Droid X Notifications Loudness Issue, Motorola Fix Coming

Apparently the new Droid X from Motorola is having an issue with the loudness of notification ringtones, as word has is quite a few Droid owners are reporting the issue. However Motorola is aware of this problem and is planning on pushing out a fix with its next software update.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Blake Stimac, and by way of the Motorola Support Forums, they are not sure just when this issue fix will hit the Droid X or if Motorola will incorporate the fix into the upcoming release of Android 2.2 to the Droid X.

However, until Motorola does push out the problem fix, they suggest Droid X users change their notification ringtone to one of the ten loudest options available which are…Bolly Wood, Dancing’ Fool, Digital Phone, Gimme Mo’Town, Road Trip, Noisey One, Caribbean Ice, Very Alarming, Terrible Two’s, and Third eye.

It makes sense though for Motorola to push out a fix as soon as possible, and it doesn’t seem like it would take forever to come up with a fix for this issue, but they may not want to push out a separate update for the fix and just bundle it with the Froyo update.

So have any of our Motorola Droid X readers been experiencing this notifications loudness issue? If so feel free to sound out in our comment area below.


2 thoughts on “Droid X Notifications Loudness Issue, Motorola Fix Coming”

  1. John saxon says:

    I had the droid 1. My oldest son has the droid 1. It was time to Get my youngest son a droid….. But couldn’t get the droid 1 anymore….. So I got the droid 2 and gave my youngest son the 1. Don’t really like the new virtual key board setup…. But I can get used to it….. But the possible deal breaker for me is the volume issue….. My boys were showing me a video on youtube and their volume was only half way up and it was louder than mine maxed out…… Very disappointed in that…..i went to my local verizon store and compared mine with 3 other droid 2s and 2 droid xs…. They all sounded like crap. I really like motorola products but im actually looking around now… Please tell me that there is a patch coming out soon. I still have 26 days left on my 30 day return policy but I would be content with this droid 2 if only it was at least as loud as the droid 1. Thanks for your time.

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