Apple Email Based FaceTime Secret: Not Only for iPhone!

Apple, are you keeping a secret? Many of us would have thought it was the iPhone 4 only that has FaceTime, well according to the latest news via Gaj-It a new iPod Touch and a new iPad could be released one day with FaceTime.

The new iOS4.1 beta has a new feature within that will give you the option to call contacts via FaceTime using email instead of phone numbers, we know that the iPod Touch and the iPad does not feature phone functions and this is why adding the email function to call someone is very clever indeed.

There are rumours all over the web that Apple will release a new iPod Touch with a front-facing camera and rumours say that this will be happening very soon indeed, however the new future iPad 2 has been rumoured to feature a front-facing camera also.

Please let us know if you would like have FaceTime on the iPod Touch and the iPad, get the comments rolling as we would love to read what you write, have fun.

Image via – MacRumors


One thought on “Apple Email Based FaceTime Secret: Not Only for iPhone!”

  1. xiaoa says:

    a ipod with facetime? i sounds magic~~a ha ….this is another new design from Apple~~
    i am looking forward~
    i read a news a few days ago, a China company produce a case called apple peel 520. if you cover this device to a ipod, you can enjoy the features of iphone..
    so ,i deceded have a try~~~
    ipod+aneesoft ipod video converter+apple peel 520=my perfect iphone!!

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