Rogers Unlimited Family and Student Plans, Social Networking

Back to school over in Canada isn’t that far off and Canadian carrier Rogers has come up with improved unlimited family and student plans to make it easier to stay connected with students away at school.

So to start off, according to Redboard, the Rogers new Unlimited Family Plans offer additional options for sharing data and voice, and now has an option of adding a line to a Family Plan at $15 per month for voice only or $25 a month for voice and data along with Government regulatory Recovery Fee, and you’ll be able to share all unlimited features of the plan.

Furthermore if you sign on for voice and data on select handsets you’ll receive unlimited social networking to popular social media websites as well. With any new line added you have the option for a mobile phone at $0 which includes the likes of the BlackBerry Curve 8520, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini and the Acer Liquid E.

Then there is Rogers Unlimited Student Plan which delivers an extensive list of unlimited features for students such as unlimited messaging, unlimited social networking and unlimited evenings and weekends.

Furthermore all Rogers BlackBerry student plans on smartphone which support UMA or WiFi now comes with unlimited WiFi calling and calls made from WiFi access point don’t count towards your monthly minute allowance, which is perfect for WiFi enabled campuses.

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