White iPhone 4 Release Date Delay: Antenna, or Manufacture Problem

Yesterday the Apple Store was down and other new devices were added to the list but the white iPhone 4 was not, which is pretty disappointing. Well shall we have a little look into things to see what the delay is all about? Of course you do!

The Apple Store still continues to say the iPhone 4 in white is still currently unavailable, which to our dismay is very annoying to say the least especially if you have been waiting for it. Now many consumers and of course the media has mentioned that the white smartphone has not had a release date as of yet because of the antenna problems; reception issues that are still occurring, we beg to dither.

We say the delay is all down to the straight up facts of Apple cannot produce them fast enough so they will hang back until they can, basically on the same lines as the iPhone Bumper wait.

I used the iPhone app called ‘iPhone 4 Case Program’ and ordered my bumper case only to be told I will have to wait a month or so if not longer, now Apple cannot produce them fast enough to cater for its customers and we say the White iPhone release date delay is on par with the bumper saga.

Not so long ago we reported that the white iPhone 4 delay was down to the firm’s screen printing workshop has been having some difficulty with white iPhone 4 covers, we would love to know what the real reason is please Steve Jobs.

We would love to know if you really want the iPhone 4 in white or is it a case because you cannot have it, then you want it and then when you own it you really did not care if you have it.

Please let us know why you think Apple is delaying the release of the white iPhone 4, do you think we are right or do you agree with the antenna problems and that is the reason for delay. Please use our poll system below and vote for your choice, we would also love it if you could post a comment or two in the area below of your thoughts on the above.

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38 thoughts on “White iPhone 4 Release Date Delay: Antenna, or Manufacture Problem”

  1. st0ked says:

    My thoughts on the above story are that someone is showing themselves to be quite the fool – or did you really mean "we beg to dither" – either way you have succeeded. And, why on earth ask readers what is the reason for the White phone delay? Can you adjust reality to suit uninformed opinion now?

  2. Ron says:

    I sent back my iPhone 4 due to dropped calls and problems with the proximity sensor.
    Steve Jobs' press conference where he magnanimously gave away a free case annoyed me – why should a case be needed to make such a costly item work? I thought Apple's boast was that their products 'just work'.
    I also sent back a new ipad due to wifi connection problems – this is well documented on the web but has had nowhere near the same media coverage as the iPhone aerial problem.
    I am a convert to Apple from Windows with an iMac and MacBook Pro but I'm afraid these two recent episodes have taken the shine off the brand.
    I think that Apple are being very cynical in expecting their loyal fanbase to just accept whatever is said by the company.

  3. james says:

    when can white not be white enough? they're delaying it because they are dumb! who wouldn't want a non painted iphone that is potentially transparent or a cool 'natural' colour? why dont they team up with some designers and allow people to order their 'naked' iphone from apple then have it 'painted' by someone else – so we can make our own designs?!?!?!?!

  4. big boy says:

    ron ur such a dang cry baby….. why dont u man up and jusst stop whining like a dang baby… you make yourself look like a little girl .. I still love apple stuff, its ignorant people like ron that needs to grow up

  5. dwlh says:

    I think Apple might surprise everybody by using the white iPhone 4 as an iPhone 4 facelift with the antenna problem fix, let’s wait and see:)

  6. Albertico says:

    I THINK its possible that Apple is holding off past the 30 days so that customers who have the current "Black" iPhone will not try to exchange it for a white one and also the white one which might have the issue resolved by then…just a guess…

    1. Dustinchanse says:

      I have to say I think your right about apple not wanting people to exchange the Black I-phone 4 for the new White I-phone 4. I also think that apple knows that a lot of people are waiting for the White I-phone 4 to come out and they dont want to have to give out more bumper cases than they have too. I think we are going to here about the White I-phone 4's release date some time after Sept, 30.

  7. J.Brown says:

    Apple is just another example of a company wanting to make as much money as fast as they can. In the case if the iPhone 4, the unintentional release of the design "the drunk who left it at a bar", forced a decision by marketing to get it out as soon as the could. The surprise attack no longer a factor, marketing said "lets release and see how much money we can get as fast as possible". Screw making sure we have tested our product to the best of our ability. We will deal with the problems as they arise. Money, money and more money Ha ha ha haaa! I can imagine Steve Jobs rubbing his hands together just like "The Simpson's" Mr. Burns. I wish our nation's corporation could show more responsibility than more greed. Though I know this will never happen. We as a society we only care about the quick dollar not the satisfied customer. I have worked with Apple since the Commodore days (my family owned a computer store 1982-1989). Now, diagnosed with iCancer I really don't give an iCrap about any of this. Stop your complaining and live in the democracy we have created for ourselves.

