BlackBerry Torch Torn Down and Pictured with Video

Well that didn’t take long, as usual and with virtually every new smartphone that hits the public arena the device ends up being ripped apart for every to see what’s sitting inside, and the latest to undergo the teardown ritual is the new BlackBerry Torch.

This time round it appears that Kevin Michaluk of Crackberry has a spare BlackBerry Torch on hand so decied to give it the teardown treatment, and have posted numerous pictures of the occasion along with a 38 second video of the BlackBerry Torch Slider mechanism for our enjoyment.

So if you are into seeing what a new smartphone is made of we have a couple of images for you here and the rest can be viewed in glorious detail by hitting up Crackberry.

Other than that there’s not much more to ad, so I’ll simply let you head on down and mash that play button on the video to check out the BlackBerry torch slider mech in action…enjoy.

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