BlackBerry Messenger Update Version Site Down

We have just found out that there is a new BlackBerry Messenger update and it has now been updated to version, the only downside is that the site is down where you get the download.

If you visit here you will notice the site does not load properly, at first we saw a proxy error and now we are seeing site map maintenance, please do let us know if you are having problems.

The last update that you can see on the BlackBerry site is and it still shows it (Check it out here), this was released way back in December 2009 and to see a new update is good news for all BlackBerry users.

When this update was released in beta form it was known as, we are not to sure what this new update has so we are asking you to let us know what you get.

You can get the BBM download here, please do let us know how you get on once you have downloaded the new update.

UPDATE: Download Here

Source – Erictric


11 thoughts on “BlackBerry Messenger Update Version Site Down”

  1. Ms Monet says:

    I agree with Natalie…that site still sends you to the older version. Any other links?

  2. Ali says:

    i down load the new version and when install the whole BBM disappear and cannot use or download again. please advice?

  3. Lo Gomez says:

    I downloaded the new bbm on my hacked 5.0os that I got from Crackedberry and now my bbm is gone. I tried downloading the bbm again and it disappears.

  4. hola says:

    i do not like the new bbm! i updated it straight from my phone, can someone pls explain how it is any different from the original? and i have been experiencing problems with it ever since i downloaded it, i have to restart my phone every time i want to read a chat! its terrible.

  5. Nikki says:

    how do you download the new bbm? like what website? Can someone send me the link please