  8. strongfist says:

    Look no matter what Apple does they will continue to dig their own grave. I mean it does have some great features but white or not the iPhone 4 has major design flaws. Design should never come before function and usability. Apple seems to have forgotten that.

    I mean the iPhone 4 held the number one spot in the top ten ranking on pc world. Once Apple gave that press conference they took it down with out explanation. However, http://getyourgadgetsgoing.com/ took a look into it. The results are rather interesting.

  9. As far as i know, it is partly due to the shortage of screen, which has even broght the effect on the production of Sciphone i68 4G and Air Phone No. 1. Of course, the workforce of Foxconn is now improving.

  10. As fas as i know, the shrotage is in part due to the Manufacture Foxcon. And the supply of Screen has more or less affected the produciton, even for Sciphone i68 4G and Air Phone No. 1.

  11. aamir says:

    I think they are just holding it on to sell the black ones ,and when they will release the white version people will go crazy once again to get a white one as well.Its just an other way to make money.

  12. Elliot McKillop says:

    Lets face it , the whole iphone 4 situation looks bleak for Apple , as if they release a white iphone with a fix , early buyers will sue apple , and quite so would have the right to do so. I am still in two minds whether or not to return my iphone 4. Seems such a shame such a otherwise great product has been let down .

  13. nigger says:

    your all retarded they released the black one when its not sold out anymore they will release the white one so people will start buying it like theres no tomorrow again, money.

  14. G says:

    From what I heard the delay on the white iPhone 4 is they said when using the phone it heats up and the white part was turning yellow. The guy that works at the AT&T store in my city confirmed this and he told me that the first anticipated release date of last day of July 2010 wasn’t happening. That’s pretty much what I have been hearing about the white iPhone 4. However I hope they fix the antenna problem because I have the black one and man I’m tired of apologizing for hanging up on people. 🙁

  15. bob says:

    your all geeks!! who really gives a sh*t why they havent released it yet?? and as for the "antenna problem" its not even that bad its just some thing else for all your dull people to winge about!!!!

  16. allen says:

    my theory is that apple is waiting until the free bumper promotion ends so by the time the white ones come out that they will get extra money from people buying bumpers

  17. Brucil says:

    They will be releasing it arond christmas time to boost sales. No one wants an Iphone half way throguh its cycle as they know they get released yearly in the summer and their £500+ have gone to waste. This is a clever marketing technique to keep people interested well aftert the initial release. It will also make an awesome Christmas present and I will SO be getting it XD

  18. pinar uzun says:

    I want an white iphone.. and hopefully it would be out soon because ive been waiting for so long. Im sure the reason why white apple iphones is not out yet its for a good cause. because the black ones are no cood (clearly) due to its bad network difficulty. so i will not buy a iphone until the white iphones are out and hopefully there wont be nothing wrong with it.

    1. MME says:

      I hear ya…i've been doing the same… have actually thought about buying the black one and then when the white one comes out getting it…but i don't want to pay 500+ for a phone…299 is already a bit steep…hope they get this stuff figured out soon…

  19. Tom says:

    i think that apple are holding the iphone back so there stock builds up and dont have to bust there gut making them in demand for the customers that will want them

  20. ardan says:

    its a demand thing they are going to skim those who wanted it most like this and then have a re release with another wave of hype and sales this way they pick up deeper into the market also have spread out their sales so they have the capabilities to handle such demand also creating a new wave of hype so the product does not get old it has a re launch to boost sales and extent the life of the product from a corporate perspective, its all very basic level one business stuff, the product life cycle usually goes up and peaks and then goes down, in this case they are using the white as a re-launch they do this with other products where they make small adjustments and then re-release basically the same product with minor alterations and renewed hype to have the sales or demand bounce back up ponce it starts to dip, this extends the life-cycle and profitability of the project. well played iphone.. tough luck for us…

    does anyone know when the Iphone4GS is coming out? and the Iphone 5: because i heard it might be sooner than we think and im confused because i thought the 4gs will come out in 6 months but heard the 5 might be, does anyone have any clue or is it all hearsay??

  21. Shaley says:

    The real reason why the white iphone is not out yet is because apple wants to make all the profit they can off the generic black and then when its sales start to slow, the white will come out so they can double their profit. Very smart of them.
    My white iphone 3gs just broke and I need a new one but apple isnt making ANY white iphones -3gs or 3g or 4- at all. How convenient.

  22. Ali says:

    I think Apple is selling thousands of black I-phones per day, So their theory let's sell the black I phone as much as we can until everyone have it after that they will release the white I-phone making the old black I-phon buyers sell their black I-phone and get a new white I-phone.
    Conclusion every one will buy two I-phones

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