Droid 2 Pricing Revealed by Best Buy

The latest Android device out of Motorola for the Verizon network is the Droid 2 smartphone and lately we’ve seen several leaks about the device including dummy units hitting stores, and the other day Best Buy virtually confirming the release date.

Now according to an article over on Engadget by Sean Hollister, the pricing for the Droid 2 has also been leaked by Best Buy as spotted by reader Greg of North Carolina who reports his local Best Buy has dummy Droid 2 units on show with a big yellow price tag.

It looks like the rumoured pricing turns out to be true with the Droid 2 costing $199 with a new two year activation, of if you want the Droid 2 without any commitment the device will set you back $599.

As for the revealed Droid 2 release date of the 12th of August, that date still hasn’t been confirmed by Verizon or Motorola, but then for some strange reason neither has officially recognised that the Droid 2 exists yet either. Furthermore according to the same article, apparently the original Motorola Droid is now classified as “out of stock” on the Big Red website.


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