White iPhone 4 Delay Details Emerge

Okay obviously any iPhone fan holding on for the eventual release of the white iPhone 4 has had disappointment after disappointment as Apple continually delays the release of the white version which they say is due to manufacturing issues.

Well apparently Boy Genius of the BGR of course, has apparently found out some details as to the delay of the white iPhone 4 and the issues Apple is facing in getting that whiter than white device into the public’s hands.

It’s all to do with the paint and getting it thick enough for the front of the device, Apple wants it perfect white without any transparency and without affecting the proximity sensor and its causing a problem. Also there appears to be an issue with the paint itself apparently although the back panels are ok as they have no need to keep clear areas for the LCD display.

Apparently the handset isn’t “perfectly white” due to the binder Apple was using which gave it an off-white tint which Apple doesn’t want. However according to the BGR’s source Apple may have solved the issue and the white iPhone 4 could possible see release in the near future.

So there you have it, apparently it’s all a paint issue and the fact that Apple wants the white iPhone 4 to be pure white with no blemishes. Does that mean Apple will guarantee a free matching pure white bumper case with every white iPhone 4?


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