while NextMail costs $7.50 a month per user.