iOS will fall to Android by 2012: Poll

In the smartphone arena it isn’t all about which hardware is the top, there is also the operating system to take into consideration as many purchase a device for the platform it uses. The biggest battle in the OS wars seems to be between Apple’s iPhone iOS and relatively new player to the game, Android.

Apple’s iOS has dominated for some time especially to their loyal customer base, but Android isn’t playing around as more and more smartphone manufacturers adopt Android as their preferred OS. Now according to an article over on Eurodroid by way of iSuppli, Android will overtake iOS by 2012.

According to iSuppli, the Android operating system will be on 75 million smartphones by 2012 and account for almost a fifth of the market, while estimates have Apple’s iPhone selling 62 million devices. Furthermore, apparently by the year 2014 it is expected that Android will dominate the market with 23 percent while Apple’s iPhone iOS will have fallen to around 15 percent.

So what do our readers think about this, will Apple’s iPhone iOS fall to Android OS by 2012? Will Android finally see dominance over the might of the iPhone? Will Apple finally lose their ‘King of Smartphones’ crown in 2012? We are running a poll on this subject and would like you to cast your vote below…many thanks.

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One thought on “iOS will fall to Android by 2012: Poll”

  1. jmtthinkingoutloud says:

    I think the real challenge in making this comparison today is the single carrier lock in issue. I think it would be interesting to see, for world wide iPhone carries that also are selling Android based phones, what the percentage of market share is. I suspect if T-Mobile and Verizon each obtain access to the iPhone, with the much speculated exclusivity in markets like the US ending, that there will be another bump in iOS.

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