MiTube iPhone App Pulled By Apple: Did You Download?

The new MiTube iPhone app that allows you to stream and download videos from YouTube has been pulled, yes it is now dead and buried because Apple has removed it from iTunes.

There was another app called MxTube in Cydia and it looks like this one has been pulled as well, yet again Apple being controlling again as usual. Personally it looks like Apple does not like developer Max Weisel who is the man behind both apps.

MiTube was in iTunes for a little while but not anymore, please do let us know if you got the app before it got removed and give us your personal review.

Why does Apple approve apps like MiTube only for them to decide “You know what we do not like it so we will delete it from the App Store” talk about tease then remove. If you are not happy with Apple’s decision please do post your comments below and have your say.

Source — Mobiture via 9To5Mac


20 thoughts on “MiTube iPhone App Pulled By Apple: Did You Download?”

  1. Joe says:

    This is a disgrace! Although, as both cydia and app store versions were pulled it makes me believe this is more than just Apple, as they have no control over Cydia, I'm sure it will come to light some point this week!

  2. itouchgamer says:

    i was one of the lucky ones who downloaded this app and it is pretty sweet but it does have some drawbacks to it sometimes when your downloading a video it will cause the ipod to crash momentarily but other than that it rocks already downloaded full episodes of duckman and beavis and butthead lol

  3. QueenOfSpades says:

    I got lucky and managed to get it when it came out, i tried letting my friend know about it, but she probably didn't listen to me. 😉 So far for me it hasn't crashed yet, but if it did I don't think I would mind. 😛 What I really love is that you can download it in low quality(which for some videos isn't that bad) and watch them without WiFi. Talk about a WIN! I love this app and I'm sad to see it didn't make it too far. 🙁

  4. Marc says:

    I was lucky enough to get this App and it's amazing. It's one of the best and most useful I've got. I can't believe Apple removed it!

  5. Kagoma says:

    If u downloaded it b4 it got taken down u will be muted from appstore reviews!

  6. Anthony says:

    Mxtube got pulled from cydia as it is being replaced with mitube in cydia. I had mitube from app store before it got pulled. Not so beneficial to me anymore as I bought 3gurestrictor so the stock youtube is just fine now.

  7. William says:

    I also got it and love it. Have the same problem with crashing, on one video in particular. Anyone have suggestions?

  8. Giggles says:

    I absolutely love this app. Beside the fact that it rocks, my boyfriend is a freak with jealousy that he wasn't able to get it. >=)

  9. Sam B. says:

    Actually, according to the developer of MiTube (MxTube is also his) it was pulled due to a complaint from Google, not Apple- the app was breaking YouTube’s EULA not Apple’s SDK Agreement. Apple is at fault for a lot of stupid, unjustified, and even sometimes anti-competitive app store rejections and takedowns, but this one was Google’s fault. Shows you just how “open” Google really is and how much they love developers, doesn’t it?

  10. Gimpnoodle says:

    I got it and I love it, but it has some serious bugs which will obviously never get fixed since it has been banned from the app store.

  11. bronze_assassin says:

    I love this app was lucky to get it although it does have bugs which now the app is pulled i'll never get, one bug I have is that after a video is downloaded some of them pause and never go past a certain spot so i need to re-download once again or several times in fact. And some video's i download once 'complete' crash the app then the video is not downloaded. Anyway thanks google (sarcastic tone) for complaining about this app. Same goes for the delicious library app that amazon complained about! now all it's good for is showing what music i had updated at the time, can't even sync with it anymore

  12. paolo says:

    I have it.
    It works perfectly, searching youtube videos, showing tags and let you choose between two differrent way to see it: High def (wifi) and Low def (Edge). You can watch and/or download videos (128 kb/s). No crashes. For me 4 stars.

  13. cathryn says:

    ah!! i have this app on my ipod touch 3g, i just got the new 4g one and i am so MAD! this app is now gone and it was my favorite! >s

  14. Somegirl says:

    I was also onnof the lucky people to get mi tube it is a GREAT app for videos I download the videos and show the to

    My mates at school

    We all laugh at the videos, you have a choice

    In how you want to get the video the choice are stream or download and the you have what you want it to look like low medium high or hd the setting out is great its brhght clearnand bold perfect for them who lack in vision like my mam and stepdad!

  15. Mike Johnson says:

    Great app…I got it the day before it was pulled. The only bug I have found is that many video downloads, upon finishing, go right back to the search screen and show that they are not saved at all. Don't know why this happens, but stll glad I have the app!

  16. Miranda milliner says:

    I was going to download the app but It wasn’t on the app store anymore. I love it. We need it put back on because to some people it seems to be not fair. They need to be put back on or people can just BOYCOTT the app store.

  17. Shiznikk says:

    I got lucky& got it but when i tried2 tell myfruend avt it it was gone:( apple please put it bck on thaa app store(:

  18. Shai says:

    I got it too & it did occasionally crash, but not enough to hate it. Sad news is ( and this may just be mere coincidense) ever since I upgraded to iOS4.3 it No Longer connects to YouTube … oh well …

  19. Bruce Henning says:

    i was lucky to get this app too….now it wont connect to youtube, i havent updates my OS so not sure what problem is….
    Definetly Best App on my phone!
    is there anything similar?