Android Battery Life, How to Improve it

Most smartphones these days don’t give the user enough battery life, it’s a fact of mobile life. However there are ways of tweaking some extra life out of your battery, and apparently if you are an Android device owner there is now a “how to” improve Android battery life available.

According to an article over on Gizmodo by Kat Hannaford, the guys over at How to Geek have come up with an extensive tutorial on just how to squeeze more life out of your Android battery by fiddling, twiddling and hacking the handsets settings.

The Android battery life how to is quite long and features big images to explain every step of the way which include such things as downloading applications, however most are standard things like disabling battery draining functions and apps.

Everyone could do with a tad more handset battery life, but if you are an Android owner and don’t want to be bothered with an extended battery, this tutorial may be of assistance to you. So if you try our this tutorial feel free to come back and let us know how you get on.

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