Verizon iPhone 4G LTE Network Tests: Release Date when?

Apparently the Verizon iPhone is being tested on the 4G LTE network, ok we say Verizon iPhone because they are using the Apple smartphone in its tests.

According to USA News Week Verizon Wireless is using the iPhone and we know that they have been building the 4G LTE test network so if you add the two together does this mean that we can expect to see a release of the Verizon iPhone soon.

To see an iPhone with the company that has 4G capabilities would be pretty awesome and so much so Android would have a competitor in the 4G market, iPhone 4G would be fantastic.

You already have the HTC EVO 4G so an iPhone 4G is definitely something that would be welcomed with open arms, at the moment Sprint’s WiMax is the only 4G network that is operating commercially in the US, it is not up to speeds yet like T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 3G network but progress is progress as they say, T-Mobile is working on the new LTE 4G network but this is not so clear at the moment when it comes to their plans.

One of the first LTE mobile phones was the Samsung SCH-r900, which runs on MetroPCS and supports very fast data transfer, apparently this handset does meet 4G standards.

At the moment we treat everything like a rumour until we hear official news and we suggest you do the same as not to build hopes up, do you think Verizon Wireless is on the verge of releasing the iPhone 4G? We recommend you read an article we published yesterday titled ‘Verizon iPhone Secret Foxconn Factory: Apple Secrecy’.


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