iPhone 4 Knockoff AirPhone 4 Hands-on Video

Yes well we all know just how good the Chinese rip-off merchants are at knocking off smartphones and obviously the most high profile smartphone, the iPhone 4 was hard and fast targets. So what we have for you today is a hands-on video of the Chinese knockoff the AirPhone 4.

The AirPhone 4 video comes our ay courtesy of the guys over at the Daily iPhone Blog and by way of Ashens.com, and you’ll need to set aside about half an hour for this one if you want to video it in its entirety which is good for a laugh.

Basically the only thing the Chinese knockoff artists managed to get right was the copying of the design as the AirPhone 4’s external metal antenna is actually plastic, solves the antenna issue but apparently has a crap antenna inside.

Furthermore the glass capacitive touch screen which is supposed to be the same as the iPhone 4 is actually again plastic and the touch screen is resistive, and even a printed SIM slot. Anyway I’ll stop there as there’s loads more to laugh at by checking out the video below…enjoy.


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