HTC Desire Orange Android 2.2 Upgrade Delay

HTC Desire owners on Orange eager to get their FroYo is may have to wait a little longer it would appear.

An article published by Quentyn Kennemer over at phandroid.com via eurodroid states that the carrier has stated on Twitter that the whole process of bringing a software upgrade usually will take around four weeks.

Now this doesn’t mean for a second that is will be here in dead on 4 weeks but then on a brighter note it doesn’t also mean that you will have to wait the duration of August before it gets to you.

Its up to you how you want to interpret it, as Orange isn’t about to promise anything for sure at the moment but of course as and when they do we will be sure to keep you posted.


18 thoughts on “HTC Desire Orange Android 2.2 Upgrade Delay”

  1. neo says:

    I got the update yesterday evening and works fine. Don't know what the fuss is about

  2. Neil says:

    If Orange didn’t put so much of their own stuff (I was going to say rubbish) on their phones maybe it could be quicker than 4 weeks. I don’t want demos of games, or even Orange maps. Why would I want to pay a monthly fee to use their sat nav app when I can user google maps and the voice app for nothing?

  3. zipnolan says:

    I'm on Orange and have upgraded to 2.2 yesterday.No problems to report ,seamless upgrade.
    Great new features ,Flash 10.1, Video with light ,WiFi Hotspot , Google Translator with speech brilliant!

    1. paul says:

      how come no one else has got it then, im on orange ,and no update, even the update of the rom, of about 8 weeks ago has not even updated,

      1. zipnolan says:

        If you go to Settings-About Phone-System Software Updates, the update should be there?

  4. zipnolan says:

    Neil,Orange HTC Desire locked, go to settings-about phone-systems software updates.Update should be there, takes about 15 mins.

    1. hugo says:

      mine dont work good too,its the menu buton and the sense track pad but i see the 720p feature but how can i downgrade the phone help

      1. eugene says:

        I dont know, im saying im not even able to upgrade, but how are some on orange able to was my question @ zipnolan

        1. zipnolan says:

          So if you've tried looking for the update on your phone by going into Settings-About Phone -System Software updates-Scheduled Check-Check Now and its saying your phone is up to date then I can't help.
          If the update is there let me know what you think of the audio it may be my imagination but songs seems much louder punchier and defined.Just used the WIFi hotspot for the first time abosolutely brilliant that my phone can be my internet connection,really fast too.

  5. Jason says:

    They are lying, I am on Orange contract and I have looked on my settings and the update is not there yet. To be honest it is going to be a four – six week wait.

    1. Bradley says:

      Yea they could be but also his phone might not be locked and still be purchased from orange. My phone Orange only but my trends Vodafone is branded but is still unlocked it might be the same case for this guy. Some of us just have to wait a little wipe 🙁

  6. jimbo13 says:

    i'm on orange and have searched updates everyday for the past few days and not got anything, i want to know why some have and some haven't

  7. Thomas says:

    The people who have updates are those who have unlocked handsets with orange sim cards in them. Hence why some people on orange have the update. Orange contract customers are being made to wait so orange can cram loads of orange maps rubbish in to the update so we are forced to download it. I reckon September by the earliest personally.

  8. Philip says:

    I spoke to a rep from HTC UK (who phoned me as a result of a question asked as part of their online satisfaction survey, now that is what I call customer service) the rep told me that Orange have had the update for quite som time and it is only Orange who are holding back the release, most probably because they want to mess it up with all the usual orange crap.

  9. JEROME says:

    well mid september still no sign of the 2.2 froyo update,philip how right you are even read a quote from orange saying that they are not adding any bloatware ,vodaphone have i may be wrong but have offered two diffrent downloads mmm. dont believe that but possible though.
    why have two of my friends who bought htc desire phones from the carphonewarhouse on orange contracts but as they are generic handsets (unbranded) , they recieved there update on the 1st of august and phones worked perfect no c**p or bloatware so why cant we have the update with no rubbish.
    well im off to make a gold card to unbrand my phone and update to 2.2 froyo.