European Single Mobile Phone Charger Coming in 2011

One problem with mobile phones is you have to have a mobile phone charger that is specific to your device, so if you happen to be around a mate’s and need your phone charged; chances are your mate’s phone charger won’t fit yours.

However according to an article over on Arstechnica by Priya Ganapati, this annoying problem will come to an end in Europe next year as most mobile phones sold in Europe in 2011 will feature a “one-size-fits-all” mobile charger.

Apparently thus far ten major smartphone manufacturers have already signed up and included BlackBerry maker Research In Motion, iPhone maker Apple, Droid maker Motorola, and Galaxy S maker Samsung.

Although this will happen in Europe in 2011, the United States however doesn’t have an agreement so it’s up to mobile device makers to actually make the switch to a single standard.

The COO for Wilson Electronics, which makes mobile phone antennas and boosters, Joe Banos, has said…“For the FCC, this is probably number 5,000 on their list and it is legislative priority number 10,000 at this point. We believe the US will ultimately follow Europe here, but the question is when.”

Apparently smartphone makers in the states are slowly moving towards a standardised mobile charger and Samsung and Motorola has both said they will eventually deliver a standard charger but have yet to commit to any specific deadline to do so.

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