BlackBerry Torch; RIM’s Answer iPhone and Android?

The all new BlackBerry Torch from Research In Motion seems to be a completely new rethink of BlackBerry devices in as much as Research In Motion has never before pushed out a slider device with a touch screen and combined physical QWERTY.

The BlackBerry Torch also sports the new BlackBerry 6 operating system which is intended to compete against the likes of Android and iOS, but although the BlackBerry Torch is a new cool device will it be able to stand up against the iPhone and Android over time?

Well we have a video of Aaron Baker of Phone Dog giving his views on that very subject, which he says originally the BlackBerry was specifically a business device with people also carrying a secondary phone for personal use such as the iPhone. However now with the arrival of the BlackBerry Torch the device does business and also personal stuff so there should be no more need to carry an extra personal smartphone.

So could the BlackBerry Torch bring new customers to Research In Motion? It’s doubtful that iPhone or Android users would defect, but the BlackBerry Torch just might stop BlackBerry uses from defecting from RIM. Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts by dropping us a comment.


3 thoughts on “BlackBerry Torch; RIM’s Answer iPhone and Android?”

  1. Ural says:

    RIM like Garmin before it, failed to understand that the key to become a player in the smartphone business is providing bleeding edge units.

    Garmin came out with its phone, nice phone indeed, but it offered an outdated OS and middle of the line specs, how many has it sold? Not enough to make it worthwhile.

    RIM has also provided the public with a unit that is middle of the line, who will want it? I definitely will not advise anyone to consider it, with 3rd party software Android provides a better solution. Apple’s OS and PDF security holes prevents us from considering it a viable option.

  2. LongBeach says:

    I think you are spot on about the current market. We're at a point where there is a melding of the enterprise and consumer phone users and how RIM and others are coming at it from two different directions. I'm a long time BB user and this product is coming out just before the stroke of midnight because most BB users like me now have numerous options with very capable platforms in Android and iPhone and they have lost significant marketshare. Although the email and texting is superior on the current BB platform, the browsing and APPs are just plain crap and this will get them back on par with their competitors and hopefully, stop the bleeding.

    P.S. Why the heck did HP buy Palm? WebOS is an exciting and easy to develop for platform and I thought RIM would have been better served buying Palm than HP. It even made more sense for Google to buy it and just gut it of the valuable IP.

